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WHY Some Signs are Hard for Some Planets?

This is an interesting discussion. I have Mars in the Fall position. That is my only planet in the Fall position. However, I can understand HOW the Fall position works. I will try to explain why certain planets do not function well in certain signs. Most of us have at least one planet in the Fall or Detriment. Understanding one’s chart is the single best way to understand oneself. I would exchange a billion years of therapy for a single chart reading with an astrologer who will tell you the truth! Onto the subject.

Mars in Cancer
I like to see BEHIND the eyes of placements. I do Astrology in a “watery’ kind of way. I do it from my heart. I “feel out” placements. Then, I use my head to put it all together. Some astrologers are like robotic technicians. They study astrology and then speak from the intellect. That is not for me and is, usually, not for the people who call on me or read my articles. Anyway, without further adieu, onto the subject.

Mars is the planet of drive. This includes all drives, such as searching for a husband to getting one’s Masters degree. All goals, drives and passions can be seen by one’s Mars. Hence, you can see how important Mars in in a chart. All personal planets reveal a SLICE of the person. The personal planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus. Cancer is a cardinal sign, which equals “leader”. In this sense, Mars in Cancer is a go-getter. However, Cancer is a sign that tends not to be direct.

For example, if a Mars in Cancer wants to go to the Chinese restaurant, he may ask YOU if you want to go to a Chinese restaurant That way, he can take the “round about” route. It is scary for a Mars in Cancer to be direct. He would rather inch around an issue than put himself out there. He truly dislikes criticism. It wounds his tender underbelly. Think of the skinny,tiny, gluey crab under the hard shell. That vulnerable, little crab body is at the core of the Mars in Cancer native.Hence, if one understands this Mars in Cancer proclivity, one will go a long way to truly understanding Mars in Cancer. Also, one will not blame him so much when he seems “wishy washy”. To sum it up———- Mars likes to be direct. Mars in Cancer is afraid to be direct. Therein, lies the problem inherent in the Fall position for this planet in this sign.

Sun in Libra

I love Sun in Libra men. I am not sure I would want to be married to one. I would have to “try one” to tell you. However, I really like them as friends. One of my closest friends( ten years) is Sun in Libra, so I can observe this sign. Sun in Libra is “sunny”. They bring a positive vibe to the room. They are, usually, interested in you and what you are doing. They ask personal questions. They seem to really care about who you are and how you feel. They are wonderful with compliments.

As an interesting aside, Libra men do not seem to be deterred from “woman’s work”, such as helping to clean up the kitchen after a party. I find that some Sun signs, such as Capricorn or Leo men will never think to help with the dishes.

Back to our subject. Sun in Libra is in the Detriment position. Hence, there are issues. Sun in Libra tries to “people please” too much. They tend to feel guilty when they do not accede to every “demand” that comes their way. Also, they may not have the depth of ego core strength and confidence as does a Sun in it’s Home, such as Aries or a Sun in the Exaltation, such as Leo.

As I said, each person has one or more planets in either the Fall or Detriment, so please, don’t think you are doomed if you have one or more. You are human. The chart shows the manner and ways in which you are human!

Venus in Scorpio

I cringe when I see a Venus in Scorpio. This native is kind of a lost puppy when he is in love. He takes love “oh sooo seriously”, through no fault of his own. Scorpio is the sign of depth and passion. Love, in many ways, is a game( said by a Venus in Gemini, the queen of game playing :/). Scorpio does not really understand how game playing and love can go together. Venus in Scorpio is not wired to take love lightly. Hence, he seems to get his heart broken very deeply. He cannot walk away from a broken heart as easily as many of us. This is simply the nature of Venus in Scorpio. People should not trifle with this Venus. However, people being people will likely do so. Hence, if you have this Venus, try to guard your heart, to the best of your ability. If you cannot do this, know that the intensity when you love is simply your nature.

Moon in Scorpio

Another placement that makes me cringe is Moon in Scorpio. You could see “Little Miss Perfect” and think she is the “sunniest gal” in the room, but you would be wrong. I think of Sadie Robertson, who does seem like the “sunniest gal in the room”, but with her Scorpio Moon, you can know that there exists great rivers of depth there. Scorpio Moon does not feel comfortable to it’s owner. Scorpio Moon is like Scorpio Venus. It is too darn intense. Period.

The Moon is one’s gentle heart. Scorpio rules all things intense and hidden, such as serial killers. Hence, Little Miss Scorpio Moon has another side. This is not to say anything negative about her. God designs each chart with His own Hand. Hence, our struggles are things that He wanted for us. I think they were made to humble us, so we would find Him. The Scorpio Moon native has a certain “cross to bear”. That cross is that they experience emotions too intensely. Know that if you have a Scorpio Moon or when you see Scorpio Moon in a chart

Here is an article that explains further the Detriment and Fall positions.

Simple Astrological Ways To Figure Yourself Out ( Without Therapy)—-Part Eight– Personal Planets in The Detriment and Fall

9 thoughts on “WHY Some Signs are Hard for Some Planets?

  1. amiannAdele

    What would be the best way to try and date a Cancer Mars native?? I have a crush on one. bad. but they also have Aqua Sun, Pisces Moon,Venus. Should I just give up now? PS Im a Cancer Sun, Aries Mars, and very passionate.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t understand the question, Irina. If you are asking HOW these things go together, the answer is that every person is a blend of all the placements and so an astrologer has to put all of this together to form a 3D person. That is why one natal chart takes me 5 days lol

  2. amiannBonnie

    Venus in aries isnt all that nice of a placement. I have 0° just on the 5th cusp opposite mars R 0° libra 11th and moon in libra 6° conjunct asteroïde lucifer.
    I have asteroïde angel on aries 3° / mania on 5°… chiron is now on 2°.

    Here some recent venus stories:
    An ex (if i can call him that) approached me through facebook.. 1 month ago
    20 years ago we dated and only kissed for like, 2 months. He is from another country and back then he had to leave for the army.. he gave me a necklace with half a heart (for him and me), i told him if he really cares he’ll bring it back to me. It sounds like a lovestory.
    HE HAS VENUS IN SCORPIO, 7th house 8,5° conjunct my ascendant. His ascendant is aries 3,5 ° moon in aries 7°. In synastry my saturn libra is conjunct his pluto in 7th house.
    He keeps talking how much he couldnt forget me and still wants to be together. He owns a shop and has a relationship, he wants to stop his relationship and open a shop where i live so we can be together.
    He talkes about beeing soulmates.
    I am doubting his motives.
    His mars (7th) is conjunct my pluto in libra 3° orb. His nessus in 4th house conjunct my north node.

    Now at the same time i get another man approached me on facebook.. of which i thought was just a bloke i knew from school 20 years ago.
    In an awkward way, he first made a fake account, telling me how beautiful i am and confessing he wants to remain secret. He doesnt want to destroy my relationship. His crush on me is getting worse and he dreams of me 🤤
    Told me he is my secret admirer, lover, friend whatever i want him to be..
    Sooo i get curious and asked him if he had balls to admitt who he is.. it took him 2 days.. pfff to admitt.
    I felt relieved at first when i knew.
    Then he told me he was afraid i would delete him if i knew. He is using my pictures, to get a boost?!?
    As vage and weird this is i asked his birth data 😂
    He has sun in pisces 28° in 8th house (conjunct my asteroïde karma), his venus in pisces 24° 8th house (conjunct my asteroïde morpheus), his mars in aries 1,57° 8th house.
    Opposite his saturn 7° and jupiter 6° (2nd house) conjunct my moon.
    His pluto conjunct mania in libra conjunct my pluto. His chiron is conjunct my sun in his 9th house.
    His ascendant is 29° leo with north node 12th house leo 8°. His moon in 1st house virgo 17°
    Now he’s sending dick pics 😲🤤
    I am quite shocked with all this.. i get an awkward feeling about his passions..
    I dreamed about him beeing anubis..??
    Guess what?? My anubis is conjunct his north node 7° leo and his anubis is conjunct his chiron/ my sun in taurus..
    Why do i feel a danger here??

  3. amiannMichele McWilliams

    I have always thought my younger sister slept with my ex-husband while we were married – why? Because his sun, moon, Mercury, Neptune and North Node is in Scorpio and her Ascendant and Venus are in Scorpio. That’s it. Well, except for them taking off to go to the store, being gone 6 hours and neither would answer their phone. And the time he picked her up from the airport, that is 2 hours away, and the GPS tagged them at a hotel for an hour and 15 minutes. Mind you, we were orphaned so the 3 of us have always bern close. Feels like betrayal to me.

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