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Was Chris Watts Born Evil? A Look At His Natal Chart

I am quite literally astounded by this chart. If one COULD say there was a chart which indicated someone was born evil, this would be a good contender. Do I believe people are ever evil with no chance of redemption? No, I think Jesus died for everyone but some people do not want Him. I think that with a chart like this, which is no fault of Chris’ own, he needed Jesus so very badly or his life was headed for the kind of destruction we have observed. Let’s see why.

People like to argue with me about Nessus, but here is a perfect example of why one should pay attention to Nessus, the asteroid of abuse. Chris has Nessus conjunct his MC. Other people see that any planet or asteroid which is one’s MC. In this case, Chris is known for being an abuser. In addition, he has another marker for abuse conjunct his Sun—- Algol, the Fixed star of evil. Not everyone with a prominent Algol is evil. However, when you put Nessus conjunct the MC and Algol together, one has a double header, so to speak.

Chris has an Aries Moon. Aries Moon is be one of the last Moons one would want in a chart like this. Aries Moon is selfish and impulsive. Aries Moon is also strong, being a cardinal sign. In addition, Chris has Pholus conjunct Mercury. Pholus explodes that which it touches. Mercury is the mind.Hence, Chris is very reactive, as seen in both his Moon and Mercury.

Chris has Venus conjunct Eris. Eris is an asteroid which causes one to be unsettled and agitated. It is an explosive asteroid too. With Eris conjunct Venus, Chris may be always searching for a new and “improved” love which would feel better than the last one. Prior to his marriage, I don’t think he had many long term relationships.

Now, we have another unsettling configuration. He has a Grand Cross with Nessus, the ASC, DSC, North Node and IC/Jupiter. This is frankly “mind blowing”. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse, as I said. The Nessus square Ascendant shows that he pushes down his abusive tendencies in his every day life. This would be the same for his marriage. He pushes down his abusive tendencies in his marriage. However, they are always there. Nessus is a strong force to repress. Jupiter oppose a “bad” asteroid makes if worse, not better. So, in his childhood, he was loved due to Jupiter being there but as he grew up, he had the Nessus waiting like a tumor to manifest on his MC, the angle that the world observes.

His North Node is conjunct his Descendant. I do not like this because his life purpose was marriage. His life purpose was a relationship. This is a difficult placement for the most stable of people because your happiness depends on others. As we all know, people disappoint us. With all the hidden abusive “passions”, shall we say, one does not want to be a super co-dependent. It is a brew that is poised to explode.

Another thing we do not want to see in a chart like this is Pluto in the 12th house. This is REPRESSION. This native is too nice. This native really cannot be assertive. Chris wrote a letter from prison saying that he could never say no to his wife. He maintained a life style he could not afford to please her. She liked extravagant parties and expensive things that they could not afford. They were in severe debt, according to him. Also, she ridiculed him for not being a “strong enough man who could stand up”. I understand that with what he did, it is hard to listen to anything he says. However, this was how he FELT. His chart shows that he was the type of guy who could not stand up. If we add that he was pushing down a strong abusive nature, we have a prescription for a bad outcome.

I think that his explosive nature(Aries Moon and Pholus conjunct Mercury) combined with abusive feelings repressed(Nessus in a Grand Cross with the angles), having to be “too nice”(Pluto in the 12th) a general selfishness and immaturity(Aries Moon) and wanting too much diversity in love( Venus conjunct Eris) and all mixed together to make someone who should have never, ever married or been a parent.

What is very sad is that any astrologer worth his or her salt could have told his wife, Shanann, to run a marathon if that is what it took to get away from Chris. Please, before you marry, get a chart reading.People criticize me for being a Christian and being an astrologer. I feel that God gave us this wonderful science to help us deal with the hardships of life. I believe this with every fiber in my body or I would never do another chart again!

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19 thoughts on “Was Chris Watts Born Evil? A Look At His Natal Chart

  1. amiannDave

    I don’t know much about asteroids. I do know that natives with Mars in Gemini can be a little too clever, and Uranus opposite Mars can mean a bad tempered sort who is very egotistical. Mars is a co-ruler of the ascendant, so the person could get his way through secretive means. Saturn in Scorpio opposed to the Sun in Taurus could mean someone with a cool unemotional exterior, who is very self-seeking. Jupiter in Aquarius completes a T-square. So this is someone who could be very narcissistic. Jupiter in air signs could mean natives who are blowhards, who like to blow their own horns; they are soi-disants.By itself, not so bad, but with Jupiter in a T square, this fellow must have a trial to be around.

      1. amiannDave

        Compared to you I’m just an amateur. I do love your work. I do draw up charts on prospects in my dating life, and it has been very helpful.

    1. amiannBonnie

      True i saw it too Saturn opposite sun can make someone turn cold and dismiss authority. The grand cross on the axis, as/ic/ds and mc is very personal, a physical respond. His karma is to control the urges he feels.
      Astrology is good for anyone who wants to be self-aware. He is a good example of nessus, as it orbits saturn and pluto, in his case it rules the 8th house. His 8th house ruler sits in his 6th opposite pluto, which gives him power struggles (every day). He is also very fixed, how he is and how he thinks.

      1. amiannTheresa

        The orb for watts conjunct pluto is 2 degrees. The orb for maniac conjunct Asc is 3 degrees. I don’t think I could write a whole article on this but since I have looked at his natal chart with various asteroids the maniac conjunct asc in Scorpio is another indication he is a psychopath. I have read articles describing what aspects and asteroids to look for. One was Maniac conjunct Pluto in Scorpio but his is even worse! It conjuncts his ascendant. His name conjuncts Pluto.. that’s like a Ding ding ding..Maniac is pretty much self explanatory.

  2. amiannTheresa

    Here’s another doozy. Celestchild #17503 conjuncts his midheaven 1 degree and nessus 4 degrees. I know that 4 degrees is loose but 🤯

  3. amiannS

    Something I noticed, Chris has Jupiter square Saturn and his north node. I have the former aspect. It often makes me feel like I’m not allowed to have any free time, hobbies or fun. It’s like an overwhelming sense of responsibility that you never asked for. Even when I’m trying to eat, there’s always someone who wants something and can’t wait 10 minutes for me to finish in peace. It can make me irritable and resentful. With his other hard aspects, I can see why he had “enough.” Not justifying his cheating behavior and murders, because he brought a lot of those problems on himself, I just get how stressful that square can be and how it can manifest.

  4. amiannastro bby

    I watched the disturbing documentary on this case last night and cried afterwards, when they showed how he disposed of his little girls. I just can’t imagine the fear in those little babies. He dropped them in the oil tanks, can you imagine that level of sinister and evil? Immediately looked up his cart after the documentary, and it wasn’t one bit surprising that he has an Aries moon. My dad has that moon placement, and was explosive, reactive, as well as physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive my whole life. I loved this article, and I love astrology. You are right, it is indeed a great tool. Currently studying and analyzing the chart of a guy I have a little crush on.

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