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Things in the Natal Chart That You Can’t Change

I need my own website because I disagree with most astrologers. Many of them do not like me and some leave nasty comments. I delete them unless they have comic relief. However, I am a serious Bible believer and the Bible does not indicate that everyone can change everything i.e live a life of permanent bliss. If this could happen, one would have to do it via Jesus, but I don’t think it is possible in this painful and corrupt world. The world system of thought and the Bible system of thought is very different. To be successful in the world, you have to be gorgeous and rich. To be successful with God, you simply have to accept Him into your heart. The only thing a human can offer God is his will, his obedience.

Many people think a Christian should not dabble in astrology because astrology is a dark art. I do not agree or I would not do astrology. I am not ego invested in being an astrologer. If I felt I was not pleasing God, I would simply delete my website. However, I believe He wants me to be here doing what I do. I have the asteroid Astrowizard in exact conjunction with my Ascendant.I do truly, truly love astrology. I help people. I try to tell all my clients about Jesus, but if they are not interested I do not push. Jesus is too wonderful to push on anyone.

To relate all of this to the topic of this article. I, as a Christian, can accept that I will always have flaws and struggles. The chart shows me exactly what they are. I think it is silly for a person to die on the hill that he can change anything if he is only Zen enough. That is a deception, but most things in this world are deceptions. The Bible is the only thing on this earth that is complete truth.It is the only thing on which we can depend.

Onto the topic.

1. Chiron in the chart cannot be changed. You will have pain in the house of Chiron. Everyone has Chiron in some house, so everyone will have pain. It just differs. Also, I do think some charts are more painful and difficult than others. However, every single chart is very difficult. I used to think I had an easy chart. However, I could not really understand how this could be because I had many people in my life who were very hard to deal with. I found the answer in asteroids. It shows that I would have much sorrow from the people close to me, such as early deaths and people who were not really sane. Didn’t I say that nicely?
However, God gave me many gifts and many avenues to deal with this pain, such as a love of reading and I found Jesus through it all, so it was a small price to pay.

2. The aspects to Chiron will show the NATURE of this pain. Some people have so much pain that is it likened to a gun shot wound. If Chiron is in close aspect to the Ascendant, that person is often bullied.If Chiron is in close aspect to the MC,a person’s pain will be evident to the public somehow. I knew someone with Chiron conjunct the MC and he was 300 pounds. People could literally see his pain. I have many articles on Chiron and it’s aspects. Do not underestimate Chiron. Don’t feel the pain is your fault. It can’t be if I can tell you all about it from your simple birth information.

3. Your relationship with your mother will be shown in the chart. It will be shown by your Moon sign and by it’s aspects.For example, if Chiron conjunct the Moon, the relationship with the mother will be very painful. No one can change this. This is what I mean by aspects that cannot be changed. No one wants a painful relationship. Usually, both people try to produce a happy relationship but many times, it is not possible.

4. Your relationship with your father will be shown in the chart. In this case, the Sun’s aspects will reveal the nature of the relationship. Also, if the Sun is in the 12th house, the father is absent. If the Sun is conjunct Uranus, the father is crazy. I like to call it as it is. Also, with Sun conjunct Uranus, the father and the native are both brilliant. When I say crazy, I am really being too severe. It could be more of eccentric. However, the father was an unstable force for the native.
I have done many articles on the relationship with the father as shown in the chart. For this article, I want to say that no matter how hard one tries, one cannot always make a relationship good. Astrology can help one to find peace with this.

5. Your ability to reach out to people or not be able to do so is seen in the chart. A chart that has most planets in the lower half is an introvert. The chart that has most planets in the upper half is an extrovert. This is a general statement and a guideline. Other aspects could modify this.

6. I have seen Pluto square the Sun in cases of early death of the father.In other instances, there was a relationship with the father in which deep emotions were repressed on both sides. In other words, it was a powder keg relationship which could blow at any minute. However,as much fighting as may be done, the relationship is unlikely to be a healthy one. This is no fault of either person. It is the nature of the chart energies.

7. Charisma is seen in the chart. Anyone with Mars conjunct Venus will have oodles or charisma. Willie Robertson has this. To me, he exemplifies charisma. Charisma is different than sexiness but they do overlap. The native with Mars conjunct Venus usually has both. I will give an example of beauty without charisma, in my opinion. It is Melanie Trump or Ivana Trump. Donald Trump has lots of charisma. I used to be a huge Trump fan but am not any longer. I think he is not being honest in many, many, many ways.

8. Beauty is seem in the chart. Any aspect of Venus to the Ascendant shows beauty.With the easy aspects, such as the trine, the beauty seems more wholesome. With the hard aspects, it seems more edgy. Also, certain Venus-like asteroids confer beauty. One example is Aphrodite.

9. Lilith conjunct the Ascendant is always sexy. Lilith conjunct the MC is always sexy but does not like the attention. She is the proverbial girl who wants to be liked for her brain. Go figure.

10.Anything conjunct your Moon will be felt deeply but may not show. For example, Eros conjunct the Moon will be an erotic person but it may not appear so on the surface. Eros conjunct the Ascendant will appear sexy. There are yin placements in which things can be hidden. There are yang placements in which things are apparent. Some examples of yang placements are the ASC, MC, Sun and Mars. Some examples of Yin placements are the Moon, Venus, the IC and the DSC. I have an article on yin and yang placements.

Honestly, I could write a hundred pages on this topic. If you would like me to write more, let me know in the comment section.

27 thoughts on “Things in the Natal Chart That You Can’t Change

  1. amiannLloyd Schley

    I have chiron in a grand cross, opposed to Uranus and square to both the sun and Saturn. From my own experience Uranus in transit and square or conjunct can turn things upside down without warning. Chiron in my chart is more of a slow progression and it transits back and forth over something.

    I was raised on fundamentalist values and know the New Testament. Uranus is in cancer in my 9th house so you know i wouldn’t settle for my traditional family values. While the wisdom of the New Testament is obvious I have also had flashbacks of other times and places that I assume are past lives. I ended up crafting my own life philosophy. I don’t mind being on my own. Conformity is ok when i drive and obey traffic laws but spiritual matters are different.

    Zen? Zen is about letting go and most Zen stories are about that. Example: a master and a student were walking down a road after a heavy rain. They came to a corner where a woman dressed in beautiful clothes was trying to cross without getting mud on her robe. Without hesitation the master picked her up in one arm, carried her across the road and continued onward. An hour later the student could contain himself no longer. He asked the master, ” If we are not to influence the course of life, why did you help that woman across the road?” The master replied, “I set that woman down an hour ago but you are still carrying her!”

    Astrology is not a belief system. It is a system of information based on observation. With it you can predict disposition, strengths, weaknesses, fears, etc. Therefore is not like religion. It is however proof that there is a sublime order to everything.

  2. amiannS

    My Chiron forms two t-squares and a cradle pattern in my natal chart.

    I have Chiron in my 10th house, 11° away from the MC. Pain and public humiliation often go hand to hand in my life, especially during my childhood. Now that I cut out most people from my past, its calmed down significantly. I still struggle with my self esteem, but I do feel better without all the negativity. I’ve been studying the 10th house a great deal and it can definitely apply to how I view myself, my reputation and the control other people have had over me. I’m ready for new opportunities in life. A new life without baggage, far away from here.

    I have Pluto widely square my sun. My father is still living, but my step father died when I was around 20. He was cruel and very controlling. I wish I had another family member let me live with them so I could get out of that house, but they never helped me out.

      1. amiannS

        My family, on both sides, are odd people. They expect complete devotion and loyalty, blood is thicker than water stuff, but are never willing to make an effort. Almost everyone I have ever met has family support, birthday parties, celebrations… They don’t understand where I’m coming from.

  3. amiannKenneth

    I sometimes wonder why I am drawn to your website. Perhaps because it is the nature in which you present your perceptions that intrigue me, and perhaps other elements. I find myself agreeing with some things, yet disagreeing on others. I’ve also disagreed with many astrologers, particularly because many of them try to reinforce their political beliefs using astrology. While it is easy for me to be judgemental, astrology helps me to be non-judgemental. If I wish to debate a topic that I disagree with, it is important that the discussion is rational, and if no agreement is reached, then hopefully we can agree to disagree and move on.

    While I find it unusual for an astrologer, such as yourself, to be such a committed christian, I am aware that there are notable organizations such as the Rosicrucian Fellowship that describe themselves as Christian Mystics. Personally, I take a spiritual view of Astrology and I’m aware that prior to the King James Bible, many astrologers, psychics and priests all worked together. Unfortunately, there was a clash between these individuals leading to astrologers and psychics being removed and persecuted. Some astrology references were left in the King James Bible (some ambiguously) while some were placed as a reference in the back.

    I think that there are many complexities in astrology and while specific aspects do tend to reveal a significant circumstance, there may be several other individual combinations that either change or act as a substitute to such events. While I have seen a number of instances of Pluto transiting a person’s natal Moon and resulting in the death of a mother, Pluto seems to move too slowly to be a factor for many individuals.

    In cases of early death of the father, mine committed suicide when I was nine years of age. Transiting Pluto was square my natal Mercury (in Scorpio and 4 to 5 degrees away from Mars and Venus) and sextile Chiron. My natal Sun had a wide square from Uranus, so I can relate to the mental stress being a factor.

    I have a Mars, Mercury, Venus conjunction, but alas little charisma, as Saturn in the first, close to the ascendant and square the Sun places a damper on that, but I am able to learn not to be so judgemental and arrogant, but it can peek through at times if I’m caught off-guard!

    I don’t follow any other astrology website simply because I’m confident in the knowledge that I’ve acquired, but I find that yours is somewhat refreshing and controversial, so I thank you for that.

  4. amiannChristine

    Thank you everyone! I have Chiron in Aries (8th house) which squares my Sun & Mercury in Capricorn as well as my Saturn in Cancer which was in retrograde when I was born.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yikes. that is a lot of pain. did you have abuse from your dad and it affected your learning ability in some way or your mind in some way.

  5. amiannLloyd Schley

    Problems in families is very common. When I have cast charts of various people it almost seems to be the norm and often worse than your experience. Prince’s grandmother once lived 2 doors up the block from me. He used to stay there off and on as his step father was severe. Once Prince, when he was around 16 got grounded to his room for 3 months. He used that time to teach himself piano. Marlon Brando had 2 alcoholic parents and his father was violent telling him, “you never amount to anything”. Marlon left home as soon as he could, ended up in NYC where a teacher noticed his talent for acting. Now you know where his attitude came from..

    While i do not wish to minimize your pain i just say that often this is what drives people to excel. Mohamed Ali had his bicycle stolen when he was a teen. A boxing coach told him he needed to learn how to defend himself. Each of us has precipitating moments where something happens and we decide we’re not going to take it. The great therapist Viktor Frankl developed a whole form of psychology on reframing the meaning of events. He survived Nazi death camps exhorting his comrades to show character in the face of hopelessness. Truly an admirable man.

  6. amiannPisces Rising

    My Astro wizard is 4° Sagittarius and my north node is 3° Sagittarius. I am Pisces rising. I am also a Christian and I believe the 3 wisemen were astrologers. They remained humble.

  7. amiannGabi

    Fantastic article, I do believe every chart is difficult; everyone has problems in many levels, colors and forms, some problems are smaller than others but you’re never really far in having one. As you do, the only two things I think you can’t change in a chart are the Sun and the Moon, you can’t change your parents, or how you basically see life; they are two very important parts of the mind. I can think you can’t change Chiron too, after all, he’s the wounded healer and couldn’t help himself. Take care Ami uwu <3 <3

  8. amiannİlk

    Aphrodite trine venus and at the same time aphrodite trine mc
    Aphrodite opposite moon
    What does it mean ?
    I love your write thank you 🙂

  9. amiannCristina

    Interesting. I read Chiron in 12th means spiritual problems. How about sun conjunct Saturn? What does that tell about your father?

  10. amiannAdrianna

    Ami, thank you for the time that you spend on studying and sharing your knowledge with us. I have been studying astrology for a few years now and I have found your articles to be some of the most informative and I always look forward to reading them. Anyways, I have always been fascinated by Chiron and how it shows up in your life. Do you have any insight on what Chiron conjunct Pluto might mean? Thanks again 🙂

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