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The Killer’s Asteroid??????

Do you like that topic? I study crime cases and then look at the charts. What a goldmine!. In this article, I will tell you about one of my finds: the asteroid Medea—212.

Two famous killers have it in a prominent position. For one, it is in the natal. For the other, very strangely enough, it is in the synastry and this one asteroid tells us the story of his crime. If I was not so lazy, I would start a U Tube channel and do the charts of killers. However, blame my Libra Ascendant. I would rather sit around and eat bon bons than work hard. However, my bon bons are raw and fermented foods. Enough about me and onto the cases.

One of the killers is Casey Anthony who murdered her daughter. I KNOW she was set free. However, all smart people know that she got away with murder. It happens, as it did with OJ, but in the court of public opinion, she is guilty. Her Medea is very, very prominent in her chart. The story of Medea is a women who took revenge on her husband for leaving her by killing their children.

It seems obvious that Casey is a sociopath. One thing I have learned about sociopaths( and I have known a few) is that they will always win in any fight. The reason being that a normal person will never sink as low as a sociopath. Hence, they will always surprise you. Casey did not want her daughter to get more attention and love than she did. Also, Casey did not want the burden of a child. The answer—PREST0–is to murder the child and then get off scot free. Well, God sees all. The point of this article is that it is quite dangerous to have a prominent Medea.

I will switch gears and go to synastry now. I will share a personal story first. I have a relative who treated me very, very badly. I will not go into details but if you have been reading me for a long time, you probably know. My short story–My Panther Noire–talks about this relationship. I never really succumbed to this person. I always fought back. I landed many good punches. I checked my synastry with her. My Medea was conjunct her Mars. In reality, she was always a little afraid of me even though I was younger and hence weaker. Medea WILL get revenge. Check your synastry with significant others and beware. Not everyone has the luck of Casey Anthony.

Now, to the next famous killer. Chris Watts has his Medea in an EXACT conjunction to the vertex of his wife. The vertex shows what someone else will BRING to you. Watch the vertex. If Nessus(abuse) is there–run. If Sado(sadism) is there—run. You get the point. I have several articles on the vertex. This stuff is real, folks. Chris Watts killed his wife and two children. We can see the motive was revenge but we don’t know why. Only he truly knows.

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34 thoughts on “The Killer’s Asteroid??????

  1. amiannSolLibra

    I didn’t even know about asteroid Medea, thank you for the article and thanks for your insights, definitely something to explore further. I too am interested in the astrology of crime, Ami, (Mercury in Scorpio!). Nessus often plays a prominent role in the astrology of the abduction, rape and murder of women. There’s been a prominent case in the U.K. recently of a Metropolitan Police Officer, Wayne Couzens who abducted, raped and murdered an innocent young woman, the Sarah Everard case. It’s highlighted many issues within the British police force in general and its problematic attitude to women and girls. Wayne Couzens has a widish conjunction between Saturn in Gemini and Nessus and Nessus also opposes his Sagittarius Sun, but crucially his Nessus is in a tight conjunction to the victim’s Gemini Sun/Chiron conjunction.

  2. amiannS

    I’d love to see a YouTube channel one day!

    I think it would be very fascinating to go deep into the charts of killers like BTK. His Venus squares his moon and Pluto. He has long claimed he and his mother had a good relationship and he seemed to be very close to his daughter. While he murdered males, his main victims were females, of all ages. When he went through his long hiatus, he got his joy from taunting his neighbors and community and killing their dogs. I’ve watched many documentaries, made before and after he was caught, and he seemed so ordinary on the outside. The asteroids have to play a huge part.

    I have Pluto in my 3rd house, which exactly squares my Mercury. I’ve always been obsessed with true crime, mysteries and forensic science. I don’t mean that in a trivial, light-hearted way. I can go down rabbit holes for several hours. Some people have told me my interests creeps them out.

    Medea is a little too far from my sun to be truly significant, but it’s interesting to note as I have sado conjunct my sun. It doesn’t make any aspects in my basic natal chart, but my father and I have it in synastry. They conjunct each other exact. It’s literally in the same sign and degree. I have no idea what to make of it. My sun, sado and vertex conjunct his moon.

      1. amiannS

        I have never heard of it before, but I found their YouTube account and I’ll make sure to listen to a couple of episodes. I mainly follow genealogy websites. I want to learn how to create these family trees. I’ve been thinking about going back to school to earn an associate’s degree to possibly start a new career in this direction. I can also spend hours on the Charley Project looking up random cases.

        I know the 3rd house is related to our thoughts, minds, ideas and communication. I just find these placements amusing. Of course I’d have Pluto there. It explains so much about me. I don’t know if the square with Mercury is the reason why I have such dark obsessions and ideas, but there has to be some connection.

  3. amiannGen

    Should I be concerned? My natal Medea conjuncts my husband’s natal Saturn, but here is what scares me a little. Our composite Medea conjuncts our composite IC which conjuncts my husband’s natal Mars/Apophos conjunction, all by less than a degree. I ask because I plan on divorcing him and am a little afraid of what might happen when I do. He knows I want a divorce but refuses to accept it.

  4. amiannAnna

    Ami I would love to see you start a YouTube channel one day! Also. You give articles we didn’t even know we wanted! Such an interesting subject . This is why I love and follow you.

  5. amiannEve

    I’ve been contemplating my chart with this info since your email on Friday. Seems Medea, Sado and my Vertex are all conjunct by 1° in my 8th in Cancer. My VOC Moon in 11th is in a pretty wide square to these asteroids. (Random thought that the planet ruling the house can be square to points in its house.) I am no pro but my contemplation brought me to idea that if someone’s planet is at 26-27° of Cancer I have an ethical and moral duty to cut them out of my life as I do not wish to live out my 12th house malefics. Either that or I’m my own worst enemy which I think can be said for anyone really and it was too easy of a delineation to come to.

  6. amiannMichele

    All of your posts are pure astrological genius. I WISH you would start a Youtube channel, just so I could actually have something worth following. Most of my understanding of astrology comes from your posts, tbh, especially concerning asteroids. My Medea opposes my Nessus, at an exact degree. Honestly, I have enough “interesting” aspects going on in my chart. In this case, I want to know, but I also really DON’T want to know. LOL

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much Michele. You made my day!I try to be direct unlike many sites that are Chinese 🙂
      With asteroids to asteroids, it is not that important because many people have it but when they touch personal planets it is more important. You may tease people and abuse them but I would not really pay that much attention, my Friend

  7. amiannLeah

    Hi Ami
    My MILs Medea 27 Libra (conjunct conjunct Fortuna 26 & Psyche 25) is conjunct my Pluto 26 Libra. With my Vertex 22 Libra 8H (conjunct Saturn 20 & Aesculapia 22) conjunct her Jupiter 20 Libra. Her Pluto 2 Virgo is conjunct her Vertex 3 Virgo, too. Another thing I noticed is that her Hekate 0 Leo is conjunct her Ceres at 29 Cancer. Though they also conjunct my Proserpina 2 Leo. Should I be concerned? Considering she’s crazy and awful about her own daughter (no less me who “took her” golden “child away from her”). She’s a true narcissist and I literally get drained for 2 days minimum – where I can’t get out of bed – if we spend time with her. Suppose I answered my own question, perhaps?
    Too, I have Medea 4 Aquarius 12H conjunct a friend’s Vertex:( 3 Aquarius (conjunct Panacea 2) … the strange thing is that his Pluto 21 Libra conjuncts my Vertex 22 Libra (conjunct Saturn 20 & Aesculapia 22). His Saturn 25 Virgo (conjunct Apollo 25) conjunct my Mars 27 Virgo. I think his Moon is also conjunct my SN. And I’m sure that there’s some synastry with maybe his DC and either my Uranus or even Sun too but I’m not sure because I don’t have his exact time of birth. Reason I say strange is because this person and I have had conversations that my partner seems to mention at random times. Notice I said the strange thing was his Pluto … and that is the connection with my MIL’s Medea conjunct my Pluto. Anyway, I found out about my MIL owing some money in another country a while ago and I blurted it out in an argument one day with my partner. But in all in all she’s definitely not someone I trust AT ALL and so I’ve had a little weird suspicion that there’s some connection there. Sounds awful if it’s not true but there’s things that he also seems to know before I’ve even told him. And well, I only know him via social media. He also lives in a different country and I’ve been experiencing some odd things with my social media lately.
    What do you think?

  8. amiannLeah

    Hi Ami, goodness me … I forgot to reply your message. Hope you’re well! Absolutely, I can simplify my question. What would Medea conjunct Pluto in synastry look like? And also, Medea conjunct Venus natal? Thank you for sharing all of your incredible insights!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Medea conj Venus may bring you people who would try to get revenge on you but the Pluto will help you but I think that when you fall in love, the people may try to get revenge on you so be careful

  9. amiannLeah

    Ooh, thank you. So would you consider 3° orb conjunct or too wide for Venus? (Venus 1° 29’ and Medea 4° 43’ 58”)

    Too, I just realised they have Chiron, Medea and Eris conjunct … eek!

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