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Ten Ways To See Your Parents in Your Natal Chart( Part One)

1. Your Saturn Conjunct Your Sun

I recently saw this in the chart of a girl who has “everything” or so I thought. In reality, having a mother who carps on you like” white on rice” is not having everything. Each chart has its struggles. Some charts are a great deal harder than others. No one knows why. Only God knows and God wants everyone to come to Him. I think the difficult charts are probably for the people who need more pain in order to come to God. However, everyone seems to need to be humbled to find God.

2. Uranus Conjunct the Moon

These natives have a deep kind of emotional brilliance. I think of a “way out” artist, poet or musician. By “way out”, I mean someone who is so brilliant that most people will not understand him.However, the price for this brilliance is not worth it, in my opinion. The mother was, likely, unstable in some way which made a deep and negative(obviously) impression on the native.

3.Asteroid Blewit conjunct the Moon

This native had an exceptionally hard mother. Her world was shattered, in a way, by a deep sense of failure in her relationship with her mother and with her own emotions. Study the asteroid Blewit in the chart and you will see failure in the areas in which it manifests.

4. Chiron Conjunct the Moon

This aspect reveals a very painful relationship with the mother. As in the above example, the native’s own emotions may be very painful to him. All in all, there is a great deal of pain with the mother and in one’s own heart.

5. Sedna Conjunct the Sun

Sedna is extreme betrayal by a man, usually a father. Later, more betrayal may ensure with husbands. Sedna is a very sad story. I have an article on her which explains her plight. It brings tears to my eyes. In the case of Sedna conjunct the Sun, the father, likely, betrayed the native quite badly. Betrayal by men may be a lifelong theme for this native through no fault of her own.

6.Uranus Square the Sun

In this case, there is a kind of “locked in” warfare between the native and her father. It is unlikely to be resolved. I believe a relationship with Jesus can overcome any chart aspect, but short of that, I do not believe squares can be resolved.

7. Chiron Conjunct the Sun

This is extreme pain in the relationship with the father. When Chiron conjuncts the Sun at an exact or very close degree, the person seems beset with a lifetime of chronic insecurity.

8. Madhatter Conjunct the Sun

I have found this asteroid to be prominent in people who were made to feel as if they were the “crazy one” in a family. Usually, the “crazy” one is just manifesting the insanity of the family. However, it is easier for the rest of the family to blame one person, who is labelled the scapegoat. *SIGH* Can you see why I want to go to Heaven so much? In the case of Madhatter conjunct the Sun, the father may have been the primary figure in wreaking havoc on the mental health of the native.

9. Chiron Square the Moon

In the case of this square, the relationship with the mother is never likely to be resolved. Inside the person is a deep pain and his own emotions may be inaccessible to him.Sad!

10. Saturn Square the Moon

I saw this in the charts of two women, of whom I was jealous. I was jealous because they seemed to have supportive and loving
relationships with their mothers and I did not. However, the chart unlocks all secrets, so I found that it was not as it seemed. These natives tend toward depression. A big part of that depression is guilt about not being “good enough” for and to the mother.

14 thoughts on “Ten Ways To See Your Parents in Your Natal Chart( Part One)

  1. amiannVivi Nox

    Thanks so much for informing about Blewit and Madhatter !!

    I have Madhatter

    – conjunct Juno (in Aries, 2H, Intercepted)
    – inconjunct Moon (8H, Virgo)
    – Square Uranus / Neptune (AC, Capricorn, 1H/12H)
    – inconjunct Pluto (9H, Scorpio)
    – opposite Nessus (8H, Libra, Intercepted)
    – semi-sextile Sun (3H, Taurus)

    Could you give insight on any of those aspects / placements ? Would love to hear !!

    Love your posts as always xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, I do not do asteroids conj asteroids cuz there are so many and one would lose the meaning of the chart. I just do close conjunctions and closer other aspects. So, check on 2 of these if they are close and I will try to help. xoxoox

  2. amiannTT

    I have Saturn conjunct my sun with Pluto trining both. I was a daddy’s girl until he died when I was 18. My relationship with my mother was much more problematic. My moon in Taurus was conjunct Mars ( she was emotionally and verbally abusive) Loosely squared by Uranus, an orb of 6 degrees and opposed by Neptune an orb of 5 degrees ( she lied like a rug). What confuses me is the exact trine with Venus. In fact there’s a loose Grand Trine between Pluto, Venus and the Moon an orb of about 6 degrees. I never felt loved by my mother so I’m not sure how to interpret this. By the way not sure if it is relevant but my sun/moon midpoint is exactly opposite Pluto.

  3. amiannR

    I have Chiron Square the Moon and Saturn Square the Moon.Yikes. But I also have Sedna Conjunct the Moon, not the sun. What would this mean? And would it be worse or better than conjunct the sun?

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