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The Ten Sexiest Astrological Placements

1.Mars in Scorpio–You know I had to say this. Mars in Scorpio vibes sex. He inhales it.He exhales it. You are caught up in his web when all he does is breathe on you. Mars loves to be in sexy Scorpio and he wields it well. You can feel him, rather than see him. He hasย little electrical vibes that touch you way down deep. When you feel these, run for the charts and check his Mars.

2.A Full 5th House–This is the sign of a player. I will go so far to say that I could not call someone a player without it. The 5th house is the House of Fun, creativity and fast romances i.e. flings. Leo is it’s ruler and Leo is all about me, me, me. This man will make you feel it is all about you, you, you until he leaves you for the cutie across the room.

People with full 5th houses vibe fun, creativity and passion. They do love life and that is part of their attraction. They want to touch and taste it, like a little child exploring his world. If you think he is a player, run to the charts and check stelliums( 3 or more planets in a house) If he has a 5th house stellium, run or stay but you have been informed.

(I need to add an addendum here. Saturn or Chiron in the 5th house will, likely, nullify the player aspect. Chiron brings pain to the house in which it resides. Saturn brings restriction and self criticism, not “player” attributes.)

3. Ceres in a Prominent Place–Ceres is the unconditional love of a mother. If you combine this with sexy vibes, you have a guy who can knock them down like bowling pins, figuratively speaking. We all warm up to uncondtional love like a puppy wanting a tummy rub. The most hardenedย  person wants to feel special and wants to be accepted. Ceres does just that.

When I say a prominent position, I mean a place that everyone can see. This would be the ASC, the MC, conjunct the North Node or conjunct a personal planet like Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus. Don’t overlook the power of love. It can truly move mountains or warm the coldest heart.

4. Ceres conjunct Pholus–This is generational but I want to mention it because Pholus explodes what it touches. Cere is unconditional love. If you have an erotic guy exploding unconditional love, you have a powerhouse in the realm of armor

5. Sexy Looks–The prize goes to Lilith conjunct the ASC or MC. These ladies vibe raw sexuality. In some cases, they don’t like it. They may complain that men see them as sex objects. Men can’t help it. That which conjuncts the ASC or MC, the whole world will see. Lilith is raw sexuality. You know it when you see it. Think Sophia Loren. It pours out of her like effortless water, as it does with all those hotties with prominent Lilith placements. What a problem to have.

6. Sexy vibes–Eros conjunct the ASC or MC. Eros is what it says–erotic. Many people strive to be erotic but fall flat. You have it or you don’t. Eros in a prominent place does. When Eros conjunct the ASC walks into the room, people feel it. I have never seen an Eros conjunct the ASC not like to strut his stuff. It is a gift from the gods and they know it.

7. 8th House Stellium–the 8th house is the house of all things taboo. If a person has many personal planets here, they can vibe sexuality, in the manner of a woman who reveals a little black lace, showing from beneath her tailored, black skirt. 8th House people have an understated kind of charisma. If you see Sun or Mars in the 8th house, you will feel those vibes. To the native with this stellium, he may mature late in life. The 8th house represses what it touches but late maturity could make him better, in the manner of fine wine.

8. Charm Aspects–a sexy guy has to be charming, If not, he is Fred Flintstone carrying you back to his cave. We all know that doesn’t work. A man has to charm you. Movie star looks will do nothing if there is no charm or schmooze, as we Jews say. Moon trine Venus is charm without any creepy or sleezey overtones. You believe the man when he tells you that you look beautiful. That is because he really loves woman and is in touch with his own feminine side. He can do all this without any loss to his masculinity. Quite a feat. You will know Venus trine Moon when you see it. You feel special. You feel warm. You feel accepted. This aspect does not vibe sexuality. It vibes acceptance and we all need that.

9. Big Love Aspect—Jupiter conjunct Venus makes the person love big. This is not a sexual or erotic aspect. It is someone who exudes love. If this is combined with any of the sexy/erotic aspects you have dynamite.

10. Brooding Anger Toward Woman–Moon square Mars– He does not like woman. Will he tell you? A resounding NO. Does he admit it to himself? Probably not. However, if you have your own level of self hate( and many of us do) this man seems to touch that in a way that turns dark and sexual. Don’t hate me for telling you the truth.

163 thoughts on “The Ten Sexiest Astrological Placements

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t look at Houses, really. I more look at what personal things touch Asteroids. However, if you were looking at houses, you may hide your Eros. Do you?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That is close. You may have your raw sexuality split off from yourself. Do you? You may not be able to bring the raw sexual part of yourself out to society( not that it is brought out there but even in art or just in expressing creative passions) Do you know what I mean?

  1. amianntombone

    I have some understanding of this but ill still do the forum! Thanks for the offer!
    I have a 4 planet conjunction: sun in aquarius, mercury in pisces, venus in pisces, and Jupiter in aquarius Sun Venus & Jupiter is in 8th house (Venus on cusp of 8th) and mercury is in 9th. Only have 2 planets in 5th house: mars in sag & saturn n cap tho I question Pluto house placement. I think this could qualify me hehe

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t like to look at charts on here. It is not relaxing to me. It is easier on the Forum and I can leave you questions. On here, the comments are not linear cuz new ones get in the middle.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Oh dear. I don’t know how it works cuz I never did it lol but hopefully it will be easy. Let me know if it is not. I will prolly not look tonight. My eyes are a bit tired but if not, I will look forward to looking tomorrow!

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            LOL It is a real problem. People pay me for readings and I e mail them back and I go in the spam folder and I am so upset because they think I didn’t answer.

          2. amianntombone

            I bet its frustrating lol. I tried makin it easy and made
            A new topic based on this article:-). Loved it btw

          3. amianntombone

            Ummm yes I did. Made a new topic called ‘sexiest placements’. Kinda new to this forum so didn’t know how to add to the ‘personal reading’

  2. amiannLevi Fuentes

    According to this article, I have one of the ten “sexiest astrological placements”, my Sun conjunct Ceres (in classic astrology, Ceres is cazimi to the Sun. The Sun also forms a wide conjunction to my Ascendant but forms a partile sextile to the Midheaven, same with Ceres).

    Many people say I have a “peaceful, calming aura” that surrounds me. I’m guessing it the Sun/Ceres influence they sense. My current ex boyfriend says whatever I do, I do it with love and with the intent to comfort, nurture, and sooth people. People have also commented that when I cook, the food is richer because I add “love” and care to my cooking.

  3. amiannKlayer

    Oh wow. Ok so after looking at my chart like and trying to understand it I found the following:
    1. Mars in Scorpio.
    3. Ceres – Aries, Moon – Aries
    5. Lilith – Aries, Ascendant – Aries
    7. 8th house stellium – Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto in Scorpio
    9. Jupiter – Libra, Venus – Libra

    I’d appreciate any feedback because I don’t understand astrology to this extent too well haha!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Klayer!
      Mars in Scorpio–uber sexy
      Aries Moon–will fight for a cause. Will stand up for people with courage
      8th House stellium–depth, depth. depth
      All that Scorpio–super deep, mysterious and sexy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. amiannLuke

    I have Venus, Mercury and Saturn in the 5th house and I have read it is supposed to make you loyal and have luck when it comes to love for Venus :). I’m only young and I don’t think I would be a player, perhaps I might be one day but I don’t want to be. I am a Taurus Sun and Mars though, and I just think I have a good personality which most people tend to like :). I have heard the stellium is only when 4 planets are in 1 house so I am a bit confused about that as well. Anyway I am interested to hear what you think :).

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Saturn in the 5th would make you too responsible to be a player. You could not hurt people like that. A stellium is 3 or more planets in a sign or a house, my friend. Thanks for coming on, commenting and your sweet words, Luke!

  5. amiannLinda

    I have Lilith conjunct ASC and you are absolutely right. Men do see you as a sex object and I don’t like that at all. It is of course a gift from God, but the negative side effects can be very annoying. Conjunct ASC means often square MC. So I had a lot of jealousy of women at work and men mostly don’t take my workqualites seriously. I experienced sexual intimidation and stalking. But apart from all that I learned to use this gift positively. I have got the better payed and nice jobs and have a good laugh when younger men try to seduce me. They could be my son! Lol (Probably it’s also due to Venus conjunct asteroid Child in house 8 Aries, both trine Lilith and ASC) ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. amiannMax

    I have Lilith square my sun and conjunct my moon. Lilith also makes a trine to my MC. I always wondered why some of the male work colleagues where extra friendly towards me. Worked with a younger guy, he would always call me sexy. I never thought of myself as sexy. But what does Lilith square sun and trine the MC mean ?

  7. amiannDanny

    I have Mars Scorpio with stellium in 8th (Mars Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio, moon Pluto conjunct in libra), not sure about any of the minor planets. But I don’t feel sexy. I think I’m fat and ugly and I’m not. I’m Virgo sun and Mercury so I am super critical of myself. Oh and Venus in Leo square Mars Scorpio.

  8. amiannShea

    i have a mars in scorpio, a fifth house stellium and moon trine venus! yay, not really sure about my ceres or Eros or Lilith placements and also I’ll add in that i have a venus in pisces because i like that in my chart! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. amiannsandra

    I have osculating Lilith in 16 Virgo, conjunct Ascendant in 19 Virgo, opposite Venus in 16 Pisces and Sun in 22 Pisces, Black Moon Lilith is in 3 Libra, so my Asc in in something called the Black Moon Corridor(between the osculating and the mean Liliths), plus Mean Black Moon in 3 Libra trines my Moon-Mars-Jupiter stellium, all in 0 degree Gemini.
    I also have Eros in 16 Gemini conjunct MC in 17 Gemini, and square my Venus in 16 Pisces.

    I have been used to feeling invisible all throughout my school years, especially due to growing up being the fat kid in the class, and I am still overweight, but after I turned 20 (I am now in my late 20s) I have gotten increasingly more comments about my looks, ranging from pretty to stunning, and now I am in college with kids who are 4 to 6 years younger than me and I have been called sexy more than once. One young guy told me I am like Melisandre from Game of Thrones, which I found ridiculous(I have dyed red hair).
    I mainly see myself as completely unattractive, but it’s fun to get compliments every now and then. I have also gotten occasional nasty vulgar comments from random strange men just by walking down the street, as well, which I guess is the not fun part of it.

    I also have Nessus conjunct my ascendant, maybe that is worth mentioning too. But I hope I am not perceived as an abusive person. I have suffered from emotional abuse from people in my own family so I know what it’s like, so I am very careful about crossing boundaries with others. However I do not shy from conflicts if I feel there’s no other way to get across to people.

  10. amiannTanya

    My sun is gemini, my rising is capricorn, and my moon is pisces.

    I have had a lot of people, both men and women comment that I was very sexy, but I have never really seen that…I guess because I’ve seen others who I thought were sexy and could not imagine myself as such…that and the fact that I’m too into my own thing most of the time to even think about it or care….but it has made me curious as to why people have always commented on that. I never know whether to believe them. I’m not a scorpio either(scorpio always gets the good rep for sexy and sex appeal).

    Nothing in my chart sticks out that would show that…and not enough placements either, so I think a lot of people talk bs, but I don’t like flattery. I like authentic truth.

    I have my jupiter, uranus, pluto, pallas, and DML all in my 8th house but they are in Virgo.
    The only scorpio I have which isn’t anything significant to sex appeal is my 10th and 11th houses are on cusp of scorpio, my Neptune is in scorpio which is generational. And Pluto squares my sun, opposes my moon, squares my mercury, squares my venus, squares my mars, conjuncts uranus……but Pluto is in Virgo so no big deal.

    I do have BML in Taurus in my 5th house and my asteroid lilith is in Capricorn in my 1st, but all the Virgo energy stellium probably drowns out anything that could be sexy.

    My sun, mercury, venus, and mars are all conjunct and in gemini in the 6th house.

    I have a Virgo 8th house stellium, and a gemini 6th house stellium.

    I don’t get the sexy shit. I’m too intellectual to be sexy.

  11. amianndannyal

    Hello.. I’m wondering how a female with mars in scorpio would be like because you only talked about men with mars in scorpio. And how is jupiter in 8th house. Jupiter represents expansion so would it expand that area of their personality? Please reply (:

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am not sure how MIS translates to women, D. I don’t have that much experience to really say. Jupiter in the 8th could be good fortune in 8th House areas!

  12. amiannshane wootler

    hehe.. i have the stellium also.. with moon mars and black moon lilith conjunct themselves trining asc… ceres conjuncts my asc frm the 12th.. ya. i kind of look good in a strange way… ๐Ÿ˜€

    bt dnt knw what will happen if scorpio eros sextiles my mc… neh?

  13. amiannEllie

    What you say about the 5th house, about them being players, is disconcerting. Does this still apply to composite? My current partner and I have a 5th house stellium in our composite. Venus, Mercury, Pluto and Sun in Scorpio, in the 5th house.

    Does that mean it may not last, or what?

  14. amiannSofia

    I have BML and Mars conjunct ascendant in cancer and jupiter squaring them from the MC, all tight aspects within 1 degree. I don’t think I’m sexy at all! I’m actually quite shy, but that might be my cancer sun in the 12th. I do get stares, but no one ever approached me or tell me I’m sexy. Maybe the mars is too intimidating.

  15. amiannEmma

    I was petty pleased to find out I had number 2, (the 5th house stellium), n’5, Lillith conjunct my Mid heaven, and 6, Eros conjunct my Ascendant!

    I also have several planets and asteroids in my 8th house but not a stellium. Wow

  16. amiannDD

    I have Lilith conjunct ASC, a stellium in the 8th (Jupiter, Venus, Vertex and Sun), a Moon square Mars and Jupiter conjunct Venus, so I tick the boxes of some of them. I was just wondering, do you think one could exude sexuality in the wrong way or in a wrong way, particularly when you really do not want to appear sexual at all, just a regular person? You see, I am a gay man and… well you can figure out the picture already. Sometimes it is hard… People can be very mean. I don’t feel any wrong doing on my part, I am a nice person, I do my best for this world to be a nicer home for us all, but people don’t care about that sometimes. Discrimination even if subtle is very damaging. On the other hand, I had my promiscuous phases, where sex was an addiction and had to exist plenty of them, now I found a more stable approach to it, with a serious partnership with a very nice man.

  17. amiannroman

    your mars in scorpio choice is utterly stupid to be blunt. no one is sexy just because of one placement or aspect. it does not work that way. lol

    for instance, recently there was a man where my venus conjunct his ascendant and supposedly that placement means that i would find him physically attractive but i think he is hideously ugly. why? because he is not actually physically attractive to me. it’s that simple.

    synastry and aspects is really about how that chemistry works with the right person for ‘you’ which considers many variables and factors (right ingredients) for the total package. random aspects mean nothing at all.

  18. amiannBlack Pizza

    Eros conj Mc, Lilith conj Asc, moon square mars, 8th house stellium with Mars …. Seriously??? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I don’t feel that sexy

  19. amiannSheridin

    I checked my ex-chart for that Moon square Mars and amn it if wasn’t there. I He never had a single positive word to say about women even when he WAS saying positive words about women it felt fake. When I started loving myself is when I fell out of love with him and I know you know me or care but I wanted to thanks you for this post and shedding a little bit more light on why I was attracted to a guy that was never right for me to begin with.

    Stay Free and Spread Love.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      NO, conjunct the MC is its own thing. One could say that loosely they are similar but conjunction of an angle is a big thing and so not the same as something in the house, L.

      1. amiannLily

        Dang too bad! I dont have any of these aspects except I have my sun & mercury in ths 8th house. Dont anything in the 5th house ..but i have a leo stellium. Have venus conjunct mars . But that wasnt on there…thanks for answering!

    1. amiannKenneth

      You might try grounding yourself to disperse/deflect your Queen-Bee energy. At the same time surround yourself with a diamond of white light that only allows a higher love to pass while reflecting back any negative energies…

  20. amiannKenneth

    I guess many astrologers have their own perception of this, but here’s my list of the top ten:
    Lilith conjunct or oppose Asc.
    Pluto/Mars (intense desire especially in the 1st house)
    Pluto/Venus (intense appreciation)
    Pluto/Moon (intense feelings)
    Venus conjunct Mars (appreciation + desire = passion)
    8th House Stellium (but not Saturn)
    Scorpio Moon (intense deep feelings)
    Scorpio Mars (intense desire)
    Scorpio Venus (intense appreciation)
    5th house planets along with a primary planet oppose Uranus suggests more openness towards sex (and partners, but monogamous earth energy will suppress this).

    On a personal level, Pluto is my strongest planet and trine to the Moon. Add to this many planets in Scorpio, including Mars, that is conjunct Mercury and Venus. My Sag Moon in the 5th is conjunct Lilith and oppose Uranus. Ceres is oppose the ASC. All of this creates something ranging from a dog on heat to experiencing the tantra, but is outwardly suppressed by Saturn rising square my Sun–Perhaps this has saved me!!!

  21. amiannDominique eddington

    Hey, I’m aware that it’s 3 liliths in astrology . Asteroid lilith (1181 ) is in my 1st house , which is in Taurus . I wanted to know How does that placement effect my personality ?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi D and Welcome! Well, I look at asteroids when they conjunct important parts of the chart vs when they are simply in a house, so see if it aspects something like the ascendant

  22. amiannCuriousScorpio

    hmm i have a 5th house moon cancer trine 8th house venus scorpio.

    also 5th house mars conjunct ceres 4mins in Leo. ( I also have mars square venus because of that)

    what effect do you think a packed 8th house has ?

    I have mercury – libra , sun – scorpio , venus – scorpio , node – scorpio in the 8th

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      A packed 8th house would differ with the planets. For you, you are a very strong Scorpio kind of person–deep, in touche with primal emotions, most likely, interested in dark things like serial killers etc, dark books and a deep thinking person, CS and Welcome!

  23. amiannMcMonster9

    Whats about an 8th house with sun moon and venus stellium. Sun and venus in cancer with 29th degree moon in gemini. Scorpio asc with pluto in the first house trine venus and conj asc with sun and venus trine asc?i

      1. amiannMcMonster9

        Sorry amiann i got so wrapped up in my chart i forgot my question. I am sun in cancer. With all this 8th house scorpio and pluto it explains my constant need for sex. I just need to know why does sex with a friend fullfill a need for me when it always ruins the relationship. I let a girl in on that level of trust and comfortability for it to ruin everything we have.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am not trying to drum up business. I don’t need money from the charts. However, this question probably needs to be answered by doing a chart because it probably involves several planets–Chiron, Venus and maybe some others and many asteroids and some obscure ones, I bet. There would be an answer though and it prolly would not be an obvious one, my Friend

    1. amiannKenneth

      If your Sun Moon and Venus are well aspected, you are likely affectionate and charming with the ability to share feelings with others. Challenged, you might feel like being on a razor’s edge–constantly needing to adapt to other people.
      Your Sun in the 8th suggests seeking a deeper connection through a sexual relationship that goes beyond emotions. Moon: emotionally drawn to the deeper issues of life. Venus: sexual relationships are usually harmonious, sometimes with a focus on the spiritual. If Venus trines Pluto you are likely very loyal.
      Are you drawn to secret love affairs or humanitarian causes? You might be a shy physic! An understanding of the mystical should allow you to feel more complete. A vivid romantic day with special company…

      1. amiannMcMonster9

        Thank u kenneth. Im actualy drawn to sexual humanitarian exploits. Lonely mothers or good girls who are lonely and need something discreet but sexual. It feels rite to satisfy needs. So bad its a fault and can effect my own health and mental stability.

        1. amiannKenneth

          With the eighth house of transformation, regeneration, joint resources, and sex, your inclination to be obsessed with sex, could indicate other traits like jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation, or exploitation. Such actions could affect your overall health. You need to find the courage and resources to make effective and necessary change(s).
          The sexual elements you describe does sounds like you are not learning the true lesson of intimacy as it pertains to the eighth house. This is rising above base instincts by forming a more spiritual bond with your partner(s) as in say the ‘Tantra’. Search google for “tantra classes” and with a partner you could together learn a more deeper experience.
          Amiann is right in that your question needs to be answered by doing a chart and examining specific and multiple placements. You might get some more answers by installing your own software like Starfisher (Windows – free, not sure about Windows 10?) but be aware that any natal chart relies on accurate birth information, as not everyone’s time of birth is always correct. Also, depending on the latitude of your birth, choosing the appropriate house system can sometimes be significant.

  24. amiannJ

    I have Lilith Opposte Midheaven orb -0โ€™18 can you please tell me what that means and I also have Lilith Square Ascendant but the orb is -2โ€™53.

    1. amiannKenneth

      While there tends to be a raw sexual expression here, much depends on the house/sign placement of these points and whether you are male or female.

  25. amiannKingPanther


    This is a sweet and fun post. I have a question though : When you talk about Lilith, are you referring to the asteroid or black moon firm of it?


  26. amiannNaoya

    I think lilith in 11th house is another promised placement. My lilith sextile venus (venus conj pluto natal). In 11th house, whenever i go in class. I feel like everyone look at me. I have a little annoying about this. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  27. amiannJo

    I am a Pisces with Juno/Jupiter conjunct my ascendant. I have Venus and Lilith conjunct MC and a Mars Scorpio. My Venus and Lilith are Aries.

    I was a late bloomer. I was in my mid 30s the first time a man told me I was beautiful, then I started hearing it the time. Personally, I don’t see the appeal. I’m a hot mess. LOL

  28. amiannHoward Sheldon

    I have been an astrologer most all of my life and I agree with what you say as I have my venus in scorpio and there are women with mars in scorpio that I would wear slave chains for but you seem to forget that Jupiter is large and venus is the sex glands so men with that conjunction are large.

    1. amiannKenneth

      Howard, I’ve found that certain Pluto/Moon aspects are a dominant factor regarding the size of a member! I don’t have enough data for Jupiter/Venus as it is difficult to collect!

  29. amiannMcMonster9

    8th house stellium with sun Venus in cancer trine AC And moon 29ยฐ 55′. Venus also trine Pluto which is conjunct my asc Scorpio. Which are both opposite my Mars in taurus which is trine Jupiter in virgo. I’m told that Jupiter trine Mars makes me have a decent sized… “Member”… I mean penis.

        1. amiannKenneth

          Your Moon is BiQuintile Pluto, suggesting you like to express your deep feelings. Do you enjoy movies or books that involve subjects like death, jealousy, or the complex psychological makeup of people? Again, I don’t have the physical data for this particular Moon/Pluto aspect, but if your member is above average it could indicate this is a contributing factor. Some stress aspects can indicate a smaller than average size, while others like the opposition the reverse. BTW, having an above average member is not all that this is cut out to be, particularly in later years!
          Just noticed that you have Pluto square Lilith, which could be a bit challenging if you dislike, or are fearful of, being controlled.

          1. amiannMcMonster9

            Physical data is 6.5 circumference and 9.2 length. Most woman say I’m top 2 in size N yes Tokyo ghoul or any good darker anime. Why not so much in later years? Controlled how?

          2. amiannKenneth

            Mc, If someone tries to control you you may consider that to be a limit on your freedom, or you may perceive that big brother is trying to remove your individuality.
            Men with large members generally need to be more selective as not all women can handle large sizes and it becomes more problematic with age as females can often become less elastic. A lot of women won’t say anything directly about a man’s size. Another issue is that condom breakage is more likely, and buying certain clothes that fit well can be a challenge.
            As for the correct length, you should be measuring from the top-base to the tip, not from the sack, or underneath. The average length is purported to be 6.5 inches.

    1. amiannKenneth

      Mc, If someone tries to control you you may consider that to be a limit on your freedom, or you may perceive that big brother is trying to remove your individuality.
      Men with large members generally need to be more selective as not all women can handle large sizes and it becomes more problematic with age as females can often become less elastic. A lot of women won’t say anything directly about a man’s size. Another issue is that condom breakage is more likely, and buying certain clothes that fit well can be a challenge.
      As for the correct length, you should be measuring from the top-base to the tip, not from the sack, or underneath. The average length is purported to be 6.5 inches.

      1. amiannMcMonster9

        Ya. It’s 9.2in from top base to tip. 6.5in when I use a tailors tape. So ig I’m as big around as the average guy is long? I’ve never been able to use condoms. So you’re saying I should stick with younger gals so I don’t rip the drywall off the older models.

        1. amiannKenneth

          My analytical skills are pure Scorpio, not a trace of earth in my chart, or houses. The only earth strength is Saturn/Pluto close to the ascendant. As for the reason for posting this level of detail is because I suffer from an above average member (Moon trine Pluto) and just want to clarify the reality behind this condition that society does not fully understand. It’s something of a gift and a curse!

  30. amiannEstelle

    Thanks for this article, not easy to find good stuff about asteroids on the internet!
    My Lilith perfectly conjuncts my ascendant in 29ยฐ Scorpio, and my Ceres is very close too at 26ยฐ. Sounds funny cause these two represent very opposite feminine archetypes ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And I have to say that I do recognize myself in both.

  31. amiannKenneth

    That sounds like a Mercury in Leo comment! It’s not only the side walls but the rear wall as well. The depth of the vagina (from the opening to the tip of the cervix) can measure anywhere up to 7 inches, so you may often be limited to a closed leg style of intimacy!

    1. amiannMcMonster9

      I normaly just hold them by there legs and or lower back n use my arms n chest instead of thrusting in open leg positions.

  32. amiannMithai

    Do you take the True Black Moon Lilith or Mean Black Moon Lilith?
    My true black moon Lilith is 27 degree Libra.. my Mean Black Moon Lilith (the one in is in 0 Degree Scorpio.. and my Asc is in 2 degree Scorpio. So I donโ€™t know if I have the sexy aspect lol

  33. amiannJody

    I have Mars in Scorpio AND the only thing my 11 degree Aries Venus touches is my 7 degree Aries BM Lilith, and both are sitting on my 11 degree MC.

    As far as big love… I have Jupiter conjunct Juno, both sitting on my ASC. Does that work?

  34. amiannMea Ulliam

    Wow, amazing! I’m actually not really knowledgeable about astrology, but I have Lilith Asc and Chiron conjunct in Capricorn. I also have Eros MC conjunct in Libra and Mars in Scorpio. Sun in Leo trine Venus in Sagittarius. But I feel like my sexuality is being restricted n m sometimes either positive or just very doubtful. Is it the Capricorn doing? I have a few earth signs influences as well like Virgo mercury but square my Gemini moon. Aquarius Uranus and Neptune oppose my Sun. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, Saturn restricts. The 8th house can restrict. The 12th house can restrict. Squares can restrict. Chiron can too. Saturn and Chiron in the 8th can restrict. Saturn and Chiron squares can restrict. Saturn and Chiron conjunctions can restrict.

      1. amiannKiana

        Thank you Amiann, I have to be honest but I don’t entirely understand what that means? Is my sexuality maturely connected to my purpose and career?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I mean that you will have logical and good use of your sexual nature, not become crazy with it but this is one aspect in a chart of hundreds, so just based on this, my Friend

  35. amiannAbby

    Hi! Iโ€™m curious if you have any insight on Lilith square ascendant natal? Iโ€™m not sure how this affects me. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. amiannBarbara ann

    Aloha Ami
    First i respect and admire they way you truly enjoy helping others with your gemini (wit) stellium in 9th (philosophy)…i too enjoy teaching others my unique philosophies… but i havent quite found my stitch…(scorpio stellium in 9th house).

    The post above that mentioned moon square mars, and brooding anger towards women is SOOO true…. leo moon and capricorn mars here, and i am a woman. i thought my mother being resentful and threatened by my existance is why i am not comfortable or forgiving when it comes to women. but it really goes deeper than that. Everything about “being a woman” grosses me out…and
    The only “motherly love” iv ever been able to accept was from men…
    Which is difficult to later still find attractive when the kinda man that turns me on is the gruff capricorn..not sensitive caring cancer. The only “cough” .๐Ÿ™ƒ encounter i can get actually excited about is passionately brutal and intense. Everything else is autopilot or a duty to perform as a woman..i refuse to be sexy, seductive, erotic or submissive….all those roles bother me in a big way.

    Again ami, love your site. Iv been double checking my friends/fams charts against your philosophies and they definately check out. Keep doin wacha do, cause your doin it right!!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great comment Barbara. It really helps teach us all. I bet the rough sex, so to speak, is a Moon/Pluto hard aspect. Also, I am so glad you are here and appreciate my humor. Sometimes, I wonder what people think lol

  37. amiannBarbara ann

    Your a pioneer following your intuition.
    When you are inspired, so are others. And it shows…
    Looking at your flexible stellium and how you successfully “tid-bit” helps me see my 7 Fixed positions/planets….i dont know what to do with them, lol. But i see them…

  38. amiannBarbara ann

    Im only sweet when it matters, and thank you.

    Moon leo 23
    Rising aquarius 24
    Sun16ยฐ/mercury9ยฐ/venus17ยฐ/jupiter19ยฐ = Scorpio

    And just to cover my basis this is all driven by mars capricorn.

    Thank you very much

  39. amiannB.

    I apologize if my reply before leaves a bitter taste….
    Iv reread it, over and over,
    and it does me.

    Im tryin to remember what was going on that day, that i didnt give my undivided attention to my reponse to you A.

    Thats not who i am, i am partnered with an individual that has whiplashing influence on my response to life and the people in it…..โ˜ฎ

  40. amiannB.

    My tone.. sweetness matters ALL the time not just some of the time…
    and you specifically asked me a short question, that i over answered with a bunch of T.M.I.
    (Too Much Info)…

  41. amiannB

    Thats a relief….. so can you assist me in which aspects or mercury want it suger coated…and which ones can handle being called on their sh*t???

    Cause ofcoarse iv noticed people respond and communicate better when i embrace my jupiter venus conjunct…
    Oh so sweet and lovely…
    But when i see a moment to embrace my harsh saturn conjunct pluto (never to be mean) just sayin it like it is no …people either dont hear it, or cant handle it….

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may have a hard time showing your sexuality in daily life even though you are a very sexual person, but in career, you may feel more comfortable showing this side of you.

  42. amiannDeanna

    I was a bit skeptical when I read the part about 5th house stellium being a player, as I have a 5th house stellium myself. However, all 4 of my planets in the 5th house are ruled by Saturn, so I guess I’m exempt.
    My ex has Moon square Mars and would always make random things about “men vs. women” which was so weird to me. Interesting that this aspect frequents such mentality.

  43. amiannMichael

    Sag Sun
    Aries Rising
    Gemini Moon
    Venus in Scorpio
    Pluto in Scorpio
    Scorpio in. 8th
    Eros in Scorpio
    Scorpio South Node
    Scorpio Midpoint
    Mars in Libra
    Lilith in Taurus
    5th house in Leo

    1. amiannKenneth

      The feeling-sentimentality of the Moon clashes here with initiatory-desire of Mars. This results in an impulsive and rash personality that is quick to take offense. Your independent instincts are easily excited, producing a dislike for discipline and causing frustration and aggressiveness.
      Mental shrewdness may be lost without emotional control. You may take things far too personally.
      Conflict with parents, stomach issues…

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