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Why I Don’t Think Opposite Moons Work In a Long Term Relationship

There is someone in my life to whom I have an attraction. His Moon is exactly opposite my Moon. My Moon conjuncts my IC. This makes the connection stronger. The IC is a very personal and very deeply felt point. However, my conclusion is that opposite moons would not work well in a marriage. When I have broached this topic in the past, I get the proverbial response that my Grammy Inga and my Grandpa Adolf have been married for 50 years and they have opposite moons. My response is, “Are you in their bedroom?”

I am a moon freak. The chart begins and ends with moons. This is because the moon is the heart. Why even have an intimate relationship if it is not one of heart connection? That is my opinion. I am a Cancer Moon. When it is all said and done, when ego takes a rest, when the night has fallen, when one is alone, when one is hurting, it all comes down to moons. Hence, I do not think moon oppose moon is good in a marriage.

An opposite Moon sign sees the world in an “opposite way”. It is that simple. If I cry over a movie, he will say to “be strong”. If he makes a practical decision, I will say that it should be an emotional one. If he wants up, I will want down. I think opposite moons are fine in friendship. In fact, it can make for a very nice friendship. One person can balance out the other. However, when you simply want one person to UNDERSTAND, the opposite moon will not.

12 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Think Opposite Moons Work In a Long Term Relationship

  1. amiannFelicia

    What do you think about having family members with opposite moons? My moon is in Leo and my moms moon is in Aquarius, I am warm and loving and my mom is cold and detached and not motherly at all, honestly my sister and I see my mom more as a friend than a mother. Anyway from an emotional level my mom and I don’t really get one another

  2. amiannAzita

    I think the opposition of cancer Capricorn moon is a difficult one. Moon Saturn is a type of combination that works well in raising a traditional family together. To expect emotional satisfaction on a romantic level may be hard. If you work with it ,I feel it may prove to be rewarding. You need to channel any opposition in a joint venture.

  3. amiannBonnie

    Dear Amiann
    Doesnt that depend on more factors?
    First for 18 years a trine air moon relationship..
    I have a new relationship now with opposite moons which is more challenging but what an attraction!
    His moon is aries 8 degrees my moon 6 degrees libra, conjunct his part of fortune. Plus i have mars in libra 0 and opposite venus aries 0.
    He is a virgo (who likes opposites) with aries ascendant.
    Im a taurus with 8 degrees scorpio ascendant, his venus is 8’55 scorpio 7th house.

    In the beginning it felt restless, we cooperate good together and yes have our differences. He says, you complete me. We have nessus attraction too which is steaming hot. His nessus 14 degrees cancer 4th house, conjunct his aphrodite conjunct my north node.
    The only thing im curious about, his lilith and klytia 27 degrees cancer (4th house) hit my nessus (9th house).
    How would his conjunction be with lilith?
    He can be jealous or give reasons that isnt suppose to sound jealous but he is in denial and says i dont feed on bad emotions..
    When full moon was in libra (last week) conjunct his mars 28 libra (7th house) he blew up, out of insecurity afraid i would leave him, he grabbed me and became verbal. He apologized and cried his eyes out.
    On the other hand he is so sweet, caring giving and really feels me, he senses when im “off”
    Even if we are apart we sense of eachother something aint right.
    In composite we share the sun and nessus conjunct cancer 6th house opposite venus and juno in capricorn 12th house, with moon in cancer 6 degrees, 6th house.
    We are starting our own family, i did some calculations of the possible due of our baby, that could be 19 or 20 of january of 2020, a capricorn, with moon node in cancer 6 degrees exact on IC.. i know its calculations but the coïncidences of the degrees in our composite chart is amazing..

  4. amiannThvu

    Most of my close friends has square moon. To be more specific, 3 closest friends have nearly exactly square moon :))) (am taurus, 2 leo and 1 aqua)
    However, all of my lovers own cancer moon (may be because of the sextile moon or my sun in cancer)
    Never have any longterm experience with cap and virgo moon, haizzz, i dont really appreciate their realistic and dry style
    The opposite one is interesting. It is good place for a partner s moon, at work =)) we realized other ‘s weaknesses. But its terrible for love. He obsessed with achieving things those he want, my style is obsession too, but just with things already belonged to me.
    Taurus and scorpio are the most stubborn positions, never have any chance

    Amiann, how about your experience with cap moon?

  5. amiannJak

    Hi Ami,

    thank you for another bite size gem! A special friend of mine has her Moon in the opposite sign to my Moon – how many degrees would you allow for an opposition, or have you noticed the ‘I don’t understand you’ effects when located anywhere in the oppositional sign (I think if I remember right, the ‘ancients’ called it a sign based aspect when not dependant on degrees)? Although saying that, you mention a good friendship might work well with the opposition. My partner and I have the exact trine between our moons, I’m thinking that’s probably a good thing? Thanks again for another great ‘feedback’ mini article, I’m always pleased to see your posts when they’re in my inbox 🙂

    Jak x

  6. amiannVivian

    I havent met many people with opposite moons but they probably wold just be friends

    I am already having a hard time just trying to relate with my mother who has Virgo Moon. I have Aries

  7. amiannAntonia

    That is very interesting. I had both a sun and moon opposition with my long term late partner.It was a deep love but fraught, with opposite ways of seeing doing. Deep,binding, passionate nonetheless. It’s the heart- but the heart in conflict.

  8. amiannElle

    My ex and I have opposite Moons. You’re right, it didn’t work.

    What do you think of Moons in sextile/trine signs but they’re out of orb? Is it still felt?

  9. amiannViv

    Interesting !

    Would you say this only applies by orb (10deg)? Say, my Virgo Moon‘s on 22 degrees and someone‘s Pisves Moon is on 2 degrees, would that still apply?

    I’m asking because I love love love Pisves Moons but Neptune is trining my Moon and Sun (plus conjuncting my AC) anyway so that could be why ?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Not had much experience with them but they must be close with this aspect–like 2 degrees. In this case, it would be very nice–like Moon trine Moon, I would think.

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