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Why Is Johnny Depp So Sexy?

Don’t tell me you don’t think he is—Pleeeeze.
1.Venus in Taurus
This Venus is in its home. That allows it to have all the magnificence of a king on his throne garbed in glorious robes and radiant in his power and authority. Alright, I exaggerate a bit. However, any planet in its home struts its stuff. Any planet in his home is like the Big Man on Campus. He is gorgeous and knows it.When the planet is Venus, we have the traits of Venus, which are charm and beauty. Venus shows us how the native expresses love. In this case, Johnny does not love us, the people who do not know him. However, he has a loving nature which does translate to us.

2.Venus Conjunct Mercury
I LOVE this aspect. It is like candy, fudge maybe. Venus conjunct Mercury is an aspect which makes his words sweet. This native can charm anyone out of anything. When the conjunction is in Taurus, it takes the trait up many notches. If you like a guy who can charm you with his words, this guy is Superman.

3. Gemini Sun
Gemini Sun is a fun person. He is a light person. It feels good being around him. He lifts you up. He is very playful. He was a wonderful sense of humor. Sense of humor is very sexy. Also, most Gemini Suns are intelligent. Intelligence is sexy.

4. Moon in Capricorn
If a man is light and sexy,as is a Gemini Sun, and he has a cool, rational Moon, such as Capricorn, there is something very alluring about the DICHOTOMY. When people have sides of them that one peeks out, it makes the person very intriguing. It is like the concept of a black lace slip peeking out of a classic straight skirt being sexier than a nude frontal pose. Sorry for being so direct, but I am a Gemini Sun too.

5.Pluto Trine Moon
This aspect equals depth. This man who can go deep emotionally. Also, he likes women, in general. He understands women. There is not anything much sexier than that. His mother was abusive due to her own emotional wounds. However, they loved each other and were very close and bonded.

6. Dejanira Conjunt the North Node
This has an orb of 4 degrees which is a little too wide. I use 3 degrees. However, with the North Node, we should allow the possibility of a wider conjunction, perhaps. Only Johnny could tell us if he feels this conjunction, so we will theorize here. Dejanira and Nessus make a person sexy. They are dark asteroids. Dejanira is the victim. Nessus is the abuser. People deny that they are attracted to dark things. However, when I do an article on dark things, thousands of people read it. When I do it on light things, much fewer people are interested. You know in your heart I am right.

In the case of Dejanira conjunct the North Node, Depp would have a life of people abusing him. His mother was an abuser. Amber seems to be an abuser. None of this is his fault. Jon Benet Ramsey had Dejanira conjunct the MC, the public angle. She was a public victim, through no fault of her own.

7.Mars Conjunct Uranus
This aspect may make him kinky *Sigh* However, how I view this aspect, more so, is as an accident prone person. He may take rash actions, such as JFK Jr flying a plane with a cast on his leg.

8. Mercury Conjunct Algol
One of my favorite website members, Teresa, told me about this aspect. “Here comes the dark”. Algol would fall under my theory that dark aspects make you sexy. Algol is the fixed star of evil. He does look a little bit like Norman Bates.

9. Neptune Sextile the Moon
This aspect gives a wonderful imagination, deep perception and emotional sensitivity. When a native has darkness next to sweetness and sensitivity, we chicks melt. Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.

10 Pluto Conjunct Mars
How could I have missed this? It is a bit wide but still counts. Many powerful men have/had this aspect. I am on the look out for this aspect in the chart of powerful men. Many of them were violent, at least the ones I studied. They include Steven Tyler, Kobe Bryant, Thomas Compano( high level political lawyer who killed his mistress) and now Johnny Depp. This aspect makes the native extremely sexy.

PS I will be back. As I watch this trial, there will be a lot to study. Please, share your opinions. I love you, my dear website readers!

33 thoughts on “Why Is Johnny Depp So Sexy?

  1. amiannMaria

    Hi Ami!
    IMO-Johnny is sexy due to his Chinese year element of the Cat. I believe the water element gives his Gemini moon a softer touch. Moon trine Pluto feels like a heartfelt aspect if there ever was one and Venus in Taurus is fortunate to the native as well. However- I wanted to note, he has a Capricorn moon which is cold in relationships I think we’re looking at a complex guy here.

  2. amiannJulia

    Well, I’m going to be pilloried for this but I don’t think he’s sexy at all…

    The Venus in Taurus is great but it’s square Saturn which is too cool. And then there is that crusty moon in Capricorn…
    Mars opp Saturn seems like a stop-go aspect as well.

    Sorry but he isn’t my cup of tea…

  3. amiannMaria

    I’m with you-though I agree he does have charisma, but I am apprehensive mostly because of the Capricorn moon. I think he has his mind on his money and his money on his mind.

  4. amiannTheresa

    He also has Algol conjuncting his Mercury 0 degrees and Venus. I’ve been watching the trial ,the texting that he was sending to his friend about Amber was really dark and nasty.

  5. amiannPS

    Can you add victim – abuse astros and see what you think is going on? It’s interesting.
    I read it as-
    His sexiness is a drug – he IS the apple that eve bites.

    1. amiannPS

      I’m personally very attracted to Venus Mars conjunction. the baseball player Derek Dietrich has it too and he’s gorgeous to me. It’s undeniable- if I think someone’s hot- they have that conjunction.

  6. amiannAmanda

    Woah. Thanks for mentioning Dejanira Conjunt the North Node. I had never heard of that asteroid but felt the need to check it out after reading this. Turns out I have the same aspect as him. It is conjunct my N. Node in Aquarius in the 4th house and a wider conjunction to my IC and square my Pluto. It couldn’t be more accurate.

    You mentioned Nessus…Would you mind sharing a little about Nessus? Mine is in Libra in my 11th house (thought my 11th house cusp is Virgo). So interesting these are both in Air signs and I have 0 air in my chart, again makes so much sense!

    Thanks again for the article! It just helped me a lot <3

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you for writing Amanda and Welcome. I have lots of articles on Nessus so please put this in my search engine. I don’t look at an asteroid in a house, per se. It must aspect a personal part of the chart very closely such as the ASC, Moon, IC etc.

  7. amiann=Moonie=

    So, the first thing I noticed too when i checked Heard + Depp”s charts, ( had to instinctively go see what was going immediately as the trial began) is their Venuses conjunct!! So many, like I too, would tend to think it could be a good conjunction for lovers?? Well…I had to chuckle;; Had a lover many moons ago, a fast lusty attraction, but soon ended with me angry and shouting and throwing things across the room. Never had any relationship before or after like that which resulted in any form of aggression or violence.
    So beware you conjunct Venuses out there…..

    Now, my moon is conjunct Algol, oh joy, and was once lovingly involved with someone who’s N,Node was conj. Algol, and thus, my moon, and there was no violence or abuse. (Just betrayal.) A serious love, I was devastated.

    So any questions ’bout someone who’s moon is on Algol go ahead and feel free to ask……
    bwaa ha haaa


      1. amiann=Moonie=

        There was craziness when I was a kid, parentbots were not drinkers but completely inept, got out while still young. Carried a lot of pain from my youth but not so much from them/her [she was definitely evil] [also another female who was in the household] but more so pain from later yrs~ re: Chiron) The vast majority of my life has been peaceful. Not an alcoholic by any stretch of the imagination, absolutely loathe drug addicts and substance abusers. I’ve never been a user or fan of drugs [why do you think they call it dope?!]. I am not the emotional type (in regards to my moon) generally strong, sensible, stoic. I had the highest IQ in my school when I was young, (120 or 130, if I recall) popular with my friends. Just your average above normal person 🙂
        I don’t know why I never became an alcoholic, have no clue. I’ve never laid my hands on anybody or harmed anybody. but occasionally been targeted by demonic nutcases
        Currently as Node transits over my moon/algol things have been in upheavel lately. But in the past, during previous same transit cycles it was fine,no chaos, no evil
        As for Evil and evil people- I hate em and wish they were all tossed into a pit. Or electrocuted.


        Oh, and I met Johnny Depp once

          1. amiann=Moonie=

            Met him in Hollyweird back in the day (I’m not from California)
            My buddy knew him and one nite we bumped into him at an after hours hang out restaurant on Fairfax (!), he came over and sat with us.Maybe he was out nightclubbing earlier too, and had a few drinks. Don’t know. in those days people acted normal even if they snorted a whole bag of blow. He wasn’t too chatty like you would expect a gemini to be- a bit quiet, maybe even a bit shy. Certainly not the train wreck he is today. He drove us home.

  8. amiann=Moonie=

    And ~
    It may have been mentioned, but interesting to see that N.Node is right now transiting Algol -and their Venuses- as trial began and continues.
    And the word Alcohol, i have read, originates from Algol [Evil]
    No surprises there.


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