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Twenty Aspects With Cute(I Think) Names So You Can Remember Them

1. Stink Eye Aspect

I am a dog lover and a student of dog behavior. My little Yorkie is quite the dominant gal. She met a lovely boy dog. She let him know that she was boss and she did it all with the simple stink eye. Pluto conjunct the Ascendant can be identified by the stink eye.

2. I Am Sexy as Heck and Know it.

This moniker goes to Lilith conjunct the Ascendant who loves to strut her stuff.

3. I Know I am Gorgeous, but pay attention to my mind.

This is the moniker for Lilith conjunct the Ascendant.

4. I Dress and Act like a Ho But I will Punish You If You Look.

This gal is Medusa conjunct the Ascendant and she does punish!

5. I Will Stand Up To Bullies.

This aspect is Dejanira conjunct Pluto, which I have and I do stand up to bullies.

6. My mind is racing like heck and I can’t seem to stop it.

This aspect is Mercury conjunct Uranus, which I find to be a very sad aspect, especially when it is very close(exact orb to three degrees). The native is so very brilliant, but seems to pay a big price for it.

7. I worry obsessively and can’t seem to stop.

This aspect is very sad to me too. This is Mercury square or oppose Uranus. The square is harder than the opposition.

8. Total Brilliance But Does Not Brag About it–a quiet and confident brilliance a la an inventor or innovator.

The Sun Trine Uranus

9. I Feel Uncomfortable Socially

Moon Square Venus

10. I Don’t Really Understand How to Make Myself Look Better With Clothes, Make up etc That are Suited to Me

Moon Square Venus

11 I am Such a Know It All that People Want to Punch My Face

Lucifer Conjunct the North Node or Ascendant

12 I Have a Tender Heart. Handle With Care

Pisces Moon

13. I Make People Feel Special and Loved

Venus Conjunct Jupiter

14. I Bring Beauty in Some Form to The World

Aphrodite Conjunct the North Node

15. I Am Sexy Even If I Look Like a Troll

Mars in Scorpio (Indulge me)

16. I See Beauty and Goodness Even When It is Not There

Don Quixote Conjunct the North Node

17. My Mind is So Full of Chaos That I Cannot Cement Ideas Well

Aphophis Conjunct Mercury

18. My Love life seems to fall apart all the time

Venus Conjunct Apophis

19. I am Accident Prone

Uranus Conjunct Mars

20. I Will Argue Just To argue

Lucifer Conjunct the Sun

8 thoughts on “Twenty Aspects With Cute(I Think) Names So You Can Remember Them

  1. amiannElyse

    #6: I have Mercury exactly conjunct Uranus in my 9th exactly trine my Jupiter in Sag. I am quite brilliant and have certainly paid the price for it. If you’re shopping for aspects, I’d advise passing on this one.

          1. amiannDanny

            This aspect isn’t mine, one of my greaters friend has this.
            He was abandoned by his biological parents and lately adopted. He has many problems with his father.
            In relationships, always their girls finished him despite he’s charming with them.
            And never know If he gets a work or if he will study.
            He sometimes asked me for help and I understand why.

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