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Understanding Struggles of Potential Partners Using the Natal Charts

Each person has struggles and drawbacks. Each person has his “messy, internal rooms”, shall we say. In my last article, I discussed danger aspects. I realized that many aspects cause struggles, but no not danger, per se. That is the topic of this article.

1.Sun in the 12th House

These natives need an extra push to put forth their egos. Self confidence is not natural to them. However, paradoxically, I have seen several very successful 12th House suns. Sometimes, forcing oneself out of one’s shell can produce a super star. However, if your partner has a 12th House sun, he may want to hold back in the shadows rather than step out into the sun.

2. Saturn in the 12th House

These natives may feel as if life passes them by because they don’t know how to jump into the “flow of life”. These natives may not know how to join the crowd, so they sit on the sidelines. They don’t realize that everyone feels as they do. Many people just fake it and in faking it find that they produce the end they desire.The Saturn in the 12th House is, likely, not able to overcome his lack of confidence, in this way. He may feel very alone in his struggles—very alienated and isolated.

3. Seventh House Sun

The Seventh House is a hard house in which to have planets. The reason is that much of the native’s life happiness depends on another person—the partner. Whenever something depends on another person, one is set up for sorrows. People are unpredictable. Hence, one’s life can seem to hang by the proverbial thread. If you or your partner have many Seventh House planets and don’t know why you have a vague sense of unhappiness, this may very well be the reason.

4. Many First House Planets

The natives with many planets in the First House tend to see everything from their own perspective i.e be very self centered, through no fault of their own. It is simply the nature of their “lens on life”, which tends to be myopic.

5..Uranus Square, Oppose or Conjunct Mercury

These natives are brilliant, but, usually, have an electric, racing mind. They tend to worry excessively.

6. Bilk Conjunct the Sun or North Node

I would not trust this native in financial dealings.

7. Uranus in the 12th House
This native may be ashamed of hidden kinkiness.

8. Kaali Conjunct the Ascendant

These natives may get very drained from social interactions.Their vital core energy, which is represented by Kaali, is too close to the surface.

9. Many planets in the 6th House

These natives may have struggles with emotional and/or physical illness, through no fault of their own.

10. Jupiter with many Hard Aspects(squares or oppositions)

These natives may lack conscience.

5 thoughts on “Understanding Struggles of Potential Partners Using the Natal Charts

  1. amiannBonnie

    I can relate a lot of your findings.
    3. Sun in seventh, ive experienced it as a curse and gift. It’s not only with people also with surroundings. I like harmony and stressfree. Sometimes i can’t deal with people too much.. nothing personal.. it might have to do with my mercury also in 7th house.
    I checked, i also have kaali and bilk conjunct my mercury (gemini).
    In my case sorry im not a con artist in dealing with money, i love justice and even get upset if people fraud or over charge. Could be influence of jaali?
    I do see options and give inspiriations of how to earn extra but only to use your talents/ gifts on a fair basis. I don’t like to be conned so i certainly do not do it to somebody. To tell you the truth im 34 i find it hard to charge money or ask for money. I had potential in starting a cake business/ individual coaching/ reiki sessions etc i couldn’t. Maybe.. because i have the next curse: 5 Uranus (saggitarius) opposite mercury (gemini), always is my mind busy, its like a radio when its searching for frequency OR sometimes.. many things pop up in my head and i need to find answers. Sometimes it gets triggered by a conversation. If sonebody has a problem.. lets say incurable my mind starts the bloody investigation into detail to make it curable.. very exhausting sometimes..
    My uranus was in the first but has shifted into the 12th house by progression.. had my kinkiness wasnt ashamed about it but its time to grow up.
    My natal Jupiter already in the 12th opposite my sun ih dear… did i live under a rock? Have autistic traits? I wondered a lot.. no i wasnt always aware of others, nor the whole world.
    How i percieve the world has an immediate effect on my well-beeing.. on bad days i curse it or critize it , willing to change to world.. to be mindless and accepting, to be loving and embracing it.. with natal jupiter R in scorpio 4° near conjunct ascendant scorpio 8° i could feel the burden in my body.. in many cases i changed people’s life for the better. Healing and purifying is always a theme. Uncousious indeed, naive as well..
    In progression its in my 11th 0° scorpio conjunct desdemona (666) 27° libra (11th).

    As for studying astrology more and more i can indeed say.. every few years my sun is in the 12th house by solar return (difficult times for me, lack of confidant more interested in deeping meaning of life and worthiness).

    My daughter has natal saturn in 12, very true.. bless her little soul how can an 8 year old be so hard on herself? I do help her reflect. She carries a lot of inborn wisdom and sounds sometimes older than me lol.
    My mum and brother in law full 1rst houses.. they clash very selfish but on the other hand they set an example (for good or bad). Also people with north node in 1rst house behave the same way.

    My partner has stellium scorpio in 6th house.. once he feels emotionally stable he has a burst of energy!
    His own words: i need an every day goal to keep me going.

    Other thing.. ive got kaali on my Mercury.. ive noticed my mind has a huge HUGE influence in how i deal with life.. i couldnt always give myself stability in my thinking so i couldnt always stick to long on a job.. maybe out of boredom or if i get a sudden insight i need to stop.. ive had good and bad experiences with that voice in my head.. there was a time i layed tarot cards and it felt like a connection to the other side with accurate information of deceased people (it freaked me out and stopped that), to paranoia or a critizing voice that im no good at all..

    Im still trying to understand my natal lilith 24 ° saggitarius / neptune R 26° saggitarius and galactic centre.. in my progression charts its in my 1rst house.. seems like a lot of darkness. Or do i misunderstand it?

    Thank you for sharing!
    My love X

  2. amiannColdfire

    I have natal Uranus in my 12th house. I wouldnt say that I am ashamed of anything, even if I may have some kinky ideas / fetishes/ radical thoughts or ideas . I would interpret it more as being “hidden” . I might have some kinky ideas / fetishes/ radical thoughts and ideas which are “hidden” but I am certainly never ever “ashamed” about them . I dont have to go out of the way or make any effort to “hide” them either. They remain hidden somehow, by default . Thats because it is in the 12th house I guess . I would interpret natal 12th Uranus as being a person who the world sees as being very stable and a pillar of society but , who might have certain kinks and fetishes / radical thoughts and ideas , which remain hidden from the world . I wouldnt ascribe the words “ashamed” or “embarassed” to anything related to good ol’ radical Uranus , even if it is in the 12th house 😉 !! This is of course, my personal experience of natal Uranus in 12th house .

  3. amiannVivian

    I have couple friends with sun in the seventh , they cant ever seem to not be in a relationship. I think its a rough placement and after consideration , I think it makes the person co-dependent on someone . Its like you said, they arent happy if they dont have someone.

    they usually tend to have grand expectations for marriage too

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