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The Moons of Killers

I get into trouble when I talk about Moons. People defend their Moon sign like a dog with a bone.However, there are some moons which are more cold and calculating than others. Sorry, you “woke” people(gag). Read George Orwell—Animal Farm or 1984. Not everything is nice. Sigh—onto the subject which is essentially asking if some people are more prone to be killers?Also, can we ascertain this from the moon?

I am going to list some Moon signs for various killers. Let’s all learn together. Leave your comments below and I will try to answer every one. Some websites have different Moon signs for different people. I rely on

David Berkowitz —Aquarius

Albert Fish—– Capricorn Moon

Dennis Rador(BTK)—Capricorn

MoonKarla Homolka–Aries Moon

Ted Bundy—Sagittarius Moon

Thomas Compano— Killed His Mistress—–Gemini Moon

Chris Watts—-Aries Moon

Lyle Menendez—Moon in Taurus

Charles Sobhraj(The Bikini Killer) Moon in Virgo. A Virgo Moon seems strange to me. They seem too prissy for killing. (Just keeping it real)

Jeffrey Dahmer—Moon In Aries

Jeffrey McDonald—(Killed Entire Family)—Moon in Aries. This chart is very lower half dominant except for the Sun in the 7th, which is quite an unusual configuration. The lower half chart is an introvert. His whole life he was Mr Popularity. In school, he was the “it” guy–good at sports, handsome, good with the girls and brilliant.

Aileen Wournos—Moon in Scorpio

John Ramsey—I think he did it. Moon in Aries

Scott Peterson—Moon in Gemini

Casey Anthony—-Big Surprise–Moon in Cancer.I don’t see Moon in Cancer as a killer but I stand corrected. Casey has Moon in close opposition to Neptune and an total Air Void. She has Moon quincunx to Saturn. Her Mercury is SUPER stressed. In simple terms, her thinking is whacked. For her, her Mercury is the issue here.

Albert De Salvo( Boston Strangler)—-Taurus Moon

Drew Peterson—Cop Who Was a Killer— Moon in Capricorn

Michael Peterson–Author—- Convicted of Killing Wife —Moon in Virgo

Gerry McCann( Madeline McCann’s father) I think this was an accidental death and he covered it up–Moon in Virgo

Ariel Castro(Kept girls locked in his basement) Aquarius Moon

Jodi Arias—Moon in Gemini

Dr Richard Sharpe—-Killed wife—Moon in Cancer

OJ Simpson—Come on, Dudes—-Moon in Pisces

Oscar Pistorius—Moon in Leo

Barry Morphew–On trial for Killing his Wife— Anyone want to help me find this one?

Melanie McGuire—Killer her husband and stuffed his body in a suitcase—Anyone want to check her Moon out, please?

23 thoughts on “The Moons of Killers

  1. amiannBonnie

    I think everybody is capable of murder.
    “They” claim mutable signs are more prone. They’re known to be adaptable and frantically indecisive. They’re like chameleons, experiencing episodic and frequent change throughout their lives.

    Ted Bundy (Sagittarius), Jeffrey Dahmer (Gemini), John Wayne Gacy (Pisces), Andrew Cunanan (Virgo), “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz (Gemini), Richard “the Night Stalker” Ramirez (Pisces), “Boston Strangler” Albert DeSalvo (Virgo), Randy Kraft (Pisces), Larry Eyler (Sagittarius), and “BTK” Dennis Rader (Pisces).

    Interestingly, birth charts also aren’t the only intersection of astrology and true crime. Some forensic astrologers try to solve murders by looking at “event charts” or “last-seen charts” of what the cosmos looked like the day the murder occurred. Although forensic psychologists are skeptical of this, there are several popular blogs dedicated to the field.


    1. amiannBonnie

      I did an event chart on Anne Faber (Netherlands) woensdag it happend i predicted it was a mental young person.

      The shooting on Peter R de Vries i saw in the chart he wouldnt survive the shot. I compared the event with his natal.

  2. amiannSandy

    I’d think a Scorpio moon paired with a poorly placed unaspected mars could bring bring it. My Niece had that and almost choked her bf out. She’s now deceased from complications of alcoholism. Cancer sun Leo rising

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great call, Sandy, once again! Yes, I think Scorpio Moon. Yes, about Mars and perhaps a Mars/Pluto conjunction or hard aspect!

      Looks wise, what do you think? Do you think he was charming enough to have Moon trine Venus?

  3. amiannGen

    What if one’s natal moon is Aries, but their sidereal moon is Pisces. Which would one go by? The frequency of mutable signs pointed out by Bonnie was pretty interesting. Could the degree of the sun, moon or mars within the sign be significant? For example, the 1st degree of Virgo?
    Also, according to the New York Daily News: reports the star signs Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius accounted for 46 serial killers each, which makes up 38% of the total number of such psychos. Taurus and Geminis each claimed a relatively modest 27 serial killers among their ranks. That accounts for only 11% of the number studied.

  4. amiannAmber

    I just learned about the “amputated” or “separated moon, where the moon is separated from the rest of the gestalt of the chart. My BF has Moon in Leo opposing all of his personal planets in Aquarius in the 12th house in a grand square with Pluto opposite the north node. I think he is a narcissist, but I am learning that maybe that can be cured in an individual. My BF has empathy but hides it so well because he is so afraid of being emotionally abused. I think his mom was a narcissist. I know she is a Leo and a real bitch. My BF just wants love, but is so scared of love. I am learning so much. I think narcissists may have the biggest hearts. I sound crazy, but I really think they do. My husband of 23 years was also a narcissist when we got together. He was just wounded. This is what I read:
    The Sun and Moon in Families
    by Erin Sullivan
    One very significant pattern in which the Moon can be problematic, and actually talks of both parents, one by absence and the other by over-prominence is the ‘amputated Moon ’. When the Moon is separated from the rest of the Gestalt of the horoscope – the handle of a bucket formation, it is very difficult for the person to be able to connect his or her feelings with behaviour, either of his or her own, or others. This lunar oddity usually indicates that there was a serious problem with the feminine in the family. It can indicate the only male in a family of women, or a family in which the father was particularly weak and ineffective. Men with this amputated Moon find it easier for women to carry their feelings than for them to be responsible for their own. It is absolutely necessary for the split-off Moon person to make every conscious effort to practice discovery of feelings. A typical scenario could run thus: a man has no idea what a woman is feeling and charges ahead with ideas, plans, expectations and assumptions and is shocked, horrified and dismayed to discover that she has no idea what he is wanting or thinking. Another issue could arise when the man is so disconnected from his own feelings that he damages the women around him by unconsciously ‘using’ them or their feelings to his own end.

    Women who have this configuration find that they are oddly out of synch with their own feelings, they have tremendous intuition about other people, because they have likely grown up in an environment wherein they had to divorce their own feelings on behalf of looking after their mother’s or their sibling’s feelings. They find that they have a delayed reaction to emotional situations and are dissonant within themselves. These women are incredibly capable, reliable and have the potential for taking on very solar work, but suffer quietly, wondering why no man or woman will come to look after them.

    The segregated Moon is like a hook, other people can hang their feelings on it, weighing it down, leaving no room for the owner of it to claim their feelings. This can be sad or it can be so unconscious that only their most intimate friends and particularly, lovers will be aware of it. The image that comes to mind is this: if we were to fold the horoscope in half, thus ‘folding’ the Moon back into the other half of the chart, it would be integrated. On an emotional level, this needs to be done, and can be through conscious effort and awareness. There will always be an admirable capacity for emotional clarity and objectivity with this position, but its pathology is coldness, lack of empathy and delayed responses. It could be an ideal place for the Moon if it were treated in this way, using the metaphor of folding the chart in half, thus achieving integration.”

  5. amiannaep

    Joseph Fritzl aries with cancer moon ,-Richcardo Ramirez d pisces moon. Dennis Nilsen cancer moon kill 12 boys. Pedro lupex. cancer moon. Samuel Little gemini sun cancer moon venus mars, he kill 93 human. Elizabeth Bathory moon in pisces kill 650 tortur and kill ……water moon love deep but also hate deep 1 semester psychology amiann ! !

  6. amiannMarie

    Hello Amber, I have a segregated Moon in Pisces and it is conjunct the Sun. They only aspect each other. They are apart from the rest of my Pisces stellium. I do have a lot of Intuition which is even more clear the older I get but I have always tried to keep it under wraps as i feel misunderstood and I hate feeling misunderstood. The house is the 3rd. I am the eldest and did feel responsible and motherly protective of my siblings. My mother was extremely shaming , confident and powerful and projected an image on me that I felt was false. Hot and cold and narcissistic in many ways but also was abused as a child. I have always felt strangely out of step with the world and struggled to understand how to fit in, especially with women. Lots of truth to your comment. Well done ! Thank you , enjoyed this article, thanks to Amiann too.

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