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Venus Square North Node in the Natal Chart

Venus Square North Node in the Natal Chart

I got this request from a wonderful member of one of my Facebook groups. I have been lazy lately. I am a Libra Ascendant and we are known to be lazy. Venus rules us and you can picture Venus eating a bunch of grapes and lounging on a chair. Well, this article is about Venus, so I will move onto the subject at hand. What happens when Venus SQUARES the North Node?

First of all, Venus is the planet of love. It shows us what we love: that to which we are attracted. People are attracted to people, of course. People are, also, attracted to certain kinds of clothes, music, styles of home decor, hair styles etc. I think you get my point that Venus is the planet of that which we love and that to which we are attracted.

I will give some examples from my Venus—Gemini. I am attracted to words. I am attracted to a man whose words fall off his tongue like a waterfall. I was very attracted to Johnny Cochran from the OJ Simpson trial. He was not very attractive physically but his intelligence, wit and smooth verbal skills were that of which dreams are made for a Gemini Venus. The other TV personality to whom I was very attracted is John Gibson of Fox News. He looks like a rabbit but his words flow off his tongue like sweet sugar.

My point in giving these examples is that attraction is based on our Venus sign. That which one man finds attractive can be repulsive to another Venus sign. Venus, also, indicates how comfortable we are with our own beauty. Also, Venus tells us if we feel we are lovable/attractive ENOUGH.Hence, you can begin to see how much Venus does tell us.

Our subject is Venus square the North Node. The North Node is one’s PURPOSE. Hence, we need to study A planet or asteroid which aspects the North Node. In this case, Venus will make for a THWART to the native’s purpose. Let me give some examples. The native may find that the person she loves put stumbling blocks in her path to her life purpose. One example could be a woman who wants to be a doctor. Her boyfriend may tell her that he wants to marry her, but she has to drop out of medical school. Hence, love thwarts her life purpose.

Another example may be a person who cannot find her own value, even though her North Node “demands” she be confident. Let’s say her North Node’s purpose is to be model and she is, truly, beautiful and could be a model. Venus square the North Node would make her doubt herself.

Another example could be someone who wants to be an interior designer, but does not trust that she has good enough taste or style to do the job.

These are three examples that came to my mind quickly. If you have this aspect, please, chime in and help us all to learn more about it!

83 thoughts on “Venus Square North Node in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannKaren

    My 12th house Venus in Taurus is square my 10th house NN in Aquarius. I have been studying astrology since 1983 and am just beginning to have confidence in my ability to help people.

    1. amiannkim sheppard

      Oh wow! I have a 12th house Venus in Taurus squaring my 10th house uranian north node too!!!
      I am always being led to give up relationships that get in the way of my purpose 😔 and have a hard time having confidence in my abilities.

  2. amiannErika

    I have Venus square my North Node in 1 degree orb. I have Venus in Scorpio in the 10th house and North Node in Aquarius in the 1st house. How could this apply?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Something in you may war against you in your career. You may not like something about your career. You may feel you are not liked. You may have a theme of your career not appealing to you.

      1. amiannErika

        What (to the last comment)? It has been a few years since I wrote this comment. I have struggled to make it in my career – have had many jobs and have been thinking of leaving it altogether. My career is that of an architect. But having to work only on high end projects is not fulfilling to me. I also have Pluto in the 10th house and Pluto conjunct Midheaven in Scorpio.

        1. amiannSkywalker

          Your purpose is to go after what you want in life in an innovative futuristic way… look into what North Node in Aquarius means as well as North Node in the first house for more information.

  3. amiannJade

    Thanks for this article. I have been looking for a good explanation of this aspect. I have Gemini Venus square Virgo North Node. I guess I have always wanted to achieve something really great and do something that would help lots of people in some way but I have never believed in myself enough to do it.

          1. amiannJade

            OMG yes!!! I have ALWAYS had a hard time sticking to things as I get bored easily. Because of this, I feel like I haven’t really accomplished much in my life whereas other people seem to accomplish things far more easily, like finding a mate, finishing school, etc. Any suggestions on how to work with this?

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            YES, Gemini is a hard place to have the Moon. I am a very strong Gemini but have the Moon in Cancer and Moon trine Saturn, so I am very disciplined like super. I do disciplined things all day—yoga, eat healthy, guitar, voice etc.

            I am not trying to make myself appear good lol

            I think our nature is our charts. I am very disciplined due to the Moon trine Saturn, I think.

            What does Saturn do in your chart, JAde?

            Saturn squares could make you hate discipline. To me, I see it as a friend.

  4. amiannJade

    I have moon square saturn (ugh!). And I have always HATED discipline. LOL. I am getting better as I get older. I find that to do lists help get all the little things done but it’s def. not my true nature. I have always been envious of those people are who are naturally great at being organized.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am not organized–earth void–but I love to see if i can do hard things like yoga, the guitar etc–things most people would give up on lol
      do you rebel at discipline, J? That may be Moon sq Saturn and I never thought of it.

  5. amiannNate

    I have Venus square north node 1°22. My Venus is in Aries. My Venus is in my 4th house which is ruled by pisces. My north node is in cancer. My north node is in the 7th house which is ruled by Gemini. What does all this indicate ?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You will have a theme of personal power in your life but your power needs and power personality may clash when you have love interests and so you may feel kind of lost when in love.Also, Venus sq Pluto can be obsessive when in love, C.

    2. amiannC

      Hi Ami! You mentioned Venus squaring North node in the 7th would make love collide with your life purpose. In this case should a person focus on themselves or should they focus on their relationships?

        1. amiannC

          Thank you for responding, Ami! Is there any general impression you get from Venus squaring both Saturn and the nodes if Venus is in the 4th (Aquarius), Saturn in 1st (Scorpio) and nodes are in 7 (Taurus)? If not thank you again for taking the time to read. Love your work!!

  6. amiannAnna

    Hey… Another Venus in Gemini here, in second house.
    My Venus squares my NN aswell – it`s in Pisces 12th house…

    Any ideas?

    Thankyou! 🙂

  7. amiannSarah K

    I have Venus in Gemini, conjunct my chiron by 1 degree (5th house) square my North Node in Pisces, 1st house. MY ascendant and mars in Aquarius also first house. How would that influence things? My sun in taurus is septile my north node as well.

  8. amiannTasha

    I am Libra sun, and my Venus Scorpio in 11th house is squaring my Aquarius North node in 2nd house. What do you think it might mean?

  9. amiannSarah

    I have Venus in Gemini, conjunct my chiron by 1 degree (5th house) square my North Node in Pisces, 2nd house. My ascendant and mars in Aquarius is in the first house. How would that influence things? My sun in taurus is septile my north node as well.

  10. amiannNely

    I have Venus in 8th house in Virgo square North node in 11th house in Scorpio. Does 8th house
    – Scorpio have any special meaning here?

      1. amiannNely

        Thank you for your reply, amiann!! (•‿•) Can I receive some guidance from you, is there a special place I could upload my natal chart so that you have a look at it? (I’m sorry, I’m quite a newbie here…)

  11. amiannWaianaa

    Hi Amiann,
    I am just a newbie to astrology and have looked at my natal chart to find out that I have the dreaded Venus sequisquare North Node 01◦32. I am using a site called that tells me my Venus in Taurus sits in the 6th house and my North Node in Pisces ruled by Neptune & Jupiter is in my 5th house. I have suffered several heartbreaks in the area of love in my lifetime and wondered if this aspect is the cause as I’ve repeated patterns of childhood trauma within my relationships. Am I destined in this lifetime to never have a loving relationship? As the lifepath is not aligned with the lovelife? Your thoughts would be appreciated 🙂

  12. amiannCarolina C

    my venus is scorpio in 12 th house, and square North node 2.8 orb… I found precise ur comment, i doubt of my value, thinking in my life i never find im good enough…i never note people looking at me, admire me. lack of self confidente. Thanks… Now i Can ser i really need work on this

  13. amiannTiffany

    My Venus in Virgo in the 3rd house squares my north node by 0.3 degrees in the 12th house and squares Chiron in the 12th by 4 degrees. At 35 and the experiences I’ve had and reading your article this makes sense. But I’m still trying to understand and decide this placement.

  14. amiannKelsey

    LOL. I have a lot of squares against my True NN. I also some very tight minor aspects against my NN as well. I personally use minor aspects especially when they’re under a 1° orb or close to a 1° orb, for major aspects I go by a 3° orb rule.

    In order from tightest orb to widest.

    24°43′ True NN in Aqua in House 1:
    – Neptune semi-squares NN: 0°03′
    – Jupiter sesquisquares NN: 0°08′
    – Venus squares NN: 0°10′
    – Mars sesquisquares NN: 0°28′
    – Sun sesquisquares NN: -0°52′
    – Moon squares NN: 1°21′
    – Midheaven squares NN: 1°48′

    I literally picked my career out of a hat because I had NO CLUE what to major in. When growing up my mom would always ask me to just do what I’m passionate about in life… I always retorted back saying that I could be anything from a garbage collector to the President of the United States.

    Neptune is in Capricorn in 12H
    Jupiter is in Cancer in 6H
    Sun/Mars are in Libra in H8 (conjunct each other)
    MC/Moon/Venus are in Scorpio in H10 (a stellium and they conjunct each other)

    (((Jupiter opposes Neptune with an orb of -0°11′, squares Sun 0°44′, squares Mars -0°36′, sesquisquares Venus -0°18′. It has a slightly wider orb with my Moon and MC (sesquisquares both at -1°29′ and -1°56′)))

    Overall… I struggle ——————————————– sTrUgGlEeeeEEeeEEe with my life purpose. But, at least I can laugh at myself in genuine amusement bc one takes a look at my chart and their eyes normally get wide. Lolol

    1. amiannKnife

      Actually, you COULD be a garbage collector. Recyling is a hot topic nowadays. Also water purification, environment protection. But you are more an administrative type, not so hands-on person.

      Your chart indicates everything related to secret affairs: the police, investigation, a laboratory, Intelligence, a morgue, funeral business, military.

  15. amiannloislovesfitness

    so I think I have understood the markings of squaring so I have a few squares. one is virgo Venus squaring my north node in Sagittarius, 5th&11th house.

    does your booth chart tell you what planers and signs are square?? I feel a lot of mines are

  16. amiannTurdferguson

    Ugh! Everything in my chart points to me having all this potential but with one downside. Complete lack of love and belief in myself. I didn’t need to interpret my chart to know this though. I know I need to move past my own beliefs to get anywhere, but I cant create something from nothing and my beliefs about myself are just that! Nothing! I’m just complaining. Your interpretation was spot on, btw. In case anyone cares, I’ve hot venus in 9th, leo and NN in 7th, Taurus

  17. amiannNaira Petrosyan

    I have North node square venus.
    My north node is in cancer in 11th house.
    And venus in libra in my 3rd house.
    Could you explain more specifically what it would mean for me?
    Please and thank you!!

    1. amiannNaira Petrosyan

      I also have Mercury square North Node.
      Mercury in libra 3rd house (like my venus)
      If you have any information, feel free to share. I’d really appreciate it

  18. amiannNaira

    I have Venus square North node aswell as Mercury square north node.
    Both Venus & Mercury are in Libra in my 3rd house.
    And North Node is in Cancer in my 11th house.
    Any insights?
    I really appreciate everything.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Love and your thoughts will thwart you to finding your life purpose but you may have some other things that will help you. 11th house is hopes and dreams soyou may feel your hopes and dreams don’t go the way you would like but again,you may have some things to help this!!

  19. amiannBianca

    My Venus in Sagittarius, 3rd house squares my NN in virgo , 12th. And it’s a perfected square, both at 5 degrees
    I need to make a crucial decision in life and I feel I should try to understand my NN to get some sort of guidance in my decision. I live in a spectacular place , very green and isolated in the mountains of a town in Brazil. Me and my husband run a Guesthouse here a retreat, very 12th housy, I know. My husband has also a NN in the 12th. When we moved here, three years ago, I felt that this was probably our date, running a retreat , isolated in the mountains, with lots of space (my NN is conjunct Jupiter) and connection to nature. But with the economic crises that is starting to hit us , we can’t pay all the bills such a big house generates and we start to think of a life abroad (he also has a Venus in Sagittarius, at 1 degree apart from mine). So my point is, if we do decide to sell the house and leave the country, basically following our Venus in Sagittarius steps, will I be falling out of my 12th path? Is that what a Venus in perfect square to my NN does?

  20. amiannScorpioMoon43

    I have Venus 10 Capricorn in 3rd house squared my NN 10 Libra in 12th house. I’m lost at how this might work for me other than I feel that it’s probably not helping my relationships.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, relationships may be hard. Your NN in the 12th may make it hard for you to know your life purpose and you may feel that love works against you

  21. amiannSaffron

    North Node Pisces, 5th house square Venus Sagitarius 2nd house. I love children and always wanted them but sadly, it never happened for me.

  22. amiannDestiny

    Hello, I have Venus (Aries) square North Node (Capricorn)

    Can you help me understand this placement, please? And thank you

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Love and your life purpose may collide or fight with each other. For one example and I can’t say it is you because I have not seen your chart but love and career could fight with each other–that kind of thing

      1. amiannlovehj

        My Taurus Venus in the 10th house and my North Node in the 1st house. Yet my Venus is squared my North Node. I want to do music and it’s odd because my boyfriend funded me to get my equipment like my microphone and midi. I’m assuming my square involves having to persevere and starting my scratch since I am not made of money and don’t have the luxury of nepotism to make it out in the music industry? I definitely do believe in myself but do have my moments of frustration of having no producer, etc. Saturn is also in my 10th house so I think that also plays in with hard work and having to be patient (which is frustrating since I’m an Aries Sun Leo Rising and am not the most patient person when it comes to my own endeavors).

  23. amiannAna

    i have venus in gemini square north node, (gemini venus, pisces north node) my venus is in my twelfth house and my north node is in my tenth….yikes i know right. what does it mean? thank u so much!

  24. amiannMaverick20190

    I have Cap Venus in 5th house square my Libra North Node in 3rd house.

    The men that I’ve had feelings for or was somehow romantially/sexually involved with, always hindered my progress in life (especially by disturbing my peace of mind somehow and thus affecting my performance during University and at the work place too). On top of that, somehow they consumed all of my time and left little to no space for me to communicate with others and socialize.

    Somehow, it’s always felt like they are getting in the way of what I want to do with my life and where I wanna go, as a person.

  25. amiannMegan

    My Venus in Gemini squares my NN in Pisces both in the 7th house. Scorpio ascendant cancer sun. Does this create difficulties with relationships? I’ve been single for a long time. I’m 33 now I was in a 10 year relationship (16-26) but I crave a deep and meaningful connection with someone. I don’t feel like I had that with him. I hope I eventually will

  26. amiannMary

    Hello, hope someone can answer my question. I have been seeing a guy whose north node 1H square his venus in 7H also his Mars in Aries. In synastry my pluto conjunct his north node. What could be my influence (pluto) to his north node squaring his venus?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You will be a power force to him but may block love in some way although there would be a lot of passion there too. Really, this is a rather small aspect in a big chart

  27. amiannTriana Mia

    Thanks for the post! I have a Cancer North Node squaring my Aries Venus (retrograde). I feel like even If I wanted a family or a parthner it is just not meant for me (since I’m very emotional, have high emotional needs, and I shift directions a lot. Also I get badly attached, so I rather focus my needs on multiple people instead of 1 and choose not to compromise, so I can keep it light and focus on myself). I often feel like i’m not good enought in what I do. I specialy have a hard time persuing my love for arts. All type of arts, since I was a kid I liked drawing, painting, singing, fashion, cooking, and I still do and day-dream about persuing it but it is very hard for me to do that since my family standars are stuff like medicine and more practical careers (I have a Virgo 12th house, 6 house stellium on personal planets, and 4th house on Capricorn). Money just worries me a lot.

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