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WHAT Should I Look For in a Partner?

One of my most adorable clients asked me this question. First of all, and this is VERY important, we don’t choose to whom we are attracted. If I could write this on my chest, I would. The other thing written on my chest is “What are the orbs?” All kidding aside, there are many, many things that “cause” attraction. I have several articles on what causes attraction and what KIND of attraction it causes.

Uranus conjunct a personal planet( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) causes the earth to move under your feet. However, it tells us nothing about long term compatibility. That is seen in the Moons, another thing I should write on my chest.

Venus in aspect to Mars in the synastry chart makes one feel as if one is hit with cupid’s arrow, but we still don’t know about long term compatibility. Venus/Mars in synastry reminds me of cartoon characters, hearts exploding over their heads.

Nessus in aspect to personal planets is the most passionate and ground shattering attraction I have ever seen( or felt) BUT these relationships seem “too hot not to cool down”. When they do cool down, bad things seem to happen, such as revenge. Nessus seems to bring out the “inner crazy” and we all have one. When you see a person give up everything to be with a person who seems totally inappropriate, it is, likely, Nessus. If any single astrological body makes people insane in a relationship, I would say it is the Nessus asteroid.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the types of attraction. I will link some of my articles below, so you can research the various forms of attraction for yourself.

Now, we will talk about long term compatibility. Look at the Moons–quite simply. No Moon connection(Unaspected Moon in synastry) equals no heart connection. Profound Moon connections equal profound emotional connections. My favorite aspect in a relationship is Moon trine Moon, then Moon conjunct Moon or Moon sextile Moon.

I will give a caveat for all the people who are in panic mode because they do not have good Moon connections. Moon/Mercury in positive aspect(conjunction, trine or sextile)is a secondary bonding aspect. I think a relationship can thrive with Moon/Mercury in positive aspects if there are not good Moon aspects.

A caveat—– any personal planet that is Unaspected to the chart of the other person ( makes no aspects to the personal planets in the chart of the other person)will make for an unhappy relationship. I know people get angry when I am so direct, but I like to call them as I see them.

Venus in hard aspect( opposition, square or quincunx) is something that a relationship can survive, if it has the Moons and/or Moon/Mercury in good aspect. I added the quincunx to my hard aspect list after being in a relationship with quincunx Mars. I am a Cancer Mars. He is a Sagittarius Mars. He wants to travel. I want to read a book :/

My client asked me for specifics to his chart, but I can’t really answer that. That is like asking “Which food should I live on? It is a question that cannot be answered in real world life. A chart has thousands of aspects and two charts have tens of thousands of aspects, so I would say not to “look” for the right chart in a person. Your own heart is the best radar.Follow it! Then, please, get a chart done before you get married, move in or have a baby, hopefully in that order.

I will link some articles on which planets cause which kind of attraction.

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5 thoughts on “WHAT Should I Look For in a Partner?

  1. amiannJo Foster

    Agreed Ami, I have tight orb Moon trine Moon with my love, as well as exact conjunct Asc/Dsc and novile Venuses. The moons are so important. We have so many positive synastry aspects it defies belief, the list is long and it was a beautiful friendship with instant connection, that has grown into a beautiful unconditional love 9 months in. We appreciate everything about each other and the past life connections are quite stunning.
    Compatible moons are definitely the first thing I check for in synastry.

  2. amiannJulia Y

    “I think a relationship can thrive with Moon/Mercury in positive aspects if there are not good Moon aspects”

    Aside from Moon trine/sextile Moon, good Moon connections include Moon conjunct/trine/sextile Pluto, or Venus, or Jupiter, or Sun, don’t they?

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