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Why Do People Dislike Meghan Markle So VISCERALLY?

I will use Meghan’s chart to help us explain why people dislike her so very much. I will use Psychology. I will use common sense. First of all, one reason I have such an interest in Meghan is because I have a very close relative who is a Malignant Narcissist. I have suffered terribly from this relationship. There are no words for the suffering the MN(Malignant Narcissist) inflicts on others.

Meghan has helped me to understand the MN and to heal. Nothing helped me to the degree she has. For others who had a MN parent, husband or someone from whom they could not escape, I offer this article to you with love.

First of all, the MN has certain distinct traits. One is lack of empathy. To be close to a person with no empathy is akin to living with a monster. One has to throw off parts of oneself in order to appease the monster and to survive. One has to jettison one’s dignity, one’s connection to one’s intuition and other vital parts of the one’s humanity. One lives in constant fear of what the MN will do if one does not. I have lived in fear my entire life. It is a fear that permeates one’s soul. When the MN is long gone, one is still fear ridden.

Lack of empathy is a deep, all encompassing trait in the MN. The MN can’t make it go away, in the same manner in which a zebra cannot change its stripes. The MN can not turn it off, in the same manner in which one cannot change one’s race. It is consistent and it is STUCK. Most MNs know that there is something wrong with them and they fake empathy. They do not know that they are faking empathy, per se. They do know that they are not normal and must try to “act normal”.

One could describe the MN with a single phrase–An egomaniac with an inferiority complex. Truly, they have very little self esteem. As a result, they inflate themselves like a grotesque balloon. This brings us to another MN trait. They are very, very sensitive to criticism. Everyone is hurt by criticism, but the MN is mortally wounded. .

From the lack of true self flow many MN traits. She can manipulate people without caring about how they feel. She can flirt with the husbands of “friends”, such as Serena Williams, and not care that Serena is betrayed and hurt. Serena has cut Meghan off, by the way. The MN can do all manner of hideous things because she has no empathy.

The MN is a train wreck. The MN does not anticipate consequences. The MN does not think deeply. They are so grandiose about their own importance that they do the most moronic things and then blame others, of course. It is never their fault.

Meghan is a classic study in being a “train wreck”. Meghan truly thought she could be the next Princess Di by trying to emulate Princess Di in SUPERFICIAL ways. Meghan said she wanted privacy as Princess Di did. Meghan dressed like Princess Di. Meghan fought against the palace as Princess Di did i.e rebellion, such as opening her own door, not wearing stockings and keeping her social media. Meghan tried to be a “humanitarian” as Princess Di was. However, she did not have the depth of emotional intelligence to see she could never be a Princess Di.

Princess Di gave England two sons. Meghan was not even pregnant with Archie. Her pregnancy was a “fake out” for public consumption. Meghan used a surrogate. It was, likely, not her egg. It may have been Harry’s sperm, but I am not sure about this. To make it much worse, Archie was not perfect. He has some kind of a disability, such as Downs Syndrome, and so, she does not want him. Hear this, the MN has to appear perfect. If you are her child, you must appear perfect. Your purpose in life, according to her is to make her “look good”. If you don’t, you will be punished. You will be persecuted and you will be hated!

The MN will make you pay if you mar her image. Meghan is doing this to Harry.Meghan set up the Greta call to Harry, which made Harry look like an utter fool. Meghan is very hateful to Kate. Kate makes Meghan look bad, in Meghan’s mind, because Kate has three beautiful children, is refined, is elegant and is a model of decorum. Meghan does not know HOW to, actually, do and be these things. She can “fake it” for a time. However, that time will come to an end. Then, people can see her for what she is—a huge fake.

Now that I say this, I feel badly for her. She cannot help it. How she came to be this way, I don’t know. I think a person has to be prone to be an MN. Some people have terrible abuse and do not become MNs. However, I think there had to be some level of abuse in order to become an MN, but the abuse may not have been that bad. The person I know who is an MN did not have the abuse level that was horrid, so to speak.I had more abuse than she did. However, I have many, many gifts in my chart which helped me cope with my childhood. One was the ability to lose myself in books. Hence, new worlds were open to me. I,also, was very social, so I could make friends and escape my home. I think is is more the make up of a person that tends them to make them an MN.

A word about Meghan’s faux pregnancy and how it highlights her MN personality. First of all, some people may choose to hide the fact that they have a surrogate. Some people may use a “baby bump” to appear pregnant. However, to flaunt that baby bump and to act like you are almost a literal gymnastics at eight months pregnant is a sign of an MN. The MN always has to be the best at everything. Meghan was a woman who was ostensibly eight months pregnant and yet was nimble enough to bend down and squat, wearing very high heels, with no trouble. That made her “superior” to other pregnant women. Life, in all its facets, is a competition to them. They have to win, even in the seemingly trivial things like being the most nimble pregnant woman who ever existed.

I do feel sorry for her. However, any relationship with an MN will destroy you, the person with empathy. They do not care about you. In fact, they, often, desire to destroy you because it makes them feel powerful or you gave them a perceived slight. *SIGH*. It is really terrible. I hope this article has helped, a bit, in your journey to healing if someone in your life is an MN. I am grateful to Meghan for truly helping me to heal the fact that I blamed myself for how the MN treated me. We all do until we can see the truth. My hope for you is that his article helped you, a bit, to see the truth.

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9 thoughts on “Why Do People Dislike Meghan Markle So VISCERALLY?

  1. amiannSolLibra

    Hi Ami. Hope you’re keeping safe.

    That Venus square Neptune; now I know Venus/Neptune tends to get a huge break when it comes to popular astrological cookbooks. All you seem to get is that this aspect is all sweetness, spirituality and light. In my personal experience it just isn’t. First, there is a ton of self-delusion and self-sabotage particularly when it comes to relationships. I’ve seen this aspect work against the native thus; they choose partners who need to be rescued in some way, the partners can be in jail (literally or metaphorically speaking), a drug addict, an alcoholic, vulnerable, hopeless or just lost in some way. They then proceed to place the chosen partner on a pedestal – but you know something? It’s lonely up there on that pedestal for the partner – they cannot be human, get ill, put on weight, have flaws, make mistakes as we all do. Once that happens off from that pedestal they will fall because the Venus/Neptune person has decided they no longer live up to that impossible ideal they have projected onto them. The Venus/Neptune person will wail and say “Oh, I gave up everything for them and now he/she has broken my heart. Poor me, poor me”, etc, without for one moment, looking at themselves and having insight into their own part in building and creating the heartbreak. I fear this will happen to Harry. He doesn’t look comfortable to me and she is undoubtedly a much more robust personality.

    Then there is the money problem. Money (Venus) just runs like water (Neptune) through the Venus/Neptune person’s hands. And at its worst, no amount of money is ever enough for this individual. They can be voracious for money and the glamour that they think money bestows on them. Next, there is the self-delusion; they act as if they are literally in the leading role of a movie! They don’t know it, but their strutting can come across as ridiculous and that’s why people often are put off by what comes across as self entitlement! Of course, I am looking at this aspect in a harsh light and a worst case scenario. One thing this kind of Venus/Neptune person cannot bear – they are very adept at seeing themselves through a lens smeared with Vaseline. They’d rather not smell the coffee.

    So this is just a little attempt to redress the balance with this aspect, which imo gets away with a lot of glossing over (in true Neptunian fashion). I am being very harsh, it’s true, but I’m rather tired of reading about how sweet and spiritual this aspect is. And with Meghan you can witness it in all its glory. Girl needs a little grounding and a wake-up call. Times have changed, the privileged 1% are looking a little tawdry in a post-coronavirus era, where many people are struggling.

    The 12th house Mars square Saturn is a whole other kettle of fish which I will leave for another day!

    Many thanks Ami. I am very sorry to hear you struggled with this type of personality as a child, they can leave such deep and painful wounds in their wake. Take care x.

  2. amiannAnn Greenwalt

    Ami, what an insightful and amazing post. There is so much food for thought from your post. As I was reading your post, I was wondering to myself how many people that you have helped by taking your time to enlighten us on this issue. I always include Chiron, the wounded healer in my charts. I also include the Vertex, which shows where we are at the mercy or the whim and will of others. Please do not think that I am talking down to you, as these are suggestions for others. SolLibra gave such a powerful analysis of Venus/Neptune also. I do not use the word amazing very often. Stay safe, I intuitively was given the message that you are loved. Sometimes we all need to hear this.

  3. amiannNewbie_in_astrology

    Hi Ami, I appreciate your frank stance when writing astrology articles.
    However, would you mind to do a new post to analyse and give new insights to some key features of the chart you may have missed?
    1. Relatively unaspected outer planets (a 9 degree orb for a square is too far for my liking), and the Pluto square ascendant tight aspect.
    2. Observe how Meghan has certain good qualities and charm when expressing herself and a strong self esteem, (H2 cusp is ruled by the well-apected sun) however she chose to aim too high (Mars square Jupiter and Pluto square ascendant) and achieve unrealistic goals to leave her mark in the world (Mars rules the MC).
    3. Meghan’s Mercury is the key. Observe how it sextiles the H3 stellium.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much. Right now, I have so many charts that I can’t take the time to do this. If you want to study this and write and article with your name on it or just post here, I would love it! xoxox

  4. amiannShayna

    Hi there,
    I’m new and this is my first time commenting, but I absolutely love your insights and honesty! (Not just with this particular post but everything else I’ve read as well) I’m sorry you’ve been forced to deal with this type of person, it’s not an easy thing to have to be around. I’ve known MNs but I had a choice to walk away from them, I can’t imagine how hard it was to not have that option.
    I haven’t delved as deeply into astrology and aspects (new at that too) but I have noticed a few things that relate:
    1. Venus/Neptune hard aspects tend to makeup relationships in their head, painting a pretty, delusional picture of normally unattainable relationships with a particular person they’re interested in. My best friend does this and is always wondering what happened afterwards, blaming the guys (there are a lot, sometimes celebrities that she’s never met before!)
    2. I know a few people with sun tightly conjunct mercury, and if it’s 0 degrees they are usually pretty manipulative in the worst way.
    Everything that was mentioned is spot on too! I recognize it in some people whose charts I’ve seen. Do you think that perhaps the combination of these two things might guide her negative traits? They stuck out to me because it gives you the narcissism and delusional that could keep going back and forth forever.


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