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What Does Mars Do in the Natal Chart?

I think about Astrology a lot. I think about charts of people I know and charts of my clients. Sometimes, I make connections that I think will be of interest to you. This is one. My original thought is of a person I know who has an exact conjunction of Mars and the Moon. He seems to be a very angry person i.e hot headed. I got to thinking of how Mars AGITATES things. In his case, the Moon is females. Hence, I bet his does not really like women too much. This would include his mother, first of all, and then his wife.Then, I started thinking of my own chart which has a very wide Mars/Moon conjunction at nine degrees. I had a very hard time with my mother. I tend to trust men more than women. (I have a Gemini Sun with only positive aspects.) In general, Mars stirs things up. That is the subject of this article.

28 thoughts on “What Does Mars Do in the Natal Chart?

  1. amiannMarie

    I agree. My Mars is in a conjunction with my Mercury ( also Saturn, which probably calms things down a bit ) but i can get very worked up over some issues and lash out. Nowhere near as much as i did when i was younger but i still have to watch my tongue.

  2. amiannJak

    As always, love your short and to the point articles! You can’t believe what a breath of fresh air it is to read your stuff compared to those long winded ones with the tripple p.s p.p.s p.p.p.s trailing at the end. The few times I’ve tried to get through those types, I was left dribbling and feeling slightly insane LOL! Anyway, just wanted to query your beautiful Gemini mind – wondering what you’d make of someone who has Mars squaring both their Sun and Moon (Sun and Moon opposition)? Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are so adorable you make my heart clench, Jak. I bet you have Mercury conj Venus or a Pisces Venus. Am I correct?
      For your question, someone who has a hard time with direct action and direct expression of anger. He may push things down and they may come out in other ways like rage, tantrums or stuffing anger, depending on the rest of the chart. If this same person has Sun/Moon opposition, the whole thing would be worse cuz he would have less trust in his emotions xoxoxo

  3. amiannJak

    Thank you Amy! Hmmm that does sound right with how the T-square (Mars square sun/moon opposition) plays out. You summed it up in a nutshell! And you know what? I do have Venus in Pisces! Wow, you’re good aren’t you?! πŸ™‚ x

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would have to actually do a reading for you to answer well, J. It is like a doctor. You don’t call them up and ask for a diagnosis πŸ˜€

  4. amiannmatt

    Hi Ami, I have a question about Mars that really confuses me.

    I have Mars in Taurus, opposite Moon&Pluto(Sco), square Sun(Leo) sextile Venus(Can), trine Uranus&Neptune(Cap)
    I feel like I have no Mars at all. (I’m male) I’m not competitive or physically active.
    In Placidus and Equal my Mars is in 12th house, in Whole Sign it is in the 1st house.
    Even if it is in my first house, is it because its sign and aspects that I feel it weak?

    Thanks, (I am in love with your blog!)

    1. amiannJak

      Hi Matt,

      I think what Ami says about how a 12th house planet would play out as ‘amorphous’ sounds spot on. However, I’ve been won over to the whole house system (modern astrology went off at a tangent from whole sign houses to create various house systems simply due to a mistranslation) and IMHO I think that you do have a 1st house Mars but the reason you might not be ‘feeling’ your Mars is at least in part diue to it being in Taurus. Taurus, like our bovine fellow animals, likes to take things slowly. Do a search and read about how Mars is in Taurus is. I think that maybe if you go with the flow of Taurus energy and slow down and work with it, this will help a lot. Also, I don’t think Mars in Taurus is that competitive but I have read it is very industrious and sensual. Evidently to tap into Mars energy in Taurus, what you do needs to be important and of great value to you, but once tapped into it there is a lot of strength and endurance there. I also noticed you said you have Moon and Pluto in Scorpio opposing your Mars. Moon isn’t thought to be so happy in Scorpio as it is in detriment. Interestingly, if Mars swapped places with it, both would be happier (as Mars is domicile in Scorpio as it is the traditional ruler and Moon exalts in Taurus) but maybe, because of this, there is a way for them to work together in partnership. Since Pluto (co-ruler of Scorpio) is empowered in Scorpio and with your Moon, that certainly could be influencing things (not to mention the Pluto/Mars opposition). I noticed the Venus sextile to your Mars, and that could be one way to help. You may know that Venus (amongst other things) is about our creativity. Is there something you creative that you love to do? Art, music, cooking,acting etc. Anything that is creative that you love and that really matters to you would really help I think.

      I love Ami’s site too, she’s great! πŸ™‚

  5. amiannRina

    Found your site one day and I just love it! Your attitude is so refreshing. May I inquire about Sun square Jupiter in a natal chart?

  6. amiannMike

    I think with Mars there is a tendency to look at things from the wrong end. Mars is how we engage the world, how we expend our energy in the world. The house position tells us where, in what area of life, we will expend it, and the sign indicates the coloring of the energy, its expression.
    With Mars conjunct Moon, it is not Mars causing the trouble, it is the Moon, one’s emotions are engaging or activating Martian energy. Mars and Mercury give verbal aggression. Mars and Jupiter gives an expansion of energy, how that energy is expressed will depend on its coloring, the sign, and its area of expression, the house.

  7. amiannellie

    Absolutely spot on. My moon/mars conjunction is almost exact in Gemini. I always preferred the rationality of male friends, my brothers. Also I have had to work very hard to learn patience. My temper is explosive. But if I keep my temper under control when I get triggered? The person opposite me will be the one exploding emotionally unhinged. More likely to happen from women.
    More dangerous when its a man.
    And always, it has to do with “This is MY HOUSE, MY PROPERTY, MY SPACE.” I never had my own space. My big sister would rage at me. We had bunkbeds, and she would kick me viciously from down below and tell me she wished I was dead. I now sleep on platform beds, where nothing can be underneath me.
    All my issues and triggers have had to do with the above 4th house – my home, my space (and I was always the one kicked out, no space, no home, etc.) That’s changed now, by the way. πŸ™‚
    Moon/Mars has to work very hard to grow emotional intelligence, to learn how to be assertive.
    My anger explodes out, and once expressed, I feel better and return to reason and work things out.
    I had to learn how to do this in a way where others don’t feel “attacked” when I’m the one being attacked and only being defensive.
    The only other option I had was to never let anyone know I feel anger, like I’m being invaded, like I’m being disrespected and bullied. That option ended up with me being a doormat, abused and still punished as though I was the bad guy. More good reasons to feel angry?
    I’m way better at it now. πŸ™‚
    My anger, how I feel, matters more than someone else’s. If I am in their space, I leave. I ALWAYS say my piece but from a safe distance, after some time has passed and my adrenalin has settled.
    I really love my anger. It’s always RIGHT to feel angry when it does. I’m very fair person, and I don’t feel angry for no good reason.
    I channel that emotional energy for my best interests and well-being. Always I will give my feelings their validation. Always I will find a way to give them justice.
    Just as fast I feel angry, I will stop. If I do not suppress or repress, and only REGULATE – okay, definitely say or make a facial expression that communicates the situation. Do not ACT…yet. If the other person presses to engage and wants to fight, this is not the time or place. Never fight on their turf on their terms. Always on the terrain and the time and place of YOUR choosing.
    Very much an emotional intelligence building configuration, that Moon & Mars.

  8. amiannWayup

    I also have an exact conjunction with my Mars and moon in aries. I think I could be hot headed but only when people start suffocating me or try and tell me how to run my life. Other than that I’m very chill and dont like to fight.

  9. amiannLinda

    Hi Ami,
    I miss you too Ami. Every day I look forward to your astrologic insights. I hope you will soon be back and that you are doing well.

  10. amiannEvelin

    amiann! OH God!! I hate this aspect the most! My mom has Aries Moon conjunct Mars! These people are a nightmare to live with! No one stands her but no one tells her in her face. It explaims why she doesn’t havr friends.
    For me same goes for Aries Moon and I highly dislike Aries Mercury. It feels like they belong to the caves. They don’t know how to have a conversation like civil human beings. I feel punished for being stuck with her.

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