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Why Meghan Markle is Being Such a Jerk—An Astrological Study

First of all, if you have never read my website, I am not politically correct. If you are a snowflake who is “hurt” by strong sentiments, please stop reading now. If you are still here, I will tell you why I have such a strong message in my title.

First of all, there is a sociological aspect to Meghan’s complaints. Yes, the world has been racist. Yes, there are bigoted morons in the world. Yes, a public figure will be criticized unfairly. Look at Melania Trump. So, when Meghan made the decision to marry Harry and partake of the wealth and fame of the royal family, she was, in effect, signing up for these unfortunate societal things.

People say she can’t have her cake and eat it too. I agree. She was not famous before her marriage. She did not have the same level of public voice before her marriage. These are part of the benefits. The drawbacks are that people target you. Anyone should know this. Therefore, it is hard to feel sympathy for her. However, if she truly does not want to be a royal, she should give up the title and become a private citizen. This includes giving up the wealth and status.

That is my opinion, but that is not why I am writing this article. This article will show WHY she is doing this; why she is so clueless. We can see this in her natal chart. I have, also, done a synastry with Harry. I cannot see how this marriage can work. It is a synastry from hell. I have posted the synastry above but I have an article on it and I will link it.

For now, we will look at her natal chart. To put it very simply, Meghan is an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. Meghan is not how she appears, through no fault of her own. She has a chart with a full bottom half–i.e planets occupying the lower half of the chart. This is the chart of an introvert. An introvert needs to accept that she is an introvert. If not, she will be skating on thin ice on which she cannot navigate. Meghan tries to have a “big personality” and it is not her natural state.

Now, we have to add the Leo Sun, which does have a big personality i.e puts on a big show. However, the rest of her chart is introverted. That means she is very self focused, through no fault of her own. It is the chart energies. She takes everything very personally and this is not a good omen for being a royal. All royals get hammered in the press. Fergie was called fat. Diana was called dumb. Charles was called ugly and a loser. Camellia was called a dog. If people harrass Meghan for being mixed race, which I have not seen, it is simply the ejaculations of ignorant moronic people–nothing more or less than the treatment of other royals.However, due to the fact that Meghan takes things so personally, it is almost impossible for her to shake it off.

Now, I can relate to her on this.She has the dreaded Cancer Mars.I do, too. It is a very hard Mars. Hers is much harder due to the placement in the 12th House. Cancer Mars may be the flu, but Cancer Mars in the 12th house is Ebola. I will explain why.

Cancer Mars is a Cardinal Mars, so we have leadership and strength. However, the sign of Cancer is an inward oriented sign. When Cancer Mars gets angry, they stuff it. They stuff it and stuff it and then they either explode or implode. Usually, they implode. They can do self destructive acts like overeat(very common) or just make fools of themselves because they did not deal with a normal emotion(anger) in a forthright and direct way.

One trait of the Cancer Mars is passive aggression. There are few that are as “talented” in passive aggression as is a Cancer Mars. It is simply the nature of how this Mars handles strong emotions. Hence, when Meghan blindsided the Queen, I bet anger had been building up for a long time and Meghan did not know how to handle it in a direct way. I do give her a pass, in a sense, because her Mars is in a very suppressed house, the 12th house. Hence, for her to take direct action is like a poodle flying a plane. It is almost impossible.

Now, we have her family—URGG.This is not her fault. She has a very non nurturing relationship with her mother. I feel very sad when I see this. Everyone needs to be nurtured. When you are not, the pain runs very deep. It makes you into a kind of mutant. Weird things come out of you as a result. You are not “totally right”. No one is really “totally right” but people who are not nurtured try to receive nurturing in ways that are not healthy for them. This can result in poor choices and poor planning. I don’t think Meghan thought out the ramifications of being a royal. Poor planning is a big part of her current problem.

I can see her relationship with her mother in the Moon/Saturn conjunction.She has Moon/Jupiter which does give her a bubbly personality and this is very real, but her mother was not her friend. Her mother was very critical of her. In return, she is very critical of herself.

Also, we see she had a unstable childhood due to the Pluto in the 4th house. There was violence in some form, perhaps suppressed, but it was an unsafe home.

She is somewhat low in water. She has one personal planet in water. Water gives us empathy. Hence, her empathy to others is not huge. I am not saying she does not have empathy, but it is not a very string trait. If we combine this with introversion, it points to a very self focused person. If you are a royal, it would be hell if you could not “shrug off” the criticism. This is one of the major problems she is facing now and why she is acting like a “spoiled brat” to all outward appearances.

Her father was good to her. She gets along better with men than women. I don’t think she trusts women. Hence, she and Kate and she and the Queen must have a cool detente. This is not her fault. It is the nature of her chart.

Lastly, her highly afflicted Mars squares her Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. This makes the relationship with women so much harder than for most people in the population. It makes her much more critical of herself. It makes her doubt herself a great deal. Hence, we see someone who is trying to be important, but feels like a speck of dust.

The more I write, the more I feel sorry for her. Her chart is not one for a royal. I do not see the marriage lasting and she should be very careful that an “accident” does not befall her.

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19 thoughts on “Why Meghan Markle is Being Such a Jerk—An Astrological Study

  1. amiannJulia_Yv

    Oh yes.
    Melania might be criticized for her origins and accent, but calmly goes with it, does her thing and even runs a profitable business.

  2. amiannKenneth

    I agree with your assessment, and there might be some additional, or reinforcing, factors:
    Megan has Venus square Neptune (on the wide side) which often causes emotional difficulties which are connected to one’s subconscious and power of imagination. Emotional and sexual problems stemming from experiences which lay buried deep in the past could develop. Such individuals may have a tendency to flee from situations of conflict and thus cause themselves to live in a fantasy world and avoid reality. For this reason alone, they should be cautious of taking drugs in any form.

    They could possibly fall victim to those who play on their sympathy, wanting actually only to take advantage of them. They are probably oversensitive and all too frequently have their feelings easily hurt for no apparent reason. This aspect is connected to a karmic debt of learning how to love, express this love, and not expect love in return. The more unconditional the forgiveness, the more unconditional the love will be.

    It’s also a shame that many African-Americans are raised thinking that they are victims, which hinders their integration into a race-free society.

  3. amiannSandy Martinez

    From what I see Megan is Leo sun conjunct mercury in the 1st H on the chart above. Megan is meant to shine.
    Many Leo’s are afraid to shine. They were told when growing up they were too loud or showy. North node in 1st H shows she is meant to do this for herself! Her AC is in cancer a need for making a home of her own. Lots of feeling.
    In synastry chart I see his Venus Pluto and Saturn touches her fourth house.
    Love, transformations, lessons. I think they are on the right track.

  4. amiannJ.L.W

    Her father is a nutter. Clearly on some sort of narcissistic borderline. I read an article on it and he is saying things like he expects her to pay him for the money he put into her growing up or something like that.

    I think to an extent, even though the chart is of a person who is a bit self focused, it is a bit of a ruse. Harry wants out for one simple reason he has stated publicly: They killed his mother:

    So all this ‘I want to stay in the limelight’ business is false. Also, making a fuss about every little thing makes people not really want you around, you are a headache. They have a relationship born out of mutual support and need, and I for one wish them all the best.

  5. amiannJudy

    We’re not who we are because of our charts, we have our charts because of who we are. Our charts are a blueprint of our personalities forged over multiple lifetimes, we all have the choice to chanege and grow. She’s not a nice person.

  6. amiannSolLibra

    I do not think that this marriage has staying power and you are right about the synastry. Harry does not look happy or relaxed to me. As for Introversion, it can be fruitful in developing self-knowledge but without this awareness it can also be far too self-absorbed. I am not judging, I struggle with introversion too because I have all but two planets beneath the ascendant and those two are in the 12th. Also, the Venus square Neptune – they can fall into the trap of ‘rescuing’ their partners, being attracted to damaged or addicted people, being taken advantage of and can also suffer from an odd, delusional self-image. Venus is not at ease in Virgo – I have it and have struggled with shyness and self-criticism – you can be overly critical of yourself to the extent that you can’t feel at ease in your own body. The lesson is to try and be more Venus in Pisces, relax and let your Venus flow naturally. As a result of this placement and aspect, I think Meghan can come across as trying too hard, bless her.

    I think you are right about Cancer Mars. My father was painfully Cancerian – painful in the sense that as a man of an older generation it was incredibly hard for him to express his emotions. To give you some idea, he had Sun, Pluto, Venus, Mercury and Mars in Cancer and a Cancer ascendant. He simply for whatever reason, could not express these potent energies. Although focussed on providing for his family and strongly home orientated, he could not open up emotionally but I have no doubt those emotions ran deep. The Crab has that sensitive, soft, sweet, emotional interior and he hid all that under his shell. In the UK where I live, we had the dreadful English Public School system which in his day was designed to toughen a boy up and harden his emotions and it must have taken its toll on naturally sensitive boys. So he bottled up his feelings and used alcohol to cope. And since I have Moon in Scorpio conjunct Mars in my own chart, I can identify with this – I am the same, bottling up emotions until I can’t take any more and whoosh, there goes the volcano! It has been a life’s work to learn how to become more self-aware, self-knowing, how my behaviour affects the folk around me and to regulate my emotions.

    I love your website, it really makes me think. Thank you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are such a doll. Thank you for that amazing comment! Did you have a super hard relationship with your mother? Moon conj Mars. Also, it makes it hard to trust women, in general.

  7. amiannSolLibra

    Ami, Thanks for your reply. I have Moon, Mars, Mercury and Neptune all conjunct in the 3rd house in Scorpio! I don’t have bad relationships with women, far from it, but I am able to sniff out the BS and can tell when someone lies to me, sort out the wheat from the chaff so to speak! Have a good imagination and intuition, also a good memory – I think in pictures rather than words. Relationship with mother, generally good but like many Mother/Daughter relationships, we have had our moments! Her Sun is exactly conjunct my Chiron in Pisces.

    You are lovely. Stay safe and take care. x

    1. amiannKenneth

      SolLibra, Forgive me for asking, but I’m unable to track when the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Neptune were all conjunct in Scorpio. Moon, Mars, North Node and Neptune were all conjunct on 11/20/57, but Mercury was in Sag–I was curious!
      Also, is your Neptune sextile the ascendant?

        1. amiannKenneth

          Thanks, I was focused on a Scorpio Sun. Your Pluto/Ascendant and Scorpio stellium for some reason allowed me to identify with a lot of your energy as I also have a similar arrangement with a focus on the lower horizon but with Uranus in the 11th. In addition we are strong empaths (Neptune sextile Ascendant) and you are probably even more so. But oh that Scorpio Moon–there’s no pain like Scorpio pain! (physically and emotionally). I’m late October 46, and also Sun square Saturn, plus Saturn trine Venus…
          I grew up in the UK, but now live in the US (ex-pat).

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