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Twenty Placements Which Are Associated with Certain TRAITS

I was thinking about some people in my life who have been loyal to me. One person is loyal when it serves him and not loyal when it doesn’t. I was contemplating this and I ran to the charts. He has a Pisces Moon. This is the second time I have found a Pisces Moon native unable to have “cajones” when cajones are needed. I think the Pisces Moon is kind of a weak person. I know one is not supposed to say things like that in this George Orwellian politically correct society, but I promise you I will always tell the truth.

Let us look at some other placements that can define a chart.

1. Mars in Scorpio will have an innate strength. They will be rather direct. They will value telling the truth. They do not put up with a lot of superficial nonsense. They are very perceptive, so don’t try to manipulate one.

2. Mars in Cancer will tend to stuff emotions. I have this Mars and I seem to stuff emotions whether or not I like it( and I don’t) I think certain placements have a certain nature and one must take the good with the bad. Each chart has easy placements and challenging ones.

3.Moon in Libra is not loyal. I know people get very angry about this. Let me say that they are not loyal if it costs them something. That is my experience. It is a cold, calculating moon. I don’t trust it.

5. Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant will have a strong, authoritative presence.

6. Moon square Venus may lack the ability to choose the right clothes, hairstyle, make up etc. They may also feel uncomfortable in social situations.

7. Saturn in the 12th House feels left out of life.

8. Moon in the 12th House finds it hard to express his heart. He is afraid he will look silly and/or be rejected.

9. Venus in Pisces is so romantic he can make you cry.

10. Venus in Virgo in a man wants too much perfection in a woman.

11.Uranus in the 7th House may have one or more divorces.

12. Pluto in the 4th House may have had violence in the early home.

13. Mars conjunct Mercury is direct, honest and can be trusted to speak his mind.

14. Saturn conjunct Venus may feel she needs to be perfect in order to be loved.

15. The 2nd House stellium female may be a gold digger.

16. Saturn conjunct the Descendant may like older partners.

17. Mercury conjunct Chiron may have had some kind of learning disability or something in which learning or communication is hard, such as a stutter.

18. Chiron in the 7th House may have relationships which are always very painful.

19. Uranus oppose Jupiter may like to shock people.

20. Uranus conjunct the IC may represent an early home that was unstable.

38 thoughts on “Twenty Placements Which Are Associated with Certain TRAITS

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, Saturn gets easier but Chiron remains the same. I am sorry to say but the chart mirrors life and some things are just HARD for each person. xoxo

  1. amiannMarie Bliss

    Amiann! Pisces Moon not loyal ? You say whatever you like i still love you. It is a treasure to hear your sincere thoughts. Pisces Moon loves deeply. Heres something which i have observed with Pisces Moon in others and myself, we are loyal and unwavering in our love, but, we must be true to self and cant be any other way because of a rich inner life. We are loyal to God and creativity. This often looks disloyal, especially when we are asked to be loyal to someone with something that doesn’t sit right within us. It cant be done. We are free spirit and slave to creative winds.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t think people can overcome Chiron. I am honest. I think it kind of hurts for life but to answer any question of overcoming, I think a relationship with Jesus is the only way and Welcome Sonia.

  2. amiannBonnie

    Most things ring true and i found the same but.. a BIG but… i do believe we “progress” some find it harder (the fixed signs).
    I see the charts as a time frase of a “clock”. I study at the same time the draconic (ashame we cant see the progressed version), the sun arch, progressed etc, if i investigate i dont just do the surface, i dive deeper.
    First, i always feel provoked when you talk about libra moon lol, again it depends whats conjunct or trine or sextile. I have it trine my mercury, i speak my mind. Loyal.. uhmm thats why i lasted 18 years in relationship with trying everything to make it last, therapy as such. But hey it could be my chiron in 7th house, right?
    My ex had a trine moon in aquarius.
    What i see and know about libra’s they can succumb under to much pressure, whether moon or sun sign.
    I have a lovely man now with moon in 12th (natal) in progression his 1st house, he does speak his heart maybe learned or “progressed” 😉
    Im not saying progressed charts are constant, some with R retrograde take longer.
    I know i told you last about the beginning of our relationship he did find it hard but i was worried anyway because last year venus went retrograde in scorpio and what i feared, happened.
    He has mars in libra 7th (natal) and now mars in scorpio 6th “progressed” something else he learned. Or maybe my influence, scorpio 8° ascendant beeing direct, intense and piercing if needed, he has venus in scorpio 8’55°
    There is another trait i have and had to accept.. uranus opposite mercury. To blow someones mind or shock m with what i know. In the past i just “knew” things about people and told them, now im easy going and let it happen naturally in people.
    The interesting study im doing now is to do with “past lives/ trauma’s. Is it my pluto R (libra) and jupiter R (scorpio) in the 12th?? Or south node R in capricorn 3rd house natal?
    Thats why i use draconic too.
    There my moon is in gemini a cery nervous type and can be mentally bored which sounds like a deeper layer of myself yes. My partner has libra moon there and sun sign in 27° pisces 6th. He told me many stories of failed relationships where he did do too much for others who didnt appreciate it, he is a giving type tho.
    I helped him understand himself a bit better with draconic chart. I started to talk about it, and then his stories came out. My natal asteroid “karma” conjunct his draconic sun sign.
    In my study now, they explain, we carry over traumatic or emotional loads of past lives to be found in south nodes. When it conjuct with another in composite you jave that familair feeling of knowing them before. Or karma to be worked out. Like loosing that partner suddenly in one life to just find them again.

    Chiron in 7th worried me for awhile. Yes i was easily wounded in the past also able after beeing hurt to cast the people out of my life. But over time (chariklo conjunct my sun in taurus 7th) i felt like forgiving them and wish them the best, accepting values are different no hard feelings anymore.
    So see the blessing in that.
    I left my previous relationship when my progressed moon hit aquarius, i recently found out, i have asteroid deprez 3° aquarius 3rd house, my ex aquarius moon 6°. I felt depressed in that relationship for years without knowing why.. and in my draconic chart i have chiron 5° aquarius in 7th house.
    Well i can keep sharing and talking..
    Thats how we learn 😉

  3. amiannJak

    Thanks for another interesting ‘tidbits’ article Ami! Many of them ring true.
    I will now engage as the Libra Moon defendent
    I will say that as a Libra Moon I have found that it’s often the other that let’s me down.
    I am certainly loyal to those who are loyal to me. But often find myself being loyal to those who don’t seem to think twice to return that loyalty. I’m wondering how much is in the aspects, rather than the Moon sign itself? I have Venus in Pisces biquintiling my Moon. And of course we shouldn’t forget that Libra is ruled by Venus. Now being ruled by a benefic surely can’t be all that bad?! With regards aspects I do have a Sun/Moon opposition that’s in a T-square with Mars. Sounds tricky? Yeah it is! LOL! But I will go to war for those I love!

      1. amiannJak

        Thanks Ami! 🙂 I have an article request (if it grabs you and when you’ve got the time of course 😉 What are (in your opinion) deep, loving loyal aspects in a man?

  4. amiannJenny

    Thanks for some interesting tidbits Amiann !

    My experience with Pisces Moons is that (like Moon in hard aspect to Neptune) they are masters of self-deception. They are able to firmly convince themselves that an unpalatable reality doesn’t exist and wouldn’t accept the truth if it got up and bit them on the ***.

    I can think of 3 females with this placement.
    They all got involved with married men who kept picking them up and dropping them on a regular basis. They refused to heed the warnings about these guys from others.
    They kept taking these men back because they listened to the ‘sob stories’ and felt sorry for them.
    Personally, I think they are weak-willed and totally out of touch with reality.

  5. amiannJak

    Anyone know/experienced what a male tends to be like with a Pisces Moon? Or any Pisces Moon men here (that have good, honest insight into themselves 😉

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Very sensitive, Jak. Very sweet. They don’t like to hurt people’s feelings but if you need real strength and people are gonna be mad at them, they can fold

      1. amiannJak

        My brother has it, right at the end of Pisces. Do you notice ‘cusp effects’ (when a planet/luminary is right on a cusp) or in your experience when it’s in one zodiac sign’s domain, it’s completely within its clasp?

      2. amiannNelson

        What about… your moon being in Pisces (Male), yet it aspects Pluto in a square, as well as aspects Mars in a trine and furthermore, it being in the 5th house?

        1. amiannnelson

          With also, Mars in Scorpio in 2nd house opposite Saturn in the 8th house, along with mercury in the 5th house, Pluto in the third, and mercury in Aquarius. This is conjoined with the last reply, which is an altogether reply to the comment, on July the 25th

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            The Mars oppose Saturn will kind of not help the stuffing emotions situation so I bet you are very sensitive but FEEL like a pressure cooker

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          This is a major shut down of emotions like suppressing emotions and maybe they will blow in some way because if one stuffs them, they come out in some way. The Mars will help the Pluto though so you are blessed to mitigate this somewhat Nelson.

    2. amiannBonnie

      My dad, he’s gonna be 62 soon.
      He is a sun in leo 11th house. Moon in pisces 7th house with a square in saturn saggitarius 4th house. Most of him describes this:
      He knew at young age he cant handle alcohol, so hes against it.
      He had a tough youth. If you need a friend or help he is there. Depression or moodiness i’ve seen too with him and illness. Mostly headaches, so he can retreat too and plays guitar, a bit in a dreamy, musical way.
      When i was younger and addressed my emotional issues i had with him he wasn’t compassionate at all or understanding. Maybe because he has nessus exact on my chiron. His answer was, i wanted to make you tough because i could be too good for others..
      So i wonder if moon in 7th “project” their feelings unto others.
      Im a sun in 7th i had to deal with many projections put on me.

  6. amiannJak

    What I have noticed being a Libra Moon (not sure if other Libra Moons have noticed this?) is I can get stuck on issues of fairness (balancing of the scales) especially when emotional.

    1. amiannBonnie

      Yes Jak, i recognize it too.
      Certain things can linger for years.
      I had to accept a few things, to speak in astrologic sense.. we have a venusian type of morality that goes about values, thats how we judge. Our truth lies in what we feel like “beautiful” or acceptabel.
      The good part about libra moon we can be fair in seeing things “both” ways. But when “we” feel hurt we see it from 1 side. Often we need to make others aware of how they treat us, to reflect and mirror to teach them if they “accept” the same treatment, its a karmic lesson. I had people “agree” with me in my face untill they went through the same and complained about others when they got treated the same. Be aware its a airy sign, i would suggest look at the opposite aries, do you take action? Is your I am strong? We libra moons learn through relationships.
      Dont always be hard on yourself is my advice.

      1. amiannJak

        Hey Bonnie, nice to hear from you 🙂

        >> “Yes Jak, i recognize it too.
        >> Certain things can linger for years.”

        Tell me about it (*rolls eyes* lol)

        >>” The good part about libra moon we can be fair in seeing things “both” ways. But >>when “we” feel hurt we see it from 1 side. Often we need to make others aware of how >>they treat us, to reflect and mirror to teach them if they “accept” the same treatment, its >>a karmic lesson. I had people “agree” with me in my face untill they went through the >>same and complained about others when they got treated the same.”

        I am totally noticing that. Do you find you try to explain to these ones who treat you wrongly by explaining with ‘Imagine how it might be if it was you (who experienced x/y/z)…’? In my experience they usually don’t take it on board. But then later they can come back and complain to me how ‘so and so’ has treated them wrongly (basically had same treatment done to them from someone else).

        >> “Be aware its a airy sign”

        What do you mean by that??

        >> “i would suggest look at the opposite aries, do you take action? Is your I am strong?”

        I have Sun in Aries, so I have a Sun/Moon opposition. Makes things tricky as in some ways I crave independence but emotionally can be otherwise. Do you find, as a Libra Moon, you have to watch being emotionally dependent?

        >> “We libra moons learn through relationships.”

        I suppose most could say that, but maybe us Libra Moons more than some. I feel others are learning from us too. That Venusian morality you mentioned 🙂

        >> “Dont always be hard on yourself is my advice.”

        Thanks Bonnie! Yes the internal judge feeling can be strong. We certainly need to be more gentle on ourselves 😉

        Anyway thanks for the feedback! *thumbs*

        1. amiannBonnie

          Thank you Jak, and yes i use to be worse, as if i needed people to “feel” something. Or in relationships put the other first. I still have tendencies so balance and “air” sign TALK about it. For you as aries sun you can be independent and shine, and help people with just beeing yourself 😉
          I also learned to spend time on my own, not to always rely on others.
          I also noticed people come to me and talk about their relationship troubles as if i attract it, to advice them.
          But i also have weird asteroids conjunct my moon, as nymphe and lucifer.
          I also check my progression chart, the moon as such, as if its a new chapter of your life.

          I did study human design too, their i learned that libra moons are here to improve the lives of others. Standing up for basic human rights or correct things, in beauty, art or the workplace. We have an affinity to feel what is good for others, to live more balanced or in peace.

          Nice to know another libra moon 😀

          1. amiannJak

            Sorry Bonnie thought I replied to this. Good to know another Libra Moon too 🙂 Maybe Sun in Aries helps but because I have a Sun/Moon opposition there is the see-saw effect (like Ami explained the aspect) and it seems I’m either Aries Sun or Libra Moon. Either my Sun is up and my Moon is down, or my Moon is up there. And those ‘aspects’ of me frustrate each other I think LOL! My Aries Sun says ‘Let me be in control/independant’ and then my Libra Moon is more dependent and wanting a more peaceful life. Add in the fact that Mars is squaring them both (forming a T-square) and you can see it gets complicated 😉

  7. amiannAmy

    With my Chiron In the 7th house… I’ve given up with relationships as I’ve been through enough pain for a lifetime. It’s made me become very detached in friendships also… I’m super cold… don’t hug people and don’t listen to peoples’ problems anymore as I feel I’ve been constantly dumped on throughout my life…. and I’m sick of it now

    1. amiannBonnie

      Is there a list full of happy asteroids? Humor, smile etc…?
      I know i have “glo” R in my 1st house 24 scorpio opposite my chiron 22 taurus.
      I heared from a lot of people i radiate sexuality, and a deep piercing aura. They can’t pin me.. It can still hurt what people see in me, i can get defensive and ask, do you know me? Its easy uh to judge and give opinions..
      My partner has his glo in 7th house scorpio 3 conjunct my jupiter R 4 (12th house).
      Since he’s in my life he’s all about respect, that people should respect me and i have been missing that, when people used hurt me i often told myself, its their problem they show their weakness, but it lingers. I could keep it to myself without defending myself. He’s teaching me i should, is it his venus 8 scorpio conjunct my ascendant?
      Anyone know more about asteroid “makemake”?

      1. amiannJak

        Hi again Bonnie,

        I find it interesting what you said about how your partner is all about people respecting you. I get stuck on this issue about respect. I have similar, except that respect thing comes from within, from my Aries Sun I think. It’s like when I function from my Libra Moon, after it goes off ‘shift’ and its Aries turn, it’s like my Aries is saying ‘aggghh! what have you left me with here?!’ Then my Libra Moon can be the same, except it’s to do with the direct, honest and, perhaps somemight say, ‘brutal’ comments that come from my Aries Sun. The joys of an opposition I suppose LOL How is it with your Taurus Sun and Libra Moon – do they get on?


  8. amiannSusan

    I have Venus conjunct Saturn and I do irrationally feel that way. I also have a Virgo ASC. Everything has to be perfect, with myself, or I can barely go outside. I have an unhealthy obsession with focusing on what I dislike about my looks, my body, height… If I can’t accept it, then I can’t imagine anyone else would. It’s definitely a difficult placement in my chart.

    I don’t have Uranus conjunct my IC, but it is in my 4th house. I had a very unstable childhood though. As an adult, I feel it has morphed into being the family black sheep and not having much of a connection to my relatives.

      1. amiannSusan

        I have Fatme in the 7th house (Pisces) and it forms a sextile aspect to my Sun in the 5th house. It also conjuncts the asteroid Isis if that means anything.

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