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The IC In Synastry

I try to write articles on that which I have experienced. If not, I try to write articles on that which my clients have experienced. I am not an egghead astrologer. I like to talk from the heart. In the case of this article, there is someone in my life who has his moon as an exact conjunction to my IC.

I have noticed how safe and sane I feel with him. It is funny that I feel “sane” with him. I am very high strung, having a complete earth void. He is a Capricorn Moon and Capricorn is a very stable kind of moon. Capricorn Moon is very practical and very centered on the earth.

I know this is a very short article but it makes me realize how very important the IC is. If you have
similar experiences, drop me a comment on my Comment section.

Conversely, if a person puts his Uranus on your IC, you receive and electric jolt and not in a good way. I have seen this in the synastries of my clients.

38 thoughts on “The IC In Synastry

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, cuz it would feel weird to ask like, “How do you feel about me?” lol
      but he trusts me to tell deep things he does not tell other people and we have had a very long relationship with enough ups and downs that it is real.

  1. amiannMarie

    Interesting ! i had an experience where someones moon falls on my IC. Yes i feel very nurtured by him, absolutely love his cuddles and hugs. I feel like he is family and i don’t even need to talk much when i am with him. But ! Too bad most of his planets are in Libra and mine in Pisces. He does however have a Pisces Moon and so do i. All those squares have caused a seperation. ;( What do you think of someones Jupiter (mine) impacting anothers IC? He also has Saturn on his IC in opposition to his Sun. Do i magnify all those issues for him or lighten them up?

  2. amiannShortstuff

    This is accurate currently dating someone who has moon in my 4th house and my moon in his 1st. All we do is cuddle it’s a very sweet aspect

  3. amiannXuan H Le

    Wow. Just hit me up, I am in a new relationship with someone Capricorn moon on my IC AND my Aquarius moon on his IC. The double whammy is so so serendipity at its finest. We translate to the other on every level of being, in a cosmic way. Also his Aqua sun conj my moon, my moon square his nodes so cannot separate the influences of all these.

    Like someone said, he told me almost all of his darkest wounds and their origins. He is the only one to go this far in my realm, just cannot hide things at all. We chatted and I can always feel what he is feeling, I keep him on toes for that. We are very secretive and skeptical of human beings, yet we lay trust on each other completely.

    For the first time in ever, we found a home for our hearts in the other. Also, due to the Moon IC thing, we share very common background and family history and upbringing. Even dating history lol.

    I cannot be happier I guess. Also very amusing, we have A LOT OF DW aspects. But almost always one hard aspect and one easy aspect. Like my Sun trine his Venus then my Venus square his Sun. But the hard aspects are mostly tighter. But whatever.
    Also, his Sun on my Vertex and my Saturn on his Vertex. My Chiron on his Anti-Vx. I mean, just so many, overlays take place in 4,5,7th houses. My Venus on his Taurus DC. My Jupiter on his AC and north node.

    Okay okay im a litttle but overwhelming now haha. Just too excited since not many care about the IC in synastry and how great it works in conjunction with moon.

    Cheers xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Please, keep us posted in our little family here, Xuan. Some hard aspects are very needed in a relationship to give it an edge so it is not”brother-sister” lol

    2. amiannElena J

      “we found a home for our hearts in the other. ”
      This is a remarkable way to express this contact. The IC is also the cusp of the 4th house, which is home and domestic.
      I have this contact with someone who is very dear to me, my moon on his IC, and our close moments have almost always happened when he was in my home, and I also found myself taking more care of my home with him in mind!

  4. amiannVivian

    I had that with someone

    My fourth house is in Scorpio with Pluto there as well

    He had a Scorpio moon.

    The relationship was intense to say the least but at the same time felt like it was meant to be. I really dont know how to explain it. I ended it and he said that I was a dangerous woman who he believed can kill (not sure why he thought that). He also said I was crazy but maybe it was my Pluto affecting his moon. Anyways that was 4 years ago and to this day he still stalks me ..YES STALKS. He made several fb accounts and sent me requests, he also changed numbers alot and even calls me from his work and he also wants to know about my romantic affairs and basically my whole life. I shouldnt be surprise tho…Scorpio moon and I have Pluto in fourth but am not the stalker in this case.

  5. amiannAdriana

    Nice article! I have more experiences (or maybe I was simply more aware of these synastry aspects) with MC synastry aspects. Generally spoken they feel good. One person had his mars conjunct my MC and he got on my nerves. I feel like asteriods conjunct my midheaven can have a huge impact too. A guy I know has the asteroids valentine, union and also loving (you might not use this one) conjunct my midheaven. The asteroids are all in a tight conjunction of only 1-1.5 orb. His behavior towards me is extraordinary, don’t know how to describe it.

  6. amiannE

    I just discovered that one of my favourite musicians has his Venus very closely if not exactly conjunct my IC and his mercury and mars in my 4th house. Not so ironically there was a song of his I was struck by for a long time called “Home”. (!) It’s not so much tender feelings I have with him as a moon might but it’s that IC deep soul self that responds to his “ways” of conveying the emotions.

    My boyfriend’s IC is also conjunct my IC (we were born less than a month apart). We have a weird amount of similarities with our early home lives, living arrangements/tendencies, upbringings and child and teenhoods esp with pop culture, and tend to remember distinct out of the way pop culture things even though we grew up in different countries. It’s very odd. Like I don’t know anyone else who watched these obscure kids shows or remembers the same songs and jingles etc that I do yet he did/does. I also never get tired of him, like our energies are safe long term with one another.

    Also found out a long ago friend had his moon in my 4th house. We visited one another a lot, solo, where we listened to music and literally did nothing but exist with one another but all the time felt taken care of and nurtured/accepted in a comfortable silence. Never felt weird or out of place and getting a hug was something I can’t explain (just felt right and “bonded”). A twosome paradise of sanity (sane is the word for it definitely). I remember the first time I ever saw him too I had an instantaneous “wow” eerie moment like I was seeing a version of myself but in another person. Very calming and soothing to me. He also reminded me a lot of one of my grandparents.

    1. amiannSunshiney

      Aw, E, I love that memory- how special to have a bond like that! I’ve had that and it’s electric! He was/is an amazing person! Miss him and the bond we share 😓

      Ami- love your writing. It’s light-hearted and sometimes hilarious! I literally laughted out loud at the horseradish quip!

      1. amiannE

        Same sunshiney, I miss my friend a lot too. I often can find silence awkward but his was so comfortable. Felt like I could live in his vibes forever. Womb-like really. Had such a nice radiating warmth and glow and accepted me implicitly. Pretty special.

  7. amiannMonia


    What about the sun (on MC) of a partner conjunct IC/mars and Ceres of the other ?
    And in the other hand Venus and Eros (on MC) conjunct IC/Psyche/Lilith of the other person ?

    I learn that Psyche conjunct Eros is very attractive (feeling of deep love and sexual attraction)… but with Lilith ?

  8. amiannAbby

    Totally relate. My best friend has her moon and mercury exactly conjunct my I.C. and she’s the one who makes me feel safe and at home. She makes me feel warm and we are just so comfortable with each other. It’s a great placement

  9. amiannBrandy

    Hi Ami,
    I’ve searching around for synastry quincunx aspects, especially IC and barely any luck so far.
    Are these synastry aspects bad?
    (Gemini) IC quincunx Pluto (Scorpio) 1°orb
    (Scorpio) Jupiter quincunx Lilith (Aries) 0°orb
    (Gemini) Ceres quincunx Mars (Scorpio) 2°orb

  10. amiannElena Janus

    Yes, although it’s their sun exactly on my IC. He has a stellium in libra, sun/saturn/neptune and they are right on my IC. Incredible sense of belonging together, roots and home. By reflex it also effects the MH, and he helps me “shine”.

  11. amiannRose

    How close would you consider a conjunction? For instance, my Chiron is exactly on his MC, my Moon is 5 from his IC and his Moon is 10 from my IC and his Pluto is 3 from my MC in synastry. Any thoughts would be immensely appreciated.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      All these are close enough. Your Chiron on his MC is a no go for marriage imo. You will bring him pain and your house of Chiron will show the NATURE of that pain. With the MC angle, it will be public and no one likes that!

      His Pluto conj your MC shows he will be a powerful force for your career and your life in society. With the Chiron and this, I would not marry.

  12. amiannAnna

    Dear AmiAnn, I have a question!
    I have a natal T square between moon opp pluto, both square venus, which is on the apex of the t square.
    My SO has his MC conj my venus, so his IC is the ‘missing leg’ of my t square.
    How can we interpret it?
    Thank you very much <3

  13. amiannAnna

    Hi AmiAnn!
    Sorry, I don’t know if my other commet went through, but i wanted to ask one question!
    I have a natal t square formed by moon and pluto in opposition and venus squared by them at the apex of the t square. My venus is conj my SO’s MC, so his IC is the ‘missing leg’ of my t square!
    How can we interpret it?


  14. amiannAshley Franklin

    Can you explain the Uranus on the IC? My most recent ex, my Uranus was on his IC. Thanks in advance.

    Also, Lilith on the IC? My father and I have this, I’m hoping to book with you soon to read my chart with him because the aspects are bewildering lol

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