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The North Node In Synastry


The NN in synastry is amazing. If a person has a planet or asteroid on your NN, they will bring the flavor of that planet or asteroid TO the relationship. It may not show up if it is not a committed long term relationship. However, if it is, it will show up. If it is a hard planet or asteroid, you will eat your fill of it until you want to burst.

I am very strong about the NN in synastry, for this reason. If I see a chart with a hard planet or asteroid conjunct someone’s NN, I tell them to be very careful of marrying the person. If a persons Saturn conjuncts your NN, they will bring restriction and discipline in to your life. You may feel like you are living with a strict father. If you can take this, so be it, but be aware that the relationship WILL bring the flavor of Saturn to it. If a persons Nessus conjuncts your NN, that person will bring the darkest parts of the human soul to you. Do you want that?

I will list some.

The South Node conjunct the NN—the South Node person may try to pull the NN person to what is comfortable to him( the SN person). The NN person may be angry because he may feel his life dreams are being thwarted.

The Ascendant conjunct the NN–the Ascendant person will help the NN person reach his dreams.

The IC conjunct the NN—-the IC person will give deep emotional support to the NN person, which will help the NN reach his dreams.

The MC conjunct the NN—the MC person will work in a career or have a social position that will help the NN person find his dreams.

The Descendant conjunct the NN—the DSC person may be a partner to the NN person, such as a spouse. That marriage relationship will help the NN person find his dreams.

Dejanira conj NN—the person will be your victim.

Juno conj the NN–the person will bring you all the best traits of a loyal wife

Vesta conj the NN–the person will bring you devotion

Pallas conj the NN–the person will bring you wisdom

Uranus conj the NN–the relationship will have a lot of ups and downs in strange ways. There may be a lot of make-ups and break ups

Pluto conj the NN— there will be all kinds of primal passion. This will define the relationship, for better or worse. Think of Liz and Dick. Your relationship will be very very passionate.

Moon conj the NN–the person will bring you his heart. This would be wonderful. It would be a child like kind of bond.

Sun conj NN- the person would bring confidence to you

Jupiter con the NN- the person will bring optimism to you.

Chiron conj the NN–the person will bring you pain

Mars onj the NN–the person will bring you drive

Venus conj the NN–the person will be a thing of beauty to you. Your relationship will have a sense of beauty such as the feeling of a musical.

Neptune conj the NN—this may bring great sorrow as you may have had ideals that were not met leading to great sorrow. I have heard this could lead to bad abuse or worse. This is a theory which someone I know is studying.

Nessus conj the NN–the person will bring you abuse

Pholus conj he NN–the person will bring all sorts of explosive outbursts

Child conj the NN–the person will bring his inner child to you and that childlike sense will pervade the relationship. There will be a child to child kind of wonderful feeling between you.

Eros conj the NN–the relationship will be very erotic

Lilith conj the NN–the person will bring his raw sexuality to the relationship. Raw sexuality will be a theme of the relationship.

Medusa conj the NN- the person will have been betrayed by woman but hate men. This theme will be brought by the person to the relationship. This theme will define the relationship, too

Sedna conj NN–the person will bring a severe betrayal by men to the relationship. This theme will define the relationship

Sappho conj the NN–the person will bring eroticism of a literary bent. The music “Bolero” by Ravel would be the feeling of your relationship

Apollo conj the NN–The NN person would adore the Apollo person. The NN person would have a kind of awe for the Apollo person

Proserpina conj the NN—The Proserpina Person would bring some kind of rite of passage from innocence into some form of corruption to the NN person. How this may play out. The Proserpina person may corrupt the innocence of the NN person, in some way.

Orchus conj the NN–The Orchus person would make the relationship about a journey of overcoming. There may be issues of illness, poverty etc. The relationship may be one of overcoming, but they would do so.






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148 thoughts on “The North Node In Synastry

  1. Amiglittergirl

    I know a guy who has his Psyche and Saturn in scorpio conjunct my North Node.
    and i have my Mars and Psyche in Gemini conjunct his North Node.

    How will this play out is it good or bad?

      1. AmiMew

        What if your Sedna is conjunct someone’s south node in synastry. Sorry, but I just stumbled upon this article and I’m very curious!

        1. Amiamiann

          You and he may bond over the betrayal the Sedna person had but this would not mean THIS person would be betray you, I think. If the Sedna were conjunct the NN, then the Sedna person would bring betrayal to the NN person in some way. How this would play out exactly I am not sure but betrayal would be a theme of the relationship.

          1. AmiTheresa

            I have a question. My friend lost her husband 9 years ago in a car accident. She swears they had a wonderful marriage. His dionysis and prey conjuncted her N Node and his loving conjuncted her S Node. This is confusing to me. They were married 13 years. What do make of It? The orbs are 2 degrees.

  2. AmiKristin

    and what if a persons nessus conjuct vesta on someones NN? I have that aspect to someone and wonder about the potesial for this??
    The nessus vesta conjuct is also oppsite this persons Amor (in his SN)..

    I don’t know so much about Psyche yet…

    1. Amiamiann

      Psyche is soul. Think of your deepest soul mate relationship with a man or a woman. That is Psyche. If a person had his Nessus on my NN, I would not marry him or make any long term commitment. The NN is as much of a look into the future, as anything. Your relationship will be defined by abuse imho. If Nessus conjuncts Vesat, Nessus would be used for good, though, such as helping victims of abuse. If the conjunction is opposite Amor, the person may struggle with his own love nature, versus his abuse nature( and we all have one). That would be my take on it.

  3. AmiEmmi

    I have my saturn and descendant conjunct his north node, sun and mercury. I also have my ascendant, NN conjunct his moon… And our sun, moon and venus trine/sextiles all over the place… Can the NN/Saturn energies be overcome?

    1. Amiamiann

      Well, you have to think about that energy and if it is a deal breaker for YOU. Saturn energy is like a stern parent. Some people are OK with it and some are not. Saturn is not a mean parent but he plays by the rules and is all about goals, responsibility and maturity. The charts will, always, reveal what is there. That won’t change. If a person has God, that person can adapt to most situations. However, the chart will play out, as indicated. The person’s adaptation would be the variable that could change <3

      1. Amiamiann

        To be very honest, I would not want a synastry with that much Saturn. I would feel very oppressed and as if I was in prison. Many people would, but not everyone, I don’t think.

    1. Amiamiann

      I meant to put it on my Forum lol Go on the front page of my website and you will see the icon for my Forum. Join and then put your chart up in the Personal readings forum. Leave your question, if you have one! xx

  4. Amirandomorange

    hey. i have these synastry aspect with my guy friend. we both like each other. does these aspects show a positive relationship?

    North Node conjunction Sun ( both our northnode conjuncts each other’s sun)
    North Node trine Moon
    North Node conjunction Venus
    North Node trine Jupiter
    North Node conjunction Lilith
    North Node conjunction Eros
    North Node conjunction Juno

  5. Amirandomorange

    North Node conjunction Sun ( 4.73)
    North Node trine Moon ( 4.48)
    North Node conjunction Venus (2.23)
    North Node trine Jupiter ( 6.32 )
    North Node conjunction Lilith (5.32)
    North Node sextile Ceres ( 5.05)
    North Node conjunction Juno (2.75)
    North Node conjunction Eros (2.43)

    1. Amiamiann

      Saturn can be the stern father who tells you to eat your veggies before you eat your dessert. It can make you feel too criticized. I can feel too parental. A little Saturn is wonderful and a glue. too much feels like a drag, but each person is different in how much Saturn suits them. I would not want a person’s Saturn that intense on my personal planets, but that would be my opinion <3

    2. AmiVirgo

      Hi. I have a question for you if you will ever come back and oblige to answer. Are you still with the person you have mentioned in this comment section with so many north node contacts. Especially interested in the northnode conjunct venus. People say, it is not for this lifetime. Was this true in your case? Please tell. Thanks

  6. AmiEric

    I have a question for you Amiann, with regard for NN. I have an exact NN degree conjunction with someone who I’m with right now. What does this mean for us? I tried looking all over the Internet for answers based on this question but I could never find an answer. Can you help me based on this regard?

    Thank you!

    1. Amiamiann

      I think that would be a soul mate sign. Are you born really close in time? If so, it may just be that. If not, it would be a super compatibility aspect imo

      1. AmiEric

        No, we’re born years apart. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lot of people with that kind I conjunction before.. Is it rare?

          1. AmiEric

            Wow, thank you! I appreciate you getting back to me. I had a feeling that was the case, but couldn’t find any kind of source on the web for this kind of info.

            Thanks again! Will definitely be checking into your website every now and then. 🙂

          2. Amiamiann

            Of course, I would get back to you, Eric. My readers are very valued to me! I have a Forum if you would like to post your charts. I would love to meet you on there!

  7. Amicar accessories

    Good day! I simply would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the nice data you will have here
    on this post. I might be coming back to your weblog for more soon.

    1. Amiamiann

      Thank you very much. That means a great deal to me! I hope you come back and post your chart or any questions on my Forum, if you want. I love getting these comments too, so please write again when you would like!

  8. Amino twist

    Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the nice information you might have
    here on this post. I will likely be coming back to your blog
    for extra soon.

    1. Amiamiann

      Nessus would be the abuser . With obsession, both will be obsessed. Medusa conj the SN would have been abuse at the hands of a woman in his life such that he was “comfortable” with that pattern. You are very welcome 🙂

  9. AmiCaren

    Hello…could you tell me about NN opposing ascendant at 0 degree, NN opposing Mid Heaven at 1 degree? I see alot about conjunctions but nothing about oppositions. This short relationship had a very profound effect on me and was wondering if this had any significance? We had Venus mars contacts and sun, mercury,moon, and mars contacts all less than 3 degrees. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am an astrology newbie, never used it before for any reason, but have always found it to be fascinating. Thank you!!!

    1. Amiamiann

      Thank you for commenting, Caren. Tell me which person was which. I assume this is synastry. You can come and post your charts in my Forum too, if you want. Go to the front of the website and you will see Ami’s Soul to Soul Astrology Forum.

    1. Amiamiann

      His NN opposing your ASC may be such that his purposes and goals in life may go against your basic walk through life.There may be a pull between this.Let me make it practical. If he ha sthe goal of being an artist. You may have the goal of making money and living in a big house. You may feel sort of at cross purposes. NN opposing the MC would be his goals being at cross purposes with your career.

  10. AmiCaren

    Thank you so much for your reply. I also read that the North node opposing ascendant would also mean south node conjunct the ascendant which is supposed to be our comfort zone. So his libra SN is conjunct my libra ascendant? I guess than it would have the same meaning except we would not be at a crossroads?? I also read the south node or NN to AS is a soulmate possibity?? but I only read about conjunctions not oppositions. But, thank you so much!!!!

  11. AmiR.

    I’m currently in a relationship with someone whose Saturn AND Nessus conjuncts my North Node, and I’m finding this really perplexing because I sincerely consider this the best relationship I’ve ever been in. We’ve been together for almost 3 years, and he’s the first man I’ve lived with. He’s also the first man I feel a truly solid, committed, and loving union with. He’s accepting of me, extremely caring, and our relationship is very fun-loving and inspiring. So, you can see why his Saturn/Nessus conjunct my NN is so confusing! The only way I see this playing out is that he does seem very concerned with my well-being; he’ll say things like, “careful, don’t slip!” if we’re walking somewhere wet, or “drive safely!” things like that, but I never feel overwhelmed or criticized, just cared about. I’ve certainly been with men MUCH more critical/abusive than that. Any further thoughts on this aspect? Thanks!

    1. Amiamiann

      Yes, Friend. Please, do not get married fast. Watch and wait it out. I am here if you want to post your charts and ask questions.Nessus relationships start off as heaven but end as hell. Will this happen to you? I don’t know but I would be aware because awareness is always good. xx

    1. Amiamiann

      Oh dear
      I can’t tell you to run away. Maybe, you should have a professional reading with someone so they can look at the entire chart. I have not seen this aspect in real life or my charts. I was told this to be true by a master Astrologer, so passed it on but do not know more than that, Friend.

  12. AmiMandy

    My Dejanira is almost exactly conjunct to the NN of a guy I’m really crushing on..there’s nothing between us, or anything, but I was kind of you’ve totally bummed me out with this post.
    Do you actually know of abusive relationships that had the Dejanira-NN connections? I’d be curious to know.
    I also have my Juno and South Node conjunct his Venus, my Moon, Mars, Jupiter trine his Sun, his Sun in my 1st house, his Moon trine my Asc,sextile my Sun, his Venus in the same sign as my Ascendant, my Psyche conjunct his Eros, his Mars conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint, his Juno opposite my Sun and conjunct my Ascendant, his Vertex opposite my Saturn, my Vertex opposite his Venus.

    1. Amiamiann

      Have I SEEN deja conj the NN in a relationship? No, but I have seen enough other asteroids play out to speculate. I am sorry, my Friend. That is one person’s opinion, too. Others differ with me.

  13. AmiKaia

    If someone had Pholus conjunct the NN, but they also had it conjunct Valentine, would that change the outcome? Or would it still be bad?

  14. AmiLili

    I have my Nessus conjunct his Dejanira and his Ascendant, his Nessus and Eros conjunct my NN, my Psyche conjuncts his NN.
    I want him so badly, I have to think every single day of him…for two years now, and I’m going insane, it’s so obsessive… Who will be abuser and is this relationship fated to happen? Or will it remain my fantasy?

  15. AmiKelly

    Heartbreaking. My grandsons Neptune and Saturn conjunct my NN within two degrees. Just adore him and he devastated me. Does it last forever?

    1. Amiamiann

      I am sorry, Kelly 🙁
      What happened? I hate to say that it lasts forever. I don’t know with Neptune. With Saturn, it may not because Saturn rewards time and maturity.

  16. Amikitty

    I know someone’s Pluto and Lilith is conjunct my north node. And my venus is conjunct his north node. Does this mean this guy will want to be very sexual with me?!

  17. AmiJenny

    My NN Conjunction with my Vesta is exactly CONJUNCT his Valentine conjunction with his Part of Fortune.
    ( what meaneth this… devotion to his mind blowing love?)

    Interestingly enough, my Valentine is CONJUNCT his moon and my name asteroid.

    What is it about Asteroid Valentine? Who gives or feels more of the love?


    1. Amiamiann

      The Valentine gives amazing love to the other person, Jenny dear. However, Vesta is very much the same, so it would be an amazing encounter, if we consider these things as a separate entity. One would have to see the whole chart to really give a more meaningful answer, as we always do.

  18. AmiMila

    My boyfriends Moon is conjunct my NN. It’s so correct what you write. He is extremely caring about me, feels like he’s my Mother sometimes haha…overprotective also. Another funny thing…we talk baby language with each other haha! This is highly secret don’t tell anyone…! 😀

    1. AmiJyeshta

      That’s interesting about the baby talk. I have an old boyfriend who’s South node conjunct my moon. On our second date I felt like I knew him, like from a past life or something. I have never said that before or felt that way before and I don’t know what prompted me to say that or feel that way but I did. And he would call me mama and we would talk baby talk, or he would talk baby talk and I would be mama. It was kind of weird but cute and it made us feel good. We’re still friends. It’s funny, the day that he left, he was hesitating walking out the door, and that’s not like him, to hesitate. I asked him why he was hesitating, and I said don’t worry I’ll be right behind you. And he said, “I don’t know, it’s like I feel like I’m Moving away from my Mom’s.“

      After we’d been together for a while, I did a synastry chart — I was just starting to study astrology at the time. I saw the conjunction and started reading up about it.
      I read that that conjunction can represent a past life karmic relationship where the moon person is the mother or aunt or sister or some other close female relative to the south node person. The past life karma has to be fulfilled in some way, to “grow the SN person up”, so the south node person will eventually outgrow the relationship with the moon person the way child grows up and leaves a maternal relationship, so it couldn’t last as a romantic relationship. But we still enjoy each other’s company and remain friends.

  19. Amiiwone

    i wonder if anyone could tell me if there is any chance in this relationship, so far the biggest love of my life.
    my saturn(7th house ruler) conjuncts his north node and his venus – 0 degress!
    my pluto (5th house ruler) conjuncts his north node and his venus – 2 degress!
    his NN and venus opposite my moon,
    his SN conjunct my moon (my cancer ascendant ruler) in 10th house
    his chiron conjunct my moon
    his lilith conjunct my juno – 1 degree, 5 degress away from his chiron/SN conjunction to my moon
    and also others not involving node:
    his jupiter conjunct my chiron, and his jupiter making very tight trine to my sun
    our suns conjunct
    my jupiter/uranus sextile to his sun
    my venus and mars sextiles his mars and venus
    It looks like all my planets make aspect to his, aspecting heavily his nodes!
    his vesta conjunct my sun/moon midpoint
    my asc square his sun/moon and his venus/mars midpoints
    also mercury, his mercury tight trine to my ascendant, my mercury sextile his moon
    his mercury tight trine to my descendant…. list go on! we fell in love with each other right away, but there was some karma , a huge drama to overcome, and we dont see each other anymore. But cant stop thinking abt him….

  20. AmiLupe

    Big thanks for your great article !
    Could you please give me your opinion about Eris square NN in synastry ? Knowing that nataly the NN person also have Eris conjunct NN ? So we also have Eris conjunct Eris in synastry.
    Thank you ! 🙂

  21. AmiLine

    With Bacchus conjunct North Node in synastry, would the Bacchus “owner” bring excess and overindulgence to the NN persons life.

    1. Amiamiann

      Eris conj Eris could be due to people being born close in time. Eris sq NN has to be close(2-3 orb) and it is a rather small aspect so prolly not that significant. The Eris person could harass the NN person when the NN person tries to find his life purpose

  22. AmiLou

    What about a square instead of a conjunction NN/moon?? Nobody ever talks about squares only conj. How differently would this playa out?

  23. AmiStar-Crossed

    Hi! I have read how North Node connections are signs of star-crossed lovers. Could you tell me what this means, me and this special person have a double-whammy: Venus square Retrograde North Nodes? Also, my Mars squares his North Node, too. Since I have a Mars-Venus conjunction. We met years ago and we are thinking of getting back together. Is this a sign of that?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Amiamiann

      I never heard star crossed lovers with the NN.The squares would make it hard for each person to help the other find his purpose BUT these are not huge, huge aspects if the rest of the chart is good, such as the Moons. Mars/Venus conjunction is just attraction, so does not really tell us about emotional compatibility

    1. Amiamiann

      This can happen if you are born close in time to each other. Then, it would not matter much. IF you were born far apart in time, you would have a similar purpose and understand the purpose of each others lives well, S.

  24. AmiPixel

    Hello, I’m french so please, excuse me if my english is not good enough…

    About Neptune conjunct NN : I confirm it can bring great sorrow… I met a men 4 years ago, and his Neptune conjunct my NN… he asked for a child during 2 years… then he abandoned me when I was pregnant – he said that he changed his mind (he didn’t recongnize our child).

  25. AmiPixel

    Hi !

    About Neptune conjunct NN : I confirm it can bring great sorrow… I met a men 4 years ago, and his Neptune conjunct my NN… he asked for a child during 2 years… then he abandoned me when I was pregnant – he said that he changed his mind (he didn’t recongnize our child).

  26. AmiElle

    My Saturn square his Nodes, is that very bad? My Moon/Venus also trine/sextile his Nodes… although not the strongest aspects but does it help with the Saturn square?

  27. Amihanna

    Neptune conj the NN—this may bring great sorrow as you may have had ideals that were not met leading to great sorrow. I have heard this could lead to bad abuse or worse. It’ s true. I have with my friend this connection. I’m Neptun – he is my sorrow NN.

  28. AmiAbhaya Ganashree

    What about mercury conjunct north node? I seem to have this aspect in synastry with a lot of close friends. I am always the mercury, what does this mean? And north node conjunct north node?

  29. AmiHeavenSent

    Re: the question, just above, about Mars conjunct NN synastry. This caught my attention. I was in a many years’ long abusive relationship with a psychopath, who recurrently terrorized me, and (purposely) nearly killed me. I feel lucky to be alive.

    The psychopath’s Mars is conjunct my NN (2 degree orb).

    As well, their Uranus is conjunct my SN (partile).

    Since our divorce, the psychopath has made themselves my worst enemy, torturing me by abusing our small child, with the blessings of a family court system that is enabling the abuse. Our lives are hell on Earth.

    Most astrologers will issue serious cautions against pursuing a relationship with a Mars conjunct NN synastry…. Of course, I’m only learning this now.

    1. Amiamiann

      I don’t think Mars conj the NN is always bad. I think the issues were something else, likely, such as a strong Nessus from him to you or a weak Dejanira from you to him. Check this out and let me know.

  30. AmiMich

    I’ve found an interesting synastry square at the nodal axis, a friends chariklo squares my north and south node and my chariklo squares their north and south node … bang on in each case! … to date they have embodied some of the chariklo tendencies, in fact they came into my life supporting me to deal with a massive life change, they gave been compassionate, consistent and supportive…. maybe it’s a case that I’ll return the favour on their NN journey? Or maybe I already have via the same situation? extra twist … their lilith also squares my north and south node on the other side!!! Lol! any thoughts most welcome!

    1. Amiamiann

      What is Chariklo? Is that Chiron? If so, squares don’t show up unless you live with people, usually, so friends would not have the intensity that these hard things would manifest that much.

  31. AmiKat

    chart overlay showing NN in 5th house double whammy
    While having
    My NN conj his Neptune 3 degrees
    His NN conj my Mars in Pisces 2 degrees

  32. AmiNadine Tallis

    I am interested in the Neptune NN conjunction in Synastry and how this could present. You mentioned a friend was researching, any outcome yet? TIA

  33. AmiMichele

    You are spot on with your neptune conjunct Nn synastry. My father had very high ideals for me, I was told, and when I was who I am he was very disappointed. He was extremely violent and abusive. Large parts of my childhood are missing. My peace was when I’d run away. He was neptune I’m NN.

  34. AmiAmy Dingwall

    Hi Ami,
    I’ve read in lots of places on the internet that Venus conj NN in synastry doesn’t last, as it is out of the NN comfort zone…. but they keep coming back together throughout their lifetimes. I’ve also read that it is unrequited love in the Venus’s behalf in this synastry 😕.
    Amy 🥰

    1. Amihyades1111

      i had one experience with NN and venus conjunct exact. he was the one who was obsessed with me. his feeling was so big for me but i didn’t feel the same way. i watched a video about it that moon/venus conjunct rahu usually the moon/venus person that would be so obsessed. not the NN person. (im the NN btw)

      but in my case, we have venus square neptune, venus square mars, also his nessus on my mars exact, then his nemesis on my vertex. im too familiar with these kind of energy so im aware of it. after learning about plutonian, neptunian relationship, and healed my codependency, im not gonna be fooled by “strong” emotion anymore. i dont listen to my feelings but to their energy. and now i know if im dealing with Nessus energy, nemesis, or sado.

  35. AmiAngel

    Hello, I appreciate your explorations and lessons here. Have you had any experience in observing how Saturn conjunct Uranus on someone’s North node plays out (on Ascendant cusp)? What about asteroid Sado conjunct Neptune on North Node in synastry (12 house)? Thanks in Advance!

    1. Amiamiann

      Saturn brings someone who wants to parent the NN person. Uranus shakes up the NN person so you could have both.
      Sado brings sadism and Neptune seems to bring sorrow. If it were in the 12th house, it could be hidden

  36. AmiAntonio

    What would North node conjunct South node do? I just met a girl with this aspect, we live on opposite sides of the USA lol. I’m flying to her.

    1. Amiamiann

      it is a bond and a tie but not enough to make or break anything. The NN person would have a goal that the SN person may help him meet. I think it is this. This is kind of a brain teaser. I have not seen it before.

  37. AmiMeltem arslan

    Hello my dear,
    On synastry chart with my friend, My NN Virgo conjuncts my friend’s SN Pisces . She is 10-11 years older than me and we met on the Internet.What does it mean ? PS. According to Placidus my NN is on 8th house )

  38. Amimerve

    him sedna 8’17 taurus
    my true node 10’55 taurus
    my liltih 10’11 taurus what does it mean will he betray me ? than you so much

      1. Amimerve

        I wonder if it could be a manifestation of the betrayal he experienced in his previous relationships.
        Am I being silly I’m just so in love with him.

  39. AmiLina

    thanks for sharing your knowledge amiann! Higley appreciated.
    What about South node aspects? are they bad too? For example his Nessus conjunct my south node on one degree orb and conjunct my Saturn 3 degrees orb.

    1. Amiamiann

      The SN is where you feel most comfortable. In the case of Nessus, he may abuse you and you may not see it as abuse. With Saturn, he may be super critical and you may try to live up to it

      1. AmiLina

        it make sense! You are good that’s exactly what I suspect.. Thank you amiann!
        just met that guy and I already had that kind of weird feeling about him.. he is very Plutonic. Sun conjunct Pluto exact in Libra, Venus in Scorpio, mars in Taurus, Moon in Libra

  40. AmiMaja

    Hello lovely Ami. I was wondering if you could help me out with this question because when I google I get different answers. NN opposite Ascendant. Is that NN conjunct Dsc or South node conjunct ascendant? Thank you.

  41. AmiMiyah

    Hey, Ami. My sun conjucnts his northnode, while his venus oppose my northnode. Our northnodes are both squaring too. These apects are all in EXACT. How does it play?

  42. AmiStella

    I can’t find it anywhere but my POF conjunct their NN exact. What does that mean please? Their NN in also in my 12th with mine in their 8th.


  43. AmiAngel

    Hi Amiann and eveyone! This post has been getting so much traction. How awesome! I have a irksome question regarding a composite north node conjunct someone’s natal Venus retrograde at an exact degree. I have literally never heard discourse on natal to composite aspects. What happens when your natal Venus conjuncts your composite north node with someone and Natal moon conjuncts the composite south node?

  44. AmiDenise

    I’m seeing someone whose Vertex, Juno, and Saturn conjunct my N Node in 1st at my ascendant in Scorpio. How would his vertex influence NNode?

  45. AmiCeline

    Hi, I’ve been researching for some asteroids and read couple of articles of you. It was really helpful. Thank you.

    I have some questions.
    1) If A’s Dejanira make a positive aspect(ex) trine) on B’s NN, is it still bad enough? Would A be B’s victim?
    2) When A’s Valentine conjunct B’s NN, does it mean A will give big love(almost sacrificial) to B? I know when planets or asteroids touches someone’s node, feelings will be mutual. But I wonder how it plays out.
    3) What does it mean when A’s Union conjunct B’s NN?
    4) if trine or sextile is exact, will it be felt as strong as conjunct? Like, 3 degree conjunction=0.02 degree trine/sextile.

    Thank you.

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