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Venus/Neptune—-Deceived When In Love?

I wrote another article on Venus/Neptune. It was entitled “The Price Becomes the Frog”. It is an apt title. I am writing a new and shorter article due to an autobiography I read by Mia Farrow. If she did not have deception in love, I don’t know who did. She would meet a man, go on a trip with him and marry him. I was gobsmacked. I checked her chart. I think She has Mercury oppose Neptune. The square is harder than the opposition. The opposition can bring a great deal of deception. With the square, it is just more.

In the case of Venus/Neptune, the conjunction is very bad, as well. I know people don’t like when I am direct. If you don’t like when I am direct, go to an amorphous mush site. Then, you will have
a non digestible split pea soup explanation. On this subject, I developed my site because *I* was so frustrated when I was learning astrology. I craved for someone to “say it straight”. URRGG.

To sum up the subject. If you have Venus in hard aspect to Neptune, please be careful when you fall in love. If you don’t have it in the natal but DO have it in synastry, move very slowly. I had the opposition in synastry with someone. I did think he was the prince, but he was the King of Frogs. It took me years to see it and a lot of humiliation along the way, so maybe, I can save you that.

25 thoughts on “Venus/Neptune—-Deceived When In Love?

    1. amiannSteven Davis

      Hi. Ayou may find this important.
      Yes, i have Merc square Neptune, but its part of a T square with Neptune being the mispoint. (Iam an astrologer) and my eyes have shown me that most midpoints supercede aspects in importance. Ebertin, in his book “combination of stellar influnces” says psychic for this as a midpoint configuration.My Neptune is in 7th. However I have had longterm relationships with people who were mentally ill. My mother had Borderline, but i didnt know the name until it was part of someone elses life and i was trying to help.
      I was raised in a bad church. Very judgemental. These people were using Bible to explain their racism and of course their hypocrasy. One grandfather was a minister. I was in church 5 days a week in my youth. I can only say. I thank God I knew how to pray.

        1. amiannSteven

          1. Merc 28 cap

          Nep 0 scorp

          Uranus 29 cancer. It was responsible for a double curve scoliosis needing major surgery, transfusions 2 rods and a year in a cast.
          I believe Jansky said in his book that retro moves things to the backside.

          1. amiannSteven

            Not looking for sympathy. I lived a normal life until i was targeted and sprayed. But thanks. The transfusions, pre l1980 came with hepC, of which i finally received the cure. Thank you medicare. I mention this all in astrological context.

  1. amiannMimi

    Who’s usually the that gets deceived in the synastry ? The Neptune person or the Venus ? I have this in a synastry with someone I’m seeing I’m Neptune he’s Venus ?

      1. amiannVivian

        @ami I am an Aries Moon and I respect your honesty even if it hurts.

        So it’s ok by me. Neptune is in my 5th house so guess that where it will mostly affect. thanks

          1. amiannVivian

            @Ami thanks and Yes I believe Jesus is Lord. Im a Christian but I do find astrology somewhat interesting. My brothers and sisters wont understand. I am weird like that (Aquarius Descendant) :p

  2. amiannHolland

    What are your thoughts on Venus Trine Neptune in synastry? Is that a totally different animal altogether? It doesn’t seem to carry nearly as many of the negative aspects of Neptune…

  3. amiannAstrochick

    I am dating someone with Venus conjunct Neptune and I love them a lot. They have been deceived before. My sun is trine their Venus/Neptune conjunction so hopefully that helps.

  4. amiannAmy

    Hi Ami,
    I have this in synastry with a guy (Venus conjunct Neptune) I can’t remember if it is my Venus or Neptune in the synastry we also have it the other way round but with a different aspect. He has a girlfriend but is very flirty with me, not sexually but just over friendly… and kind and always texting me everyday.. it has made me really fall for him … he doesn’t realise what he is doing .. that he is completely leading me on… it has made me question my sanity!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      He knows what he is doing. He is not good dude. An aspect does not make s person disloyal, my Friend. Well, some aspects could but not this. This is more of rose colored glasses. I would look to his having a disloyal Moon like Libra or maybe Gemini, but more so Libra.

  5. amiannYonela Nkosi

    Hello Annie ☺ do you deal with declinations as well? I know someone with Venus contra=// Neptune in their chart. Do I interpret it like an opposition?

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