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Twenty Easy Tips For Doing Charts Like A Pro

I get a great deal of satisfaction from trying to make a difficult subject easier. I get great deal of satisfaction from helping beginners have some
simple tools for approaching charts. I hope these tips help!

1. High in the Element Fire—–Lots of confidence.

2. High in the Element Water—-Lots of empathy.

3. High in the Element Earth—-Practical, excellent common sense and organized.

4. High in the Element Air–Logical, objective and intellectual.

5.Moon in Pisces–very, very, very sensitive.

6. Moon in Scorpio—-feels things very,very intensely.

7. Moon in Cancer–values loyalty above all else.

8. Mars in Cancer–stuffs anger into the stomach.

9.Mars in Aries–cause oriented i.e Save the Whales.

10. Seventh House Stellium—feels very incomplete without a partner.

11. Pluto in the 12th House—-suppresses primal passions, such as rage.

12 Pluto Conjunct the Descendant–May give her power to her partner.

13. Mercury Conjunct Uranus—-brilliant,but the mind may race incessantly.

14. Libra Sun—-May try to please others too much.

15 Sun Conjunct Venus in a Man–May be handsome in a male model and somewhat vanilla way. May find it difficult to say no.

16. Gemini Stellium—-a big reader.

17. First House Stellium—May find it hard to put oneself in the shoes of others.

18. Uranus Conjunct the Ascendant—-Looks different
from most people in some manner.It could be an unusual style of dress, hair, jewelry, make up etc.

19. Mars in Scorpio—-Goes after his goals with a laser like intensity.

20. Water Void–May have a hard time following social cues, such as hints. May have a hard time picking up subtle humor.

One thought on “Twenty Easy Tips For Doing Charts Like A Pro

  1. amiannJulian

    Hi Christian Psychic,
    I like these one-liner ‘soundbytes’! Would you expand on them, write up the next 20, or even 40? !! Much appreciated if you do.

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