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WHO Has the Power in The Relationship?

I was mulling over this question today. First of all, a synastry(relationship chart) takes me 5-7 days, so you know that I look at everything, even your toe nails. In the synastry chart, there are hundreds of aspects.No single aspect can tell the whole story. We need to put them all together and get the complete picture.At the end, I bring the 2D chart to a 3D relationship. That is the beauty of astrology. That is what drew me to astrology. Astrology never loses its fascination. How can I know everything about you( or your relationship) from three little facts—your time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. The answer is that God made the charts and made you. Onto the fascinating subject of power in relationships.

Nessus/Personal Planet( The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars)
In this case, the Nessus person is the power wielder. Mars may give him a run for his money, depending on the Mars sign, such as if it is in one of the strong Mars signs like Aries or Scorpio. However, I think the Nessus person would still be the one with more power. With the other personal planets, the planet person would be PUTTY in the hands of the Nessus person. As I have said in many articles, Nessus in synastry has combustible passion that is off the walls/nuclear/ hanging from the ceiling and any other such expression you can think of. This passion is what hooks the couple. What ends the relationship is, usually, abuse. The abuse is some of the worst I have seen, too. So, in closing, be careful with Nessus.

Pluto Conjunct the Moon

Do you know the word for a man who is “controlled” by a woman. I won’t say it, but if she is the Pluto and he is the vulnerable Moon, you, likely have this phenom. I have seen it in a relative in a long term marriage. The man was a successful businessman. He made the money. She stayed home, but he was her, well, very, very dominated man. They had an exact conjunction. Now, if it were the other way around and the man were the Pluto, the result may have not been as stark. I am a Bible believer and believe the “man should be the man” i.e the stronger one. Hence, in this case, the man could be more dominant without the relationship being skewed. However, being the Pluto in the Moon/Pluto conjunction WOULD make him more dominant.

Pluto Square the Moon

In this case, Pluto has the power, but he may not wield it well. Pluto square Moon is a contentious relationship. I will not say “violent” because that is a heated word, but the relationship would, likely, be filled with fights and high drama.

Pluto Square Mars
This aspect is classic for violence in a relationship. By violence, I mean any kind of hitting, pushing etc. If this does not happen, there can be explosive fights with this aspect. The Pluto would, likely, have more power, but Mars would fight back, unlike the Moon in Mon/Pluto relationships, who would, likely, cower.

Nessus Conjunct the Ascendant

The Nessus person would thrust his personal power on the Ascendant person. The Ascendant person may feel like a fly caught in the web of a spider, but this spider is very sexy, so the fly likes being caught *SIGH*. High Passion is the case with Nessus/Ascendant at the start of a relationship. At the end of the relationship, you would pay millions to unload him.

14 thoughts on “WHO Has the Power in The Relationship?

  1. amiannLine

    Hi AmyAnn , thank you for the great posts this week ! In regards to Nessus Conjunct the Ascendant , do they both feel the same or it it the Ascendant person that feel the attraction ? 🙂

  2. amiannJenny

    Hi Amy.
    So I just learned about asteroids bacchus and nymphe and found out I have bacchus conjunct sun and nymphe conjunct mars which are aspects considered to give high sex drive.
    Made me more curious about sexual astrology.
    Could you many do an article about aspects/ placements that make one highly sexual (high sex drive)? 🙂

  3. amiannJenny

    Btw I had me Nessus conjunct this guy’s sun and moon and I have never felt more sexually attracted to a person than him. Literally he could just look at me and I would be weak at my knees (I guess also cause he had mars in scorpio + my mars conjunct his venus in Aquarius).
    But nothing ever happened cause I literally couldn’t be near him there was too much sexual tension I felt I could explode lol. He really tried to get close and I really wanted too but I just felt like I almost couldn’t handle it cause I wasn’t used to such strong feelings. Too sad nothing ever happened cause of me. Oh well :/

  4. amiannA

    Hi Ami,
    I love reading your blog. What if my Nessus is in someone’s IC and Chiron 5th house Gemini? What would the vibe be to the IC person?

  5. amiannSonia

    Miss Wanted to ask you since you’re a Christian how come you believe in astrology? Because Christianity prohibits astrology.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Astrology is a science, like the science of electricity, if we can say it is a science, which it is. Astrology is not an occult thing. It is the science of how the electro magnetic energy of the planets impinge on people.

  6. amiannkm

    I just met a person who is Cancer rising, ruled by a moon in the 12th in Cancer. His moon is conjunct BOTH Nessus and Valentine. Since the moon is his chart ruler this should be coming through the ascendant. If his moon/chart ruler is conjunct both these asteroids, will he be more sweet (Valentine) or abusive (Nessus).

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, I think he will be both. Since, Valentine would not be a problem and Nessus would, I think the Nessus would show up as a problem, despite the Valentine, if that makes sense. In other words, I don’t care WHAT is near Nessus, Nessus is bad lol

  7. amiannAdele

    Hi Ami,

    Was wondering if you could shed some light on planets falling into empty houses in synastry.
    e.g: My crush has Venus Pisces, I have Pisces in a empty Sixth house.


  8. amiannRebeka

    Wow, I’ve just looked these up in my family member’s chart. My parents have a Nessus conjunction, my oder brother has his Chiron there, I have Pholus there and my younger brother has his Moon close (4° orb). My Nessus is in conjunction with my mother’s Pluto. My parents divorced after 20 years of marriage. It was indeed intense.

      1. amiannRebeka

        True, they were born in the same year (June and December). When I looked at their synastry (based on some of your articles) I’ve found there some stressful aspects like Moon square Venus and Mars conj Moon, Jupiter opp Moon, Saturn square Asc, Pluto square Saturn and conj Pluto. So there was a lot of tension, and I don’t know what could came through Nessus. But my mother told me that what attracted them at the first place to each other, was the feeling that as children they were hurt the same way so they could share their pain. But sharing it (through years of therapy and self analysis) didn’t heal them and at the end they started to use all the things they’ve learnt against each other and they hurt each other really bad. For me (as an amateur) it sounds like Nessus, or maybe Chiron energy. Their Chirons are in conjunction too (again, same year) Anyway it’s really interesting to put the past into perspectove through astrology. Your blog is really a great one, and feel it’s helping to open up my eyes. Thank you!

  9. amiannEvelin

    If a man has Scorpio Moon conjunct Pluto natally and the woman has her Pluto conjunct his Moon and Pluto would it affect the man at all? I mean he will have this aspect with all people of his generation. He has a Cap Mars conjunct Chiron and Neptune btw.

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