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Uranus Conjunct the Sun Versus Uranus Trine the Sun.

Uranus Trine the Sun Versus Uranus Conjunct the Sun in Close Aspect( 1-4 orb)

Uranus is a scary and daunting planet. I have seen much carnage as a result of Uranus in hard aspect. I consider the conjunction a hard aspect. Uranus is, simply, very powerful Uranus rules electricity. Electricity makes our lives so much more comfortable. However, electrical shock is a real factor for those unfortunate enough to get on the “wrong side” of electricity. Think of this analogy as we move on.

Uranus is associated with a genius level of intelligence. Intelligence has many forms. Some people can parrot back the professors words and this can propel them to obtain advanced degrees. I can parrot back a teachers words, all the while knowing it is, mostly, foolishness. However, this is not the intelligence of Uranus. Uranus is genius, in the manner of an inventor, someone who can make something from thin air, so to speak.

I use Daryl Hall for many of my example of Uranus trine the Sun. He is a genius in terms of song writing. He pulls things “out of the air”. Steven Tyler is a genius in this way, too. I cannot remember his chart, but if you listen to “Jaded” and “Dream On”, you know you have a poetic genius.

Let’s discuss Uranus conjunct the Sun. If the conjunction is a combust—1-5 degrees–the native may be “too different” to retain his mental health i.e place in “normal” society. In other words, his level of genius may make it too hard for him to function in simple, daily aspects of life. I have seen people with delusions and other scary mental issues as a result of Uranus combust the Sun. When a person has the combust in the outer edgers(4-5), he may, likely, be a genius without the concomitant mental and emotional issues. Donald Trump is one of the most brilliant men I have ever observed. He has the conjunction, but at a wider level, making the case for emotional and mental stability when the conjunction is wider.

17 thoughts on “Uranus Conjunct the Sun Versus Uranus Trine the Sun.

  1. amiannHolland

    I have in my chart:

    Sun Trine Uranus orb 1
    Sun Trine Jupiter orb 2
    Jupiter Conjunct Uranus orb 1
    Mercury Trine Jupiter orb 1
    Mercury Trine Uranus orb 2
    Sun Conjunct Mercury orb 3

    I consider myself ridiculously intelligent 😉 LOL totally kidding… but I have my Sun and Mercury (along with Venus and Mars) in my 12th house. I’m finding that when I am completely aligned and open to my higher self, I can without question access universal knowledge instantly and deliver it as the situation sees fit. It’s pretty remarkable when it works smoothly. I wonder if Sun Trine Uranus can bestow gifts such as this… giving the chart owner the ability to think clearly, instantaneously, and to problem solve with new data in a flash?

  2. amiannNadja

    One of my closest friends has his Sagittarius Sun conjunct Uranus by two degrees. Not sure what house since I don’t know his exact birth time. He is definitely brilliant, very analytical and can easily grasp any concept. He is a doctor, a marathon runner, a vegan, politically active climate activist etc…. he just sems to almost effortlessly overachieve his way through life. Definitely a rational and well grounded sort of person though… but then the Sun/Uranus conjunction makes positive aspects to Mars and the Moon and no negative aspects,so I guess that helps.

  3. amiannVivian

    I have sun conjunct Uranus at 4 degrees Applying (what ever that means)

    I hope I DONT HAVE mental issues

    but sometimes I do come up with some pretty intriguing ideas.

  4. amiannakuh

    my sun conjunct uranus within 2 degrees in 10th house. my mind never rest. is that why i am very impatient? i dont get it sometimes why people think or moves too slow. class lectures are boring too. but i also have aquarius moon at anaretic degree. does that make it worse?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The mind is its own thing. You are brilliant and your mind does race. Aqua Moon is different. It is the emotions and you more feel stuck than a racing mind which is classic for Uranus. Was your dad really hard? Could you tell us about it?

      1. amiannakuh

        Dad is hard to please. But he’s mellowed down these days. What’s that got to do with the Uranus thing?
        And my moon square uranus. About 4 degrees. Is that also related?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          The house of Uranus has lots of shake ups in it. Also, the father is the Sun,so the relationship with the father is electric and up and down and unsafe but it goes back and forth, not bad all the time, but bad at times. In what house is Uranus?

          1. amiannGiancarlo

            Sun in eleventh very near to the twelfth. Uranus in sixth house. Very distant relationship with father. My sun is an apex boomerang yod too but this is another story for another time. Excuse my bad english. I am peruvian.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Your English is wonderful! Do you have health issues with the uranus in the 6th and these health issues come and go abruptly?

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