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Tidbits For Venus in the Natal Chart

When I see a person, I think about his or her chart. Then, I try to obtain a chart and see if I am correct. I do this for famous people, authors and people I meet in real life. This article is inspired by that quest. I hope you enjoy it.

Venus in Sagittarius in a man is the most likely Venus sign to be a bachelor.

Venus in Sagittarius in a man is very attracted to legs i.e a “leg” man. He loves boots, too.

Venus in Cancer in either sex loves family.

Venus in Gemini is the biggest flirt of all Venus signs. This is the case for both sexes.

Venus in Libra is very refined. This is the case for both sexes.

Venus in Aries in a man needs to be chased. He may appear, initially, as if he is aggressive, but it will not last.

Venus in Aries in a female is the most aggressive of the Venus signs.

Venus in Virgo searches for perfection. No one quite measures up, of course, because there is no perfection.

Venus in Pisces is the most romantic Venus sign. This is the case for both sexes.

Venus in Taurus makes decisions based on love very slowly and with deliberation.

Venus in Taurus loves food.

Venus in Leo must have an attractive partner to show off. This is the case for both sexes.

Venus in Scorpio is the most likely Venus sign to be obsessive when in love.

Venus in Capricorn is the most likely Venus to marry for money. Think of the song “Material Girl” by Madonna.

Venus in Aquarius does not like to be crowded by a partner.

Venus and Our Attractions

Venus, Venus, Venus—–Our Attractions

13 thoughts on “Tidbits For Venus in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannKenneth

    Are these tidbits additional observations to the generally accepted meanings for planets in signs? I have Venus in early Sag, and I’m not a bachelor or a legs/boots kind of person . I’d say I fit the Venus in [early] Sagittarius bod that seeks balance in uncomplicated relationships, and I’m drawn to people of a foreign culture, seeking new relationships while traveling. Of course a bachelor would also seek uncomplicated relationships!
    Also, I find Venus in Aquarius to be the least jealous of all the signs.

  2. amiannEvelin

    I have Venus in Leo and I don’t relate to this one (I don’t relate to most Venus in Leo descriptions actually) probably because it’s conjuncting my Mars and both are square Pluto?

  3. amiannVivian

    @Ami Venus in Capricorn here and I am super ambitious. While I wont disagree with you, I will say that my Mars in Taurus and Aries Moon (squared saturn) help me to rely on myself and try to get my own. I dont try to ask others for help much but if I marry , of course I want someone who can provide for me. Marrying for money is the undeveloped forms and lets not forget my venus is conjunct saturn, neptune and uranus. Its really interesting.

  4. amiannDarl

    I like these lil tidbits, I’ve just stumbled on this site and it’s really interesting! Could you put description of Venus in Sagittarius in a woman’s chart up? and what does Lilith in Cancer and Venus in Sagittarius mean pls n thanks 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Darl!
      It would kind of be the same as for a man–Venus in Saggi——–hard to commit, likes adventure, likes a really positive partner. Gemini is the ideal Venus sign for them as partners.I don’t do Lilith in the signs only when it is conjunct something important in the chart.

  5. amiannZizi

    I have Venus in Aquarius and I would like to have stable relationship, but what I admire the most is the friendship. And I don’t like to be controlled. I’m rather like a cat on its own road.

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