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Twenty Apects That Make Me Go “YOW”

What I mean by the title are that there are some things in the chart that are defining of that person. Most astrologers will not tell you their secrets. Most doctors won’t. I have had many in my family.If they KNOW the patient has something terribly wrong, often they will couch it with platitudes.Then, they will tell their own family the truth. Why? Truth hurts and people get angry at the bearer of the truth. I am committed to truth because truth is the only thing that heals. If people want a rose colored world, they will be mentally ill. For all the people who do not want to be mentally ill, read on. (Were it that easy)

1. Neptune Conjunct the Sun
This aspect is classic for addiction. The addiction could be to alcohol, drugs, a fantasy world, food or anything that changes reality into something more palatable. Tending toward addiction is not really the fault of the native. Life is very hard for people who are sensitive because life demands toughness. Neptune is the stuff of gossamer clouds and fairy paradises.

2. Pluto Conjunct the Sun

You have a very strong person here. Check the house in which this resides to see the major arena of strength, although this person will be strong in all arenas of life.

3. Unaspected Moon

This person had little nurturing. However, they are very kind and nurturing to others.

4.Sun in the 12th House

No matter how bombastic this person is, he is insecure. I love Rush Limbaugh. I do not think he is bombastic. I think it is part of his theatrical persona. I think that, as a person, he is humble. However, I was surprised to see that he had the Sun in the 12th House.

5. Stellium in the 9th House

This person is an avid reader. However, the stellium should not include Chiron and Saturn because these planets inhibit the activities of the house. I have this stellium and I could live in books if books came with a refrigerator and a bed.

6.Nessus Conjunct the Ascendant

I have come to have a grudging respect for the abuse asteroids and I will tell you why. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. However, I find people who are dominant in the abuse asteroids don’t take “any flak” from people. Now, it is, probably, not worth it to be abusive, but these asteroids give a strength.

7. Aphophis Conjunct Venus

Love never works out for these natives. Aphophis is chaos leading to destruction. It is one scary azz asteroid. I have noticed it, in transit, in untimely deaths *yikes*

8. Aphophis Conjunct the Sun

I just spent a great deal of time on the natal chart of Jeffrey Epstein. He has Aphophis conjunct the Sun. In his case, he has 5 other killer asteroids conjunct his Sun, too. Speaking only of Aphophis, I can see why Jeffrey lived a totally chaotic life which led to destruction. If you have Aphophis conjunct anything, be careful.

9. Exact conjunction of Venus and Pluto

This aspect makes people much too sensitive to rejection in the area of love and romance. If it is in Scorpio and in the 8th house, it is magnified. This is a very sad aspect because people do come and go in life and one cannot live or die based on a relationship(Spoken by true Venus in Gemini) )

10. Venus in Sagittarius

This native is the unmarried one of the Zodiac. Commitment is very daunting to them.

11.Mars in Taurus

These natives are slow to make a decision, but they stick to the decision. Also, they use common sense in making decisions.

12. Water Void

These natives seem to miss subtle emotional cues that are inherent in humor and in social situations. For example, if one is giving a hint that one wants a guest to leave, the water void may not take the hint until one kicks him right out of the front door.

Water voids, often, argue that they ARE very sensitive.They get very angry when I write things like this about them. Water Voids may be sensitive to their own needs, but are not really understanding of emotions, in general. In other words, when someone else cries, it may feel as if it is a foreign language in terms of how to deal with it. I hope I am making myself clear. These natives may crave water, such as crave going to the beach,love taking baths and even crave drinking a great deal of water.

13. Fire Voids

These natives tend to get depressed. They tend to find it hard to sustain motivation, as well.

14. Charts That Are High in Fire

These natives have a natural confidence which can be intoxicating to others.

15.Moon in Scorpio

Whatever you see on the outside, such as the sweet persona in Sadie Robertson, whom I love, there is a deep, dark side that lurks underneath. If you are going to “mess” with someone, pick a wimpier moon. The Scorpio Moon will track you down and put a hit on you.

16.Lilith Conjunct the Ascendant

These natives are sexy. They know it. They exult in it.They flaunt it.

17. Lilith Conjunct the MC

These natives are sexy, but do not like the attention. They wish other people would see them as something other than a sex object. (Go figure)

18. Nessus conjunct the Vertex
In this unfortunate placement, abusive people are drawn to the native. The conjunction must be close. I accept 2-3 degrees.

19.Dejanira Conjunct the Sun

Jeffrey Epstein has this. He was abused by his father and it shattered his ego.

20. Moon Conjunct Dejanira

This is the saddest aspect in all of astology. The personality of the native is fragmented due to severe abuse, usually sexual.

32 thoughts on “Twenty Apects That Make Me Go “YOW”

  1. amiannVivian

    Another Great Lit Ami

    I have Sun conjunct Neptune (I think I have an addiction problem, not to drugs but yea)

    Mars in Taurus – true as well

    I went up against many scorpio moons and sun conjunct pluto. They are quite the opponents, always tryna get back at you, luckily I have help from my mars opposite pluto and pluto in the fourth. They both ended up saying that I drive them crazy .

  2. amiannSean

    I’m a water void. I am older now and have picked up social cues on what to do. If I see someone (close to me and appropriate) cry, then I know that I’m supposed to hug them or pat their arm or something appropriate. It’s seriously a trained response. Strangely, many people (not all people) think I’m very caring – not sure why. I have MC in Cancer with an out of sign and 9th house conjunction to Venus in Gemini. Maybe that’s it? Who knows. Anyway, agreed on the interpretation. But it can be trained to do better. Try to be a better person. It’s all anyone can do.

  3. amiannAnette

    Haha, my ex was a Water Void.
    He actually DID drink a lot of water! And he was very keen on fixing his bathroom as well.
    When I cried, he didn’t know squat what to do.
    Instead, he was big on fire and earth in his chart. A real do’er and not so much else.

    My other ex had 3 planets in the 12th – Sun, Moon and Mercury. In Taurus.
    Very very sensitive Taurus, and a lot of narcissistic traits as well due to a bad mother.

    I have 3 water planets in the 9th house – Sun, Venus and Jupiter.
    I have written the craziest amount of looong love stories on my computer, and once I even tried to get one published. I love to learn new things about the interrelations and relationships, but I lack a lot of fire in my chart, so I have a tendency to loose focus quickly as well as motivation. Depression? Yup, I’ve been there as well. So much water…

  4. amiannSusan

    I have Venus in Sagittarius. In my 30s and unmarried. Never really had the desire to and doubt that I ever will.

    My moon in Scorpio leads me to internalize my anger/bitterness, and it’s not a side I show or express to others. I’m not sure how to. I try to let it go with physical activities.

    I also have Nessus conjunct ASC, but I wouldn’t say I’m a tough, no nonsense person. If someone is picking on me or something similar, I usually tune it out and go off in my fantasy world. It’s the way I cope with any stressful and difficult situations.

    1. amiannKristy G.

      I also have #10 Venus in Sagittarius, and in my late 30s, never married. There is another aspect I have (Mars square Uranus, wide orb) that is said to make one unmarriagable, so I guess it’s a wrap for me, lol!
      I don’t mind. I feel sadder about not having any children than I do about not having a husband.

      Also have #20 natal Moon Conjunct Dejanira but I cannot recall any childhood abuse. I’m certainly not being abused currently, or at any time that I can recall. It’s interesting because I continue to encounter people who insinuate that I was abused in childhood and maybe have suppressed it. If that was the case, I don’t know why I’d go looking for it deep in the recesses of my subconscious or unconscious. Let it stay repressed.

        1. amiannKristy G.

          I don’t know what would make for a “super strong” Pluto. My chart ruler is Jupiter, and it is conjunct Pluto, 0 degree orb. 11th house and sign of Libra, 24 degrees.

          I do have Scorpio sun, also. North node/vertex conjunct and Nessus are all I have in the 8th house. Overall have never considered myself very Plutonian.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Strong Pluto is Pluto trines like Pluto Trine Sun or Pluto conjunct Sun, or Pluto trine Mercury or conj Mercury.

  5. amiannStu

    Nessus Conj Vertex. How about in Synastry?

    And in natal?
    Meaning the person whose Nessus conj their Vertex natally is also conj the other person’s Vertex..
    Because their vertex are conj

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Natal Nessus conj Vertex in synastry-the vertex person will be abused by the Nessus person. In the natal, the person with Vertex conj Nessus will tend to be abused by people, in general.

  6. amiannPaulina

    Stellium in 9th house here! Sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini. I’m a typical bookworm with no time for any other activities (but I always have time for reading!)

  7. amiannTamara

    Hi i’m 16 years old and have a moon dejanira conjunction at 2 orb in taurus, moon quincunx pluto at 3 orb. My parents divorced when i was 7 and the years after that my dad eventually started to manipulate me and ended up emotionally and psychically abusing me till i got 13 and broke contact in a traumatic way. Within the first two years in elementary school an older girl who should actually be a confidant for me in the new school started to bully me because she was jealous as i told her i also want to play with my other friends. After that there were always people who targeted me but nothing too bad what i couldn’t handle. But do i have to worry that i could be abused again or even have to fight with sexual abuse someday? And could it be that i attract abusive people somehow?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You may not be sexually abused. Often, it happens in childhood, so don’t think it has to happen!Stay strong and try to find God and Jesus as your Savior. That is all that really matters in life.

  8. amiannA

    To add an anecdote: I have Dejanira conjunct Moon in 4h (27’55” and 28’22”) in Scorpio and can add another +1 to “no significant abuse I can think of.” I got bullied a fair bit as a child, but that’s all. Per the other comment that a strong Pluto might balance it, I have 4h Scorpio Pluto (0.02″ trine to Mars, 0.01″ sextile to Saturn, 1′ sextile to Neptune, 0.29″ square to Asc, and 0 and 1 degree quincunxes with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction that make it the foot of a yod with the Saturn-Neptune conjunction–yes, my entire chart lives at the same handful of degrees).

  9. amiannPlutonian

    Aah, my heaart 🙁 My Pluto is conjunct with my Venus, both are in Scorpio 8h. Also, Ami, I just discovered your blog and I am obsessively browsing through it now xD Your insights are great.

  10. amiannVenus

    I don’t have any water placements, and I admit I’m emotional but I keep it to myself cuz it makes me uncomfy showing weakness to other, and I also LOVE swimming and drinking water sometimes my mom gets surprised by how much I drink water (she thought I was sick or smth, but I just love water lol) and I tend to attract a lot of water placements,

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