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Ten Aspects Which Show Struggles—–And WHY

Astrology has to be practical or why bother? I resent the ersatz erudite dudes and dudettes who think they confuse you off by using big words and saying nothing.Of course, they will never take a stand. Everything is NICE. I just had one of these in one of my groups. She asked me why everything couldn’t be nice? I said she should live in a pink room with pink wall paper, pink rugs, happy dreams and puppy snuggles. She left. Is that one of my pet peeves? Yes. Here, we try to say interesting things and make them usable and practical for you. I hope this article succeeds in that!

1. Mars Conjunct Neptune

This aspect can make the person go into dream land instead of reality. It is an aspect which tends to escapism. This dude is classic for turning off the alarm clock until it is noon.He needs a strong Saturn/Capricorn to compensate. If he is a guy, he should find a successful woman and be a house husband.

2. Moon in Pisces

This Moon has a very hard time with anything harsh. It may be the woman who wrote me the comment about “being nice”. Now, I feel guilty —Cancer Moon.

3.Cancer Moon

This is my Moon. It is in its Domicile. So, it is an excellent place for the Moon. However, we seem to have life long struggles with our mothers and we are VERY susceptible to guilt *SIGH*. I am guilty on both counts.

4. Venus in Aries

This aspect reverses the thrusts of the sexes. In other words,the men need to be chased and the woman chase. This man may appear assertive, but it is an outer show, such as when a bird ruffles his feathers. He wants the woman to take the lead.

5. Sun in Libra

These people are charming but it is very hard for them to say no.

6. Virgo Venus

These people almost have a sickness in searching for the right partner. They seem to leave partners when the partner shows human failings. This is what I have seen in my experience with this Venus. No one can ever be perfect enough for them.

7. Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is an intellectual sign. The Moon is a FEELING planet. It is the heart of a person. Hence, this person may intellectualize emotions rather than feel them. The person may appear cold due to this.

8. Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra has the same issues as Moon in Aquarius. However, on top of this, they can never make up their minds.

9. Uranus conjunct Mars

This is the accident prone aspect. YIKES is all I can say. Be careful!

10 Neptune Conjunct the Ascendant

This is the “I Don’t Know Who I Am” aspect. These people really struggle with a weak sense of self, through no fault of their own.

2 thoughts on “Ten Aspects Which Show Struggles—–And WHY

  1. amiannNena

    I love moon in cancer, if I ever had the chance to choose my moon sign. I’d want it to be in cancer <3 and not in the 12th house, because it's a real struggle for me..hehehe..
    As for Venus in Virgo, the people I know have it; they suffer from OCD =(

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