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WHY Some Planets Have a Hard Time in Some Signs—Part Three

I think you like this series. That makes me happy, happy, happy. So, we are onto a Part 3. I got a request for information on Mars in Libra. I have a cute——I think——article that I will reprint here. Also, I got a request for Mercury in Pisces. I will do my best to take a stab at this, although I do not know many. I think it must be rare. If not, they are not attracted to me, strangely enough.

Mars in Libra
I am going to reprint my article, which deals with men with Mars in Libra. I think one could use this information for women, with a caveat. Certain traits “look better” on men. Certain traits look better on women. For example, an angry, screaming man is more acceptable than an angry, screaming women.

I am reading some books by the principal players in the OJ trial. In Marcia Clark’s book, she addresses this very issue. When she had a strong voice and manner, they called her a “angry, hysterical and shrill”. When the male lawyers did worse, they were applauded as strong fighters. Men wear anger better. However, women wear “indecisiveness” better. Hence, if a female hems, haws and changes her mind, as does a Mars in Libra,it is not a “big deal”. So, with respect to Mars in Libra in a woman, the woman “wears it better”. However, it functions the same.

PS–Please note that many of my articles employ humor, as does the one below.

Mars in Libra in a Man

Someone asked me about Mars in Libra.I have a Libra detector and not in a good way.My apologizes to Libras, of which I do like some placements, but many make me cringe.

Libra has the unfortunate inclination to think when it should feel. Libra is at it’s worst in the moon and mars. With a Libra moon, he thinks when he should feel. With a Libra Mars, he thinks when he should act.

The Libra is indecisive in his thinking. Don’t be so foolish as to ask a Libra if you should have Chinese or Mexican. By the time he figures it out, you will be gnawing your arm off. The Mars in Libra male will be disconcerting for the woman who wants a “take action” man. This man needs YOU to pull him in one direction or the other.

For every indecisive man, there is a decisive woman, who fits the bill perfectly. Calling all Aries woman! We have a Libra man who is stuck in Park.

Mercury in Pisces

This placement needs some explaining. Virgo is said to be the “home” of Mercury. Hence, Pisces would be the Detriment. HOWEVER, I, personally, do not believe Virgo is the right sign for Mercury to rule. I think Chiron is the right planet for Virgo. That being said, I will try to give some thoughts as to why Mercury may be hard in Pisces.

First of all, Mercury is thinking and communicating. I have it in Gemini( it’s true home). I am blessed with being a very logical thinker. It is a blessing and nothing for which I can take credit. Thinking is most efficient when it is logical and linear. If one wants to get a higher education, one MUST be logical and linear. HOWEVER, Mercury in Pisces is blessed with an artistic manner of thinking. So, Mercury in Pisces may be an amazing artist, while Venus in Gemini may be a computer programmer. Which is better? One cannot really say.

Mercury in Gemini is easier and better at getting along in the intellectual world. That is true. However, I am a real art lover and I bet many of the amazing artists were not linear.That being said, it would be much harder to have Mercury in Pisces. If one did not find one’s niche, such as an artist, for one example, one may get lost, discouraged and hopeless.One may feel very misunderstood. One may give up.I bet this is the case more often than naught.That being said, I cannot remember a Mercury in Pisces I had as a client or one that I know, so these are just my musings from understanding Astrology.

If you have a Mercury in Pisces, please, tell us your story.

15 thoughts on “WHY Some Planets Have a Hard Time in Some Signs—Part Three

  1. amiannJulia_Y

    “Marcia Clark…had a strong voice and manner, they called her “angry, hysterical and shrill”

    Oh, my :-D. How many people with soft features hear that whenever they roar. Aggressiveness looks so misplaced in a person with a delicate bone structure, a soft nose, and round eyes. So when, on top of that, you have a Libra Mars, you win with a smile, as it is YOUR weapon.

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        Thanks Ami.

        BTW, since you’ve asked, some observations about folks with Mercury in Pisces.

        1. Are, indeed, blessed with an artistic manner of thinking. Revolutonize event management.

        2. Love fairytails and sentimental staff. Harry Potter forever.

        3. Often offer their help with the dishes, drinks, paint… in a word, liquids. On the other hand, usually vanish when the work concerns the concrete and requires a big physical effort.

        4. Do care and take care. See the misery even where there is none. “She is no abuser. Her parents just did not love her enough”. Therefore, tend to spoil their mates, kids and pets.

        5. Are supernaturally persuasive! May have (and usually do have) a limited oral vocabulary, and reveal to be far better off writing. But you’ll hang on each of their – very simple – words, because they master the art of pause, intonation, sigh. One Mercury in Pisces told me, “l always wonder HOW people buy into the rubbish l say”.

        6. Have tons of projects and dreams.

          1. amiannJulia_Y

            No, Ami, I don’t. I happen to know people who do. You are absolutely correct about their non-linear thinking, plus the fact that they should find their niche to feel good.

            I live in France.

  2. amiannSuper Pisces

    I have Mercury in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces often say the things other people won’t . When there is an elephant in the room they point straight to it and comment on it. A lot of people don’t like that an that’s where the detriment is. It isn’t that Mercury in Pisces communicates poorly or is inarticulate. It is others response to the way they communicate that causes them problems. Pisces is imaginative, people who communicate imaginatively aren’t slow.

    For example Jane Goodall has Mercury in Pisces. When she first started writing about chimpanzees, some people were critical of her giving them names and writing about their characters. They claimed it was humanising them and was sentimental, etc. Most people now agree with her approach, and understand the great contribution she has made to understanding chimpanzees. She was right and they were wrong. But it took some people a long time to accept that, because what she was doing was not the norm. Mercury in Pisces people get fed up of hearing “that’s not the way we do it”. They want to do things their own way, and not just follow what everybody else is doing.

    Mercury in Pisces is more interested in right and wrong than materialistic concerns or social climbing. They’ll continue to challenge people in authority, despite the threat of consequences. If you don’t mind honesty and are a genuine good person, you’ll get a long with Mercury in Pisces just fine. If however you have something or lots of things to hide, you’ll want to avoid them!

  3. amiannHalima

    I have mercury in Pisces and I always feel like it’s hard for other people to understand me. I’m always in my own little world lol especially when I’m listening to music. I can be logical at times but my biggest issue is losing my train of thought. Even while I was typing this I literally had to force myself to pay attention.

  4. amiannR

    I have Mercury in Pisces, along with Mercury retrograde. But with Mercury in Pisces, I tend to accidentally be a little to bluntly honest. I tend to tell the facts that others are to afraid to tell. And I don’t mean to, I don’t want to be rude. I just don’t realize it’s anything to be ashamed of, or something that someone is embarrassed about. I also have difficulty getting my point across. I tend to wander off in the conversations to something completely different, so others tend to stop listening before I get to the point (I can’t blame them). I hope this helps! And sorry if some of this could be applied to one of my other aspects/placements.

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