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What Are Your Natural Gifts?—–Trines!

Ami, these are my trines. Are they gifts?

Sun Trine Moon orb: 5 °
Moon Trine Mercury orb: 1 °
Pluto Trine Chiron orb: 6 °
Neptune Trine MC orb: 0 °
Mars Trine North Node orb: 2 °
Mars Trine Saturn orb: 2 °
Venus Trine MC orb: 5 °
Uranus Trine MC orb: 4 °

This is a comment on my website from a lovely girl with a hard chart. Some charts are harder than others. For some people, as in my case, you cannot see that a chart is hard unless you see it in synastry with a parent. Then, you can see the struggles with which the native grappled. Also, some charts may seem easy with planets, but asteroids may make them very difficult. It takes me five days to do an entire natal chart.

Well, onto this lovely lady and her trines. I do not have her actual chart, so I do not know which houses are occupied by these planets. Knowing the houses is KEY because in these houses the gifts will come to fruition. So, for everyone reading, factor in the houses when you look at the trines. I will give an example from my chart. I have many trines. Two are Neptune trine the Sun and Neptune trine Mercury.My Sun and Mercury are in the NINTH house, so my gifts would be ninth house gifts such as a keen intellect, a good imagination and writing ability, also teaching ability. I don’t say this ti brag. Trines are unearned gifts.

Now, onto the above trines.

Sun Trine Moon

This is a person whose head and heart work together. This person trusts his intuition. This is a very powerful trine. This trine really helps a person trust himself and that is very important.

Moon Trine Mercury

With this trine, the person trusts his emotions and can express them well. This would be an excellent aspect for a poet.

Pluto Trine Chiron

This aspect helps the person deal with pain by using his personal power as a mechanism to deal with his deep pain. Always check the house of Chiron to see the life area of the most pain. For example, if Chiron is in the second house, money would be the area of pain. I have many articles on Chiron, so use my search engine to find them, if you are interested in studying Chiron more.

Neptune Trine the MC

This native is, likely, creative in the work place.

Mars Trine the North Node

This native has a natural drive to meet his life purpose. This is a blessing. Always pay attention to the NN. It is a huge marker for life purpose.

Mars Trine Saturn

I have this and I love it. I am very disciplined. I practice yoga every day. I have gone on a 30 day juice fast. If I want to do something, I enjoy seeing if I can discipline myself. This would be this trine.

Venus Trine the MC

The native will bring beauty to her job. It could be the beauty of grace of actually working in a beauty industry, such as hone design.

Uranus Trine the MC

The native will bring a brilliance to her job in the manner of an inventor or independent thinker in some field.

4 thoughts on “What Are Your Natural Gifts?—–Trines!

  1. amiannTendai

    Super insightful! Wow wow wow. Thanks for sharing and breaking it down. And also the reminder on how important NN is 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Will search the site for me as this was really useful

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