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Why Does This Relationship Feel So Icky?

Thank Goodness for astrology because it will answer the above question. I got the birth date of someone who does a particular service for me. I do not like her at all and she does not like me. This is at a deep feeling level. We are very pleasant to each other. In the contest of our relationship, we are pleasant and chatty. I thought the problem would be moons. However, our moons are sextile by sign, so not an issue.

AHA Her Saturn/Chiron conjunction makes a T square with my North Node and my Sun. Well, I do feel that she does not wish me well. That is kind of the main feeling I have with her. This would explain it. She would be a thwart to my life purpose and my confidence. That is exactly how it feels. These aspects are very close, too—– 1-3 degree orb.

10 thoughts on “Why Does This Relationship Feel So Icky?

  1. amiannThvu

    Im in loved with so who make T square contain jupiter, chiron, saturn and northnode. It about 1-4 degree orb :)) and DW!!!
    But we dont have any sun problem:)))
    I have that with other, opposite sun saturn, square venus. And chiron contra parallel if count. Me is sun, venus and chiron. Pooooor me and poooor you. Poooor another sun having this in synastry
    Other aspect insynastry is square contain saturn and pluto(or mars). I have that with my teacher (he is mars and saturn make T square with my pluto). Eventhough we have a myriad of nice aspects….you know? War & power issues

      1. amiannThvu

        Yes, i know cancer moon (and love all the cancer moons so much :)))) they are soo sensitive (but different from the soap opera pisces moons=))) cancer moon is more mature, deep enough, strong enough and fragile enough.
        Im taurus moon (moon quincunx pluto is only aspect) , stubborn one. I also have cancer characteristic from my sun. My world devides into MY and not my things (people also) .And i madly protect them from evt, even harsh aspects…

  2. amiannViviVoxNox

    My sister’s Saturn conjunct my Moon by 2 degrees and her Pluto and Lilith semi-sextile it, also by 2 degrees .. I get what you’re saying with you feeling someone does not wish you well.

    We do have some nice aspects (i.e. my Venus trine her Moon, her Sun conjunct my Venus) but tbh I usually feel bad with her. This could also be supported by her Chiron conjunct my Venus, her Mars conjunct my Jupiter, her Uranus opposite my Sun and her Neptune square my Moon?

    Great post, as always !

  3. amiannDayChay

    Hey 👋
    Really Loved your article ❤️❤️…
    I just wanna ask u about having sagittarius venus conj pluto so everyone within my age basically has their pluto conjunct my natal venus.
    What does that mean? Im afraid 😟

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YEA, I was always curious about this, Day. You could not feel attracted to everyone so maybe you don’t really feel it. I would like your opinion and thank you so much. Love you, Day!

      1. amiannDayChay

        Most of my friends have sag pluto. I love them! It kinda weird feeling but i just love all the little and stupid things we do together, their laughs feeds me. Being with them is really on another level.
        That’s my opinion 🌟
        I’m really not sure am i in pluto influence or not! But I guess I’m not
        Thank you 🙏

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