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Why I Think Meghan Markle is a Malignant Narcissist

I know this is a big topic.It combines astrology with psychology and good old common sense. Also, someone very close to me is a Malignant Narcissist. I spent a life time TRYING to figure out what was wrong. I studied oodles of books. I joined support groups. However, as good as many of the books were, they were just words. I did not truly understand Malignant Narcissism until I saw Meghan Markle.

I am fortunate to be able to look at the “blueprints” of people. Astrology is, essentially, looking at the blueprints of human beings. I do handwriting analysis, too. However, nothing is an thorough or monumental as astrology.

Meghan’s chart has many warning signs. She has the classic sign of an abuser—Nessus conjunct the Ascendant. The Ascendant is one’s face to the world. That which is conjunct the Ascendant is which one “puts out” to the world.

Also, Meghan does not see the perspective of others. She is an introvert, and a very strong introvert. She does not see things from the viewpoint of others because she is so wrapped up in herself. This is not her fault. It is due to the occupied lower half of the chart.

Let me give an example. If we see Person A at a party and that person is asking others about their lives, jobs, children etc, we may see an extrovert in action. If we see Person B and he is sitting alone, he is, likely, waiting for someone to reach out to him. He may be a classic introvert. Of course, this is greatly simplified, but there is a different perspective between the extrovert and introvert. The extrovert sees the needs of others. The introvert sees his own needs, wants and feelings.Most introverts are not Malignant Narcissists, of course. The condition is fairly rare. However, a hallmark of MN is a lack of empathy. If one cannot see life from the perspective of others, this can be one part of the picture of MN.

I would like to add some asteroids and see what we find. Meghan has Bilk conjunct the MC at 2 degrees. Bilk is taking advantage of others for personal gain. Meghan has it on the angle of society, reputation and career: the MC. It is said that she stole some of Princess Diana’s priceless jewels. I don’t know if this is true, but Bilk conjunct the MC could do something like this.The song “Gold digger” was linked to her new website as a “joke”. However, no joke is without truth.

She has asteroid Aura conjunct the Sun. She does have an aura of charisma and confidence. This aspect makes perfect sense. She does seem to shine like the Sun. That which conjuncts the asteroid Aura will be seen in your aura. It may not reflect how you truly are, but people will see you as such.For example, I have Dejanira conjunct my aura. People seem to think they can victimize me, but I, actually, am very strong. I have Pluto trine the NN, sextile Mercury and sextile the Sun, so I am not victimized too easily. When these people find out, it is, usually, a shock because of the Aura/Dejanira conjunction. In the same way, Meghan seems very Sun dominant i.e. confident and extroverted, but she is not.

Meghan has Anubis conjunct Mars at one degree. Anubis is the god of the underworld. This asteroid can show deaths, endings and/or transformations. I have not worked much with this asteroid, so cannot speak from personal experience. However, Mar is drive and having death as part of one’s drive does not seem fortunate. I see it as someone tempting fate. She is doing this by going against the Queen. It is said that she has taped and recorded the doings of the royals. This is like putting your middle finger in the face of Michael Corleone. One has to be very, very stupid, emotionally, to do this. Being emotionally clueless and tone deaf is a classic sign of the MN(Malignant Narcissist)

The reason the Malignant Narcissists are emotionally clueless is because they live in a fantasy world in which they are, in their own minds, of superlative and grossly inflated importance. Meghan thinks she can go up against one of the most powerful people in the world and survive and thrive.A MN is about the only kind of person who would do this. Her Mars squares Jupiter, which is not something one would wants to see in this chart. Jupiter in square with Mars makes for rash actions. Ummmmm?

She has the name asteroid Diana conjunct her Mercury at one degree. She was said to have been obsessed with Diana. She, subsequently, lied about this on a TV interview. The MN is a liar.

She has Fink conjunct her Venus at two degrees.She will be disloyal to those she claims to love. This would include her father, past husband, past boyfriend, and now the royal family, including Harry. What gets many people angry, myself included, is that she espouses feminism, yet climbs up on the backs of men to rise in the world. She used her first husband to get the acting job in “Suits”. She left him after two years. Then, she lived with a celebrity chef to gain access to high level celebrities.Then, she left the chef after Piers Morgan was USED to introduce Meghan to Harry.Then, she dropped Piers Morgan. This was a very poor idea. Now, Piers Morgan is an arch enemy and an arch enemy with a worldwide platform. Anyone who could think clearly, for one second, would never do that to Piers Morgan. Hence, more evidence for MN. They cannot reason out simple things.

In the vein of not being able to reason out consequences of actions, she thought she would leave the royal life of seeming drudgery and make millions of dollars as an international superstar. She thought she could be another Diana. This thinking is truly insane. I hope my readers can see this. Her only cache was the royal family. Now, she has become a laughing stock, as evidenced by the prank link to her website, for one. In essence, she wanted to be a big star,but had no PERSONAL cache. This is MN thinking at its best.It would be like Kate Middleton saying she wanted to leave the royal family and become rich and become a superstar. The MN thinks his personal charm can open doors not available to lesser mortals. This is a grave error.

In addition, the MN thinks she is more cunning than “lesser mortals”. She thinks she can “get things over” on people. Meghan, in fact, did not carry the pregnancy with Archie. She had a surrogate. At eight months pregnant, carrying the huge baby bump, wearing a skin tight spandex kind of dress and very high heels, she was bending down like a gymnast. This was done in public photos. Anyone with a working brain cell could see that she was not truly pregnant. At that stage of pregnancy, one’s balance does not allow one to do that.One walks like a duck. Also, in another video, the baby bump was jumping around as if were silicon because it was. *SIGH*

I do feel sorry for her, on one hand. On the other, I am angry. I want her to get what is coming to her to make up for all the pain I suffered at the hands of an MN( yes, projection!).

She has Prey conjunct her Mercury. She thinks of people as prey. That which conjuncts Mercury is that which occupies our mind.

She has an aspect I really hate because one seems to be at its mercy–Venus square Neptune. One sees the prince, so to speak, but he turns out to be a frog. In other words, once the person falls in love she is blind until the relationship becomes so destructive that her eyes open.

I hope I did not jump around too much. I hope this article made sense. I truly do feel sorry for her because she cannot reason out her actions. I am angry at her because she destroys others but it is an outgrowth of her own “holes in the soul”. This kind of article makes me glad I am going to Heaven. I look forward to a world with no ego and no pain. I know we all want this, but one must accept Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior for this to happen. I love you all!

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11 thoughts on “Why I Think Meghan Markle is a Malignant Narcissist

  1. amiannKim

    This helps explain why she keeps smiling in photos like she doesn’t have a care in the world, despite all that her husband and his family are going through (not to mention the public’s perception of her at this point). The chart never lies.

  2. amiannDee

    If I could put this article in front of every one of her defenders I would! The truth will come out sooner or later. Have you looked into how the transits for 2020 will effect her?

  3. amiannLuci

    I really enjoyed reading your article.
    I now want to look up those asteroids for other charts I have including my own.
    I use about 9 basic asteroids when I make up my charts.
    The asteroids you used are very interesting and would be helpful to use when trying to determine if a person is trustworthy or caring. Good to know when making a decision to take a relationship into the next step to be close personal inions.

  4. amiannLubby Esther Berman

    I certainly agree; but justice could take time& Just Harry already looks wasted. If and when the Queen pulls their titles, she will drop Harry so fast that it won’t be funny. She is a user and will continue to be. ” Goldigger” is a massive understatement.

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