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TenTidbits for Beauty( and Other Physical Appearance Traits)

People seem to like this shallow topic. I am shallow too, so “what the hey”. Anyway, this is an interesting topic. I like to look at people and see if I can discern astrological aspects, so I hope you can get some information to do the same. I am too lazy to look up some of the celebrities exact charts and many do not have the time of birth, anyway.So, I will use celebrities as examples, not exact placements, unless specified. (It is my Libra Ascendant. We are lazy.)

1. Libra Ascendant
This is one of the most attractive ascendants. However, I notice that they are not particularly sexy looking. An example would be Doris Day. I think she is a Libra Ascendant. If not, she embodies the trait of being very attractive but not really sexy. I call this the “girl next door” look.

2. Scorpio Ascendant

This babe does not want you to know her secrets. Jackie O was a Scorpio Ascendant. She arrogantly said that she did not want to be in the tabloids so little old ladies and other “non important” people would not know her business. She always had an air of mystery, as do all Scorpio Ascendants.

3. Leo Ascendant

This is one of the easiest ones. The person looks like a lion. I think Farrah Fawcett was one. If not, she is still classic for one. The Leo Ascendant has a distinctive personality, too. He loves to be in the limelight. I would say that some men who look like a Leo Ascendant are Richard Chamberlin and Robert Redford.

4. Mars in Scorpio

If a man has sexy vibes, regardless of appearance, he is, likely, a Mars in Scorpio. Larry King had one and he was sexy. I am not alone in thinking this, so don’t shoot me daggers. He dated some of the hottest women in Hollywood, so send your hate mail to someone else.

5. Gemini Ascendant
This guy looks very intelligent and he is, also, full of fun. This Ascendant kind of looks like am imp, up to mischief. Charlie Sheen is a Gemini Ascendant. He looks like a joke will come out of his mouth at any second. I think Robert Downey Jr is one, too.

6.Pisces Ascendant
This Ascendant looks very gentle and somewhat dreamy. Remember, that the Ascendant may belie the true person. Is is the outer layer only. This Ascendant may have very lovely eyes. I think that the simplest way to say it is that this Ascendant looks poetic.

7.Venus Conjunct the Ascendant

Pure beauty. This is it and “nuff said. Oh, this person has grace and charm, too.

8. Venus trine the Ascendant

This native is very attractive, as well. However, every bit of the orb matters, the closer, the more beautiful.

9.Venus square the Ascendant
This native is very attractive. However, it may be in a more edgy way and the person may appear inaccesible

10. Moon conjunct the Ascendant
This native is very attractive in a “little boy/girl” kind of way. There is an innocent appearance along with the beauty.

6 thoughts on “TenTidbits for Beauty( and Other Physical Appearance Traits)

  1. amiannSandy

    I’m libra ac with Venus / mars Square in Capricorn. I agree men find me attractive ..not that I feel attractive unless I wear makeup. I have a softness with an Amish sensibility so it’s kinda off putting.

  2. amiannChristine

    According to the time on my birth certificate (born in the USA in 1975), I have a 0 degree Virgo ascendant. However, my mother (I am the 3rd out of 4 kids.) swears up and down that my head was already out for awhile before the doctor got to me. She thinks that I was out at least 1/2 hour before the birth time stated on my birth certificate. If she’s right, my ascendant would be 29 degrees Leo. I am a Capricorn in the 5th house with a Scorpio moon. When I read the descriptions for Leo & Virgo rising, I do have traits for both. However, I wonder if I am indeed a Virgo rising because I worry and am great with details (Virgo) but love yellow gold jewelry (Leo) and my wavy hair does look like a lion’s mane despite my Asian heritage. Several people on my father’s side of the family have this wavy, lion’s mane hair, too! All ideas appreciated. 🙂

      1. amiannSandy

        Whole sign house system with Leo 29deg ac would have your sun sign in the 6th h of health. Maybe that’s how you’d figure it out for sure. If you have any health issues.
        If not then 0deg ac Virgo 1st h would put your sun in the 5th h a happier placement.

  3. amiannisabel

    Libra Ascendent/Scorpio Mars here and I confirm, I get hit on everywhere I go by men and women alike. Even my doctor seduced me while I was pregnant

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