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The Low Down on Moons—The Betrayer, The Loyal Dog, , The Romantic, The Revenge Seeker

I love moons. I think the core of a person is his or her moon. The moon is the HEART of a person. Hence, it is crucial to understand the moon signs.

The Betrayer

This award *cough* goes to the Libra Moon. The Libra Moon is called the “courtesan’s moon” for a reason. The Libra Moon native can disengage from his emotions. I would not choose a relationship with a Libra Moon. I have someone in my family who has a Libra Moon and I have seen first hand the lack of loyalty in this moon sign.

I think one reason the Libra Moon is not loyal is because emotions do not really touch the heart. In other words, the person does not respond to emotions in an instinctive manner. I hope this is clear. I am a Cancer Moon. We are very loyal and we respond from our hearts. This is simply the nature of Cancer Moon.

The Loyal Dog
This would go to the Cancer Moon. We are loyal to a fault. It is a fault because we hang on for too long when a person does not deserve it. Why? It is simply how we are wired. The Cancer Moon was created to mother. The mother protects those she loves. She loves somewhat unconditionally. She is warm and kind. The Cancer Moon is the loyal dog, for better or worse.

The Romantic
The Pisces Moon is the romantic. I think he is “too sensitive” for this world. I really do. I think it is somewhat of a curse to have a Pisces Moon. I am just being honest. These natives feel too much. It is very hard for them to shake off hurts. They internalize pain from the outside world and it does deep. They are, usually, kind and loving people but pay a big price for their sensitivity. Also, they don’t really have the internal fortitude to stand up for what they believe. I know people will be angry when I say this, but I try to teach you the reality of astrology and not platitudes, as many other astrologers do.

The Revenge Seeker

This moniker goes to the Scorpio Moon. It is through no fault of his own that he feels very intensely(too intensely). Hence, he is hurt deeply. Unlike Pisces Moon who will internalize his anger, Scorpio Moon will pay you back. I do tread carefully when I see a Scorpio Moon in a chart. I know that I could hurt the person easily and so I try extra hard to be kind and respectful. If we had to pick a moon sign for a stalker, it would be this one.

30 thoughts on “The Low Down on Moons—The Betrayer, The Loyal Dog, , The Romantic, The Revenge Seeker

  1. amiannZizi

    Oh, I’m also Cancer Moon! Taking the Whole Sign house system it is 4th, Placidus – 5th.
    Opposite to my Capricorn stellium (Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune). It is little complicated.

      1. amiannZizi

        It depends.
        It was always easier to me to express emotions through art and poetry, than directly. Some people who know me better said that I’m like good mummy, who will care and cook something good.
        But this made me vulnerable to bad people, who used to manipulate. Today I’m stronger.

  2. amiannVivian

    @Vivian you are spot on with these explanations. Great job.

    I knew a Scorpio moon once and we fell out of friendship and he said he respected me because I couldve “repaid him” back but I didn’t. I guess my Aries moon square Saturn didnt think it was worth it. Also ,my Leo “Jupiter” Ascendant cannot be that petty.

    I really like astrology, just the fact that you can find out what you are dealing with in a person. I try to do charts for everyone I come into contact with now.

  3. amiannBonnie

    Sorry but the hardest planet to judge is the moon.
    Nothing is as changeable as the moon!
    Is not how a person is, it says more how they deal with something when it hits ‘m emotionally.
    I know a cancer moon who was like a real cancer, drug abuser, alcoholic, woman beater, manipulating, etc.. his sun was also cancer. He was nothing but loyal to himself! I guess he has to learn with his natal moon in 9th house.
    But to say that all cancer signs are all like that wouldnt be fair.
    Nessus was in cancer sign for a whole generation that didnt help too.
    You also need to look at conjunctions, squares, etc.
    As you should know as an astrologer, the moon stands to mature over time..
    Its not standing still!

    I copied a part for you all: ( )The Progressed Moon — Cycle of Maturity: The progressed Moon moves through the houses of our natal chart, coming full circle in about 27-28 years. The house it is moving through represents areas of our life that come into focus. We recognize our needs in these areas more intensely, although not necessarily clearly. For example, the progressed Moon moving through the 4th house often brings with it a strong need and search for “roots” and basic life definition. Even though our natal Moon sign “reigns” over our emotional needs in a general sense, our focus shifts as the progressed Moon passes through our houses. In fact, our emotional needs seem to change or shift as the house position changes. Read more about The Progressed Moon Through the Houses (coming soon). The sign of your Progressed Moon indicates the prevailing emotional attitude of that period of time. Read more about The Progressed Moon Through the Signs. Also note that if you look into your past and determine when the progressed Moon passed over any one of the four angles in your chart (that is, the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and IC) you will see that these progressions/passages often mark rather significant times in your life. Also significant is the progression of the Moon to critical degrees, as well as Progressed Moon in Aspect to Natal Planets and Points.

    We live, we learn…
    Ps cancer moon can stay stuck in the past too.

  4. amiannПадилья Лисандр

    please comment on the moon inconjunct Jupiter by 2 degrees orb. would theinconjunct matter more if the two are in mutual reception? is the moon thereby affected by the multiple aspects to Jupiter?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Jupiter does not really cause too much trouble cuz it is such a positive planet. This could make the person take too many emotional risks but it is not a huge aspect to worry about.

  5. amiannVivian

    Happy Holidays Ami

    hope all is well

    I know its not any of my business but as you were speaking of Jupiter to the commentor above, I have a question …

    does the positivity of Jupiter remain even in a Quincunx?

  6. amiannNancy

    I am a Scorpio Moon & a Taurus Sun & I feel everything so deeply, especially when someone betrays & hurts me. I’m also a pretty good detective… I wouldn’t say stalker
    My sister is a Libra Moon & Aries Sun. She has no loyalty to anyone but herself. She is extremely selfish & self absorbed. Of course she is my moms favorite… hello Scorpio

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, cuz
      Libra Moons are suck ups and sell outs.I guess I should not be that mean but I am cogitating on one right now who hurt me so badly so you got me at a bad time

    2. amiannJulia_Yv

      I would not qualify folks with a Libra Moon as bad or unreliable guys. As a Libra Sun, I see them as cold thinkers. Reason above all, that’s it.

      Scorpio Moons are great, too. Honest and devoted.

      “Of course she is my moms favorite…”
      I think your mom’s love for you both is equally strong. But Taurus always wants more.

  7. amianndcx2

    Libra moon. I am the one who gets betrayed, every single time.

    My first girlfriend dumped me to sleep with my best friend and his girlfriend on new years.

    My first wife left me for the exbf who dumped her after her father killed himself.

    My second wife went cold for years and I never once even thought about straying.

    The idea that you can make a grand judgment about a person’s character from the sign of a single planet is ridiculous, whether that’s the sun, or moon. For shame, amiann; you’re letting your own personal history color your readings in a profoundly negative way. I hope you have not hurt too many people with these ideas.

    1. amiannJulia_Yv

      Dcx2, this is unfortunate, indeed. As a Libra Sun, I used to bend and bow, not to seem “bad” or “harsh”, although I was in my right to stick to my limits. If you’re constantly dumped, maybe this is because you constantly do this, too, when you should not?

  8. amiannSaraf94

    I have a capricorn moon.. Idk if it’s agood or a bad thing.. But it sextiles my saturn (pisces) and venus (scorpio) so i think it’s good =)

    I really love reading your articles keep going 😘👏🏻😍

  9. amiannMichele

    Hi, Ami. I have a hard time accepting this and I was trying to figure out why. I think it’s because I have never been able to find a person who is loyal. I am betrayed by everyone and don’t know why. When asked, I’m told it’s because I give the impression that I don’t need anyone, but why would that make a person want to betray me? Even when stabbed in the back, I never expose anyone’s secrets or betray them for revenge. I will walk away forever but there isn’t anyone on this earth that can say I have betrayed them. So, is it possible that my Cancer Sun and Cancer Ascendant negates some of the bad traits of my Libra Moon? Does the fact that it resides in my natal 4th House with my Black Moon Lilith make it better or worse? Just trying to work this out in my head because this loyalty issue is a big one in my own life. Maybe my Venus in Leo?

  10. amiannSolLibra

    Yes, I have a Scorpio Moon. We do feel intense emotions and are easily hurt. I think you benefit from plenty of inner work with this moon because if it is not brought into full awareness it can be damaging to yourself and others. We do not forget a slight and though we are capable of forgiveness, we do not forget the pain caused to us and thus can become paranoid and wary which is not good for the soul. We must learn that if we seek vengeance for our hurts then, as the Chinese proverb says, we will have to dig two graves. We must transform our pain in some way, to bring it into the light that we may release it. At our best, we are capable of great empathy and compassion however because we can feel the pain of others.

    Many thanks.

  11. amiannS

    I have a Scorpio moon. I agree with this assessment; it’s pretty intense to deal with and it takes work to keep it in check.

    It can be used in a positive way. When I focus on work, I can track a lot of information down, make connections, etc. I obsessively look for all details. It keeps me invested and determined to do more.

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