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The First Step in Understanding House Rulers

We have identified the Chart Ruler. It is the planet which rules the Sign on the Ascendant.

These are the planets associated with each of the Signs. If your sign is in the first column. The planet which is called your Chart Ruler is in the second column.













Identify your Chart Ruler. Then, note the House in which it resides.

22 thoughts on “The First Step in Understanding House Rulers

  1. amiannBlackbird

    Capricorn Rising — a chart ruled by Saturn, Father Time, the Taskmaster! Damn him, eh? The cloud on a sunny day, the rain on the parade. Hey, SOMEONE has to keep things “real”.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      LOL My celebrity heart throb is a Cap Rising–Tom Petty. Cap rising can be very beautiful in it’s own way. It has a certain kind of ragged beauty. I just thought of a song that seemed to describe it.

  2. amiannRev

    How about intercepted houses.
    where there is two signs at the same house.

    1. When the first few degree of the house is let say Scorpio and the rest is Libra .
    2. When most of the house is taken up by the first sign and then the last few the proceeding sign.
    e.g. Scorpio having most of the Third house and then Libra ends it with at 2-5 Degrees or so.

    Thank You! 😉

  3. amiannLily

    The sign the Ascendant is Leo for me . The chart ruler is The Sun, which rules the sign of my Ascendant Leo. Now I’ve found the House in which my chart ruler resides. The Sun is in the First House of my chart.

  4. amiannLily

    The sign on the Ascendant of my friend is Capricorn for him . The chart ruler is Saturn, which rules the sign of his Ascendant Capricorn. Now I’ve found the House in which his chart ruler resides. Saturn is in the First House of his chart.

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