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The Hardships and Blessings of Planets in Certain Signs and WHY?

Each planet likes to be in a particular sign. We call this the Domicile and Exaltation. If we look at energy( and everything is made up of energy), we can see that certain planets have an energy that RESONATES with certain signs. If you understand this, it will take you a long way in understanding yourself—why some things are difficult for you and why some things are easy.

The Moon in Scorpio

I wanted to do this article because someone close to me has the Moon in Scorpio. I can look in his eyes and SEE his Moon. If one sees into the heart of another person, one is seeing the Mon. I saw great depth of feeling. I saw a great depth of pain. The Moon is in the Fall in Scorpio because the Moon likes to be “more superficial”. When I use the term “superficial”, I don’t mean it in a negative way. I mean it in terms of someone not swimming in the depths of emotions. The Moon in Scorpio native feels things much more intensely than most people. Hence, situations which would not cause problems for another Moon would deeply hurt a Scorpio Moon.

The Moon in Cancer

This is my Moon so I know it well. Moon in Cancer is in the Domicile(Home). We are very protective of those we love. We are very loyal. Women seem to love to be mothers. I liked all parts of being a mother including the pregnancy. Something about motherhood was glorious to me. It is not because *I* an so wonderful. It is the chart energies. Cancer Moon is the moon of the mother. Cancer Moon, on the negative side, can be clannish. Also, she can hold a grudge. In addition, if she cuts you off( which would take a great deal of time to happen), she will not come back.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio has the same problems as does Moon in Scorpio.Venus in Scorpio is in the Detriment. The planet Venus does not like “heavy” energy. Scorpio is a heavy sign. This is not a “bad” thing. Mars love to be in Scorpio and there is no one as cool as a Mars in Scorpio.( Don’t get me started.) Mars loves the hard driving and deep feeling nature of Scorpio. Venus does not. The Moon does not. Venus in Scorpio would be the Venus most likely to be a stalker. Venus in Scorpio would be the Venus most likely to hold a lifetime passion for someone. In contrast, a Venus in Gemini, for example, would have gone through ten men and barely remembers your name.

4 thoughts on “The Hardships and Blessings of Planets in Certain Signs and WHY?

  1. amiannShamira

    Do you like persona charts? I love them. I looked at one of my prominent asteroids (Pandora persona and I might look at Persephone persona my other prominent asteroid, and it’s really interesting) I just need someone to interpret my placements (example: sun in pandora means how you bla blah and do this and that) thanks xoxo

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have not done persona charts. I like the actual charts–natal and synastry. I don’t trust others. I think people get too many avenues to follow and can get confused but I could be wrong, S.

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