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The Difference Between VariousMoon/Pluto Aspects

This question was asked in one of the FB groups. What is the difference between Moon trine Pluto, Moon square Pluto and Moon oppose Pluto? There is quite a big difference and I will try to explain here.

First of all, any Moon/Pluto aspect is very powerful. The Moon is the deepest most sensitive planet in the chart. It is one’s heart. Pluto is one of the most powerful forces in the chart. It is one’s primal passions and these include lust, greed, passion, jealousy and on and on. Think of something one would kill over. That would be a Pluto passion. They do not charge a man for killing someone who is sleeping with his wife in the same way the charge someone who commits a cold, premeditated murder. The former is Pluto passions becoming unleashed.

Now, that we understand the Moon and Pluto individually, let’s put them together. The trine is an easy flow of energy. Hence, the passions flow well and even thought they are very deep, they do not become dangerously obsessive.

The opposition is a yin/yang flow of energy—back and forth. So, at one time, the couple may be very close and passionate. At another time, they may fight like cats and dogs. Then, they will make up and it goes on—on and on.

With the square, there is a locked energy. At first, there would be great passion, but it would be of a wilder and more uncontrolled nature. Think “Fatal Attraction”. The square may not allow for a sustained relationship that is harmonious.I cannot say for sure because I have not seen it play out enough in charts. However, that is my guess.

To add the conjunction to this article, this is a very intense passion with deep soul. However, if there are no personal Moon connections such as Moon trine Moon, Moon sextile Moon or close Mercury connections, the relationship may become distant.

8 thoughts on “The Difference Between VariousMoon/Pluto Aspects

  1. amiannakuh

    my moon square her pluto and conjunct her saturn. but trine both her moon and venus. and i have my sun conjunct her pluto. my pluto and psyche on her venus and moon. and her venus is the apex of her yod. i have neptune right opposite that.

    intense, maybe. but it was certainly challenging. we both felt mostly conflicted but we werent able to confront it somehow. why?

  2. amiannJana

    His Pluto is:
    – square my Moon
    – square my Mercury
    – square my Venus
    – sextile my Mars
    – square my Neptune
    – opposite my Node

    My Pluto is:
    – conj his Moon
    – trine his Mercury
    – opposite his Venus
    – trine his Saturn
    – square his Lilith

    We are both confused and dont know how to handle these energies, its powerful, we met 1 year ago and only spent couple ofmonths together then separated due to life circumstances, now we are reconnecting and both are interested in restarting this connection. I couldnt move on from him and Ive tried. He already transformed my life in that short period of dating. Im not the same.

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