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Why Meghan Is Not Cut Out To Be a Royal

I ask this question with a lot of dilemmas in my mind. First of all, being a royal is a classic “double edged sword.” One has great wealth, access to luxuries beyond most people in the world, great fame(unearned) and great glamor.

On the other hand, one’s every move is scrutinized. One has little room for error. If one falls, people are quick to vilify. In the case of Diana, her whole life’s dream was to marry Charles. However, as we know, the dream became a nightmare.

However, putting all that aside, one must be savvy, emotionally intelligent, self aware and cunning to remain a royal in good standing. One must understand what it entails and buckle under that mold to a large extent. It is a deal with the devil, if one can put it that way(and I think one can).

I don’t think Meghan understood what royal life entailed(understandingly so). I don’t think anyone can conceptualize the gilded prison until one enters. However, I do think Meghan is NOT self aware enough to navigate it. I will explain why in this article.

Let me hone this down as to WHY Meghan is acting in the manner that she is i.e out of control, entitled and frankly scarily unaware. First of all, her chart is all lower half. This is classic for an introvert. It is all about me, me, me.She is a consummate navel gazer, through no fault of her own. It is the chart energies.

I feel badly for people who are very introverted. Life is hard enough for extroverted people, but at least extroverted people can put themselves in the shoes of others. The introvert is so focused on themselves that it is very, very hard to see the world from the point of view of others. To try to leave the royal family and become an “international sensation” is plain stupid. Her cache is being royal.

People resent it. Meghan was a nobody before she became a royal. We all are nobodies, in terms of being “international sensations”, but you cannot marry into an internationally famous family and then SNUB the gilded carriage that took you to the ball. Dance with the guy who brought you.

The above is one reason that Meghan has become disliked. A really hard struggle for her is that she is a strong Leo. She is a Leo Sun and Leo Mercury but she is really introverted, so does not know how to get the attention she craves in the correct way. You do not get positive attention by climbing up the ladder of success on the back of men and then bragging about being a feminist.

However, she has lovely Sun and Mercury aspects, showing a strong and intelligent woman. It, also, reveals that she has an amazing father who loved her. How many people would love a dad who supported her, put her through college and nurtured her all on his own. Well, Meghan has rejected him. This is another reason people do not like her.

Meghan had a really hard relationship with her mother.This can be seen in the Moon aspects.However, there was something positive there, too. Saturn conjuncts the Moon, as does Jupiter. Saturn conjunct the Moon is a mother who “rides your back”. Nothing is good enough and everything is criticized. Jupiter here shows positive things, so I can say that she had both, but Saturn conjunct the Moon tells us that the relationship was hard.In turn, she is hard on herself She thinks she needs to be perfect to be acceptable. We all struggle with this due to society’s unrealistic dictates, but the Saturn/Moon conjuncts suffers much more.

Meghan has a wide Eris conjunction with the MC. Eris shakes up that which it touches. Also, Eris is very annoying and inflaming. Meghan does not seem to realize that she is alienating most people.She does not seem aware of how her actions are perceived. One reason is the introverted chart. Another is her Mars.

I have a Cancer Mars and it is a bum Mars. Anger is very hard for us. We stuff things. If we are not very self aware and honest, we will stuff things and then get back at people in a passive aggressive way. I think she is doing this with the Queen and people are very angry.Also, the house of Mars makes it much more suppressed.

Mars makes a nice sextile with Venus giving her charisma,but it makes a square with Jupiter which makes her not wise in her actions i.e takes foolish chances and does not think out consequences of her actions.Also, Mars squares Saturn. Saturn is wisdom. Mars square Saturn make her actions unwise.

I did not elaborate on Nessus. Nessus is the asteroid of the abuser. Meghan has Nessus conjunct the Ascendant. This is classic for a user and an abuser. I do need to say that I have seen a positive side of Nessus, though. Nessus will stand up to abuse. I think of Nessus as a pit bull. Picture this.You have entered his yard and he is staring you down. Do you stare back and dare him? Not if you are smart. Nessus asteroid is embodied in the pit bull. People do not challenge the Nessus conjunct the Ascendant person. If they do, the Nessus person will pay them back

However, and this is a big! No one challenges the Royal Family, the Firm, and lives to tell the story. I would not want to be Meghan. If I were she, I would not ask for money, I would play the game, I would stop complaining about non existent racism( or chalk it up to a few stupid people who bother everyone on this earth for one reason or another) and act with respect to the Royals. As my mother always says, “You made your bed, you lie in it.” I hate that statement, but it is true in many cases and this is one.

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8 thoughts on “Why Meghan Is Not Cut Out To Be a Royal

  1. amiannLisa

    When i hear feminist in this, and think of Meghan and Harry looking back with 20/20 vision it tells me a feminist basically is someone who emasculates men. To me she has done that with Harry.

  2. amiannJackie

    This article is sooo true !
    I would be interested to have your comments on the recent Oprah interview where H & M (but mainly M) threw some quite serious allegations at The Palace.
    What I was seeing was entitlement +++ and me, me, me – victim mentality.
    The British press isn’t impressed, and no-one I’ve spoken to thinks they have done themselves any favours either.
    It seems that Meghan is estranged from her own family, so now she wants to separate Harry from his – to me that’s classic for an abuser.

  3. amiannAY

    Hi Ami! This is so interesting, especially about Nessus conj Meghan’s Ascendant.

    I was wondering, what would this interpretation be for someone who has Sun conjunct Nessus? I have this, but I am NO abuser, never have been and never will be…not trying to toot my horn but I’m an empath. I do have a father who is emotionally and physically abuse (and somewhat sexually as well in my childhood).

    My Sun is in the 2nd house Libra conj Nessus, square Neptune in 5th Capricorn. I also read about your Djeanira post, I have this conjunct moon in 6th 🙁 Then sun trine moon.

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