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WHY Squared Moons Spell Disaster For A Relationship

In the case of squared moons, I think they are a disaster for any relationship. Opposed Moons can be fine for a friendship. I just wrote an article on this. In fact, opposed moons can help one achieve balance. One person is the yin and the other is the yang. However, square moons always spell disaster, in my opinion. When bringing up this subject, I get the usual “blah,blah, blah—-my grandpa Adolf has a square moon with my grandma Inge. Well, my pithy response is “are you in their bedroom?’

I think a relationship can survive and even thrive with squared suns. I am very close to someone with a squared sun. However, we have a very different approach to life. Think Felix and Oscar in the “Odd couple”. If you don’t know them, think messy and neat, organized and disorganized or serious and silly. However, with moons we are dealing with the heart. The heart is the most important part of the person, in my opinion. The human heart is very vulnerable. When one is in an intimate relationship, the partners must understand each other at a very deep level. If not, why even have a relationship.

I have never seen a case of a happy relationship in which there were squared moons. In fact, one girl called me all sorts of names when she moved in with her squared moon boyfriend. Well, he choked her and she escaped with her life. She did have the courtesy of apologizing to me. So, that is one story.

I hope you enjoyed this short article and leave your comments on my Comment section. I try to answer them all!

19 thoughts on “WHY Squared Moons Spell Disaster For A Relationship

  1. amiannAmelia

    I love your articles, they are fascinating 😊 and I always look forward to reading them. Will you ever do an article on moon synastry with the other person’s personal planets…I’m intrigued about Moon square Pluto synastry. 🙏🌚🌛

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      What would your topics of choice be, A? Moon sq Pluto COULD lead to violence, in a sense, that the Pluto is super powerful and he would not understand the Moon. It may not be violence but disconnection or something born from frustration, if you know what I mean. Share your experience, Amelia!

  2. amiannAmelia

    Thank you for your reply ;-). I asked about Moon square Pluto synastry as I had this configuration with someone I was in a relationship with. I felt I couldn’t voice my needs with him so I let him have all the power. He wasn’t very nice to me and always shut down my emotions, he was controlling (as you would aspect with Pluto) and even though he wasn’t very nice to me I was pretty obsessed with him! I think he is a narcissist. Interesting you said it could lead to violence because after I split up with him I found out that he was violent in a past relationship (I had a lucky escape).

  3. amiannThvu

    I think it really depends on other factors. Moon is our emotion, of course. But emotion always changes, no reason, its different from mind which has to under a process before any conclusion. Even with me – taurus moon or my other close friends – leo and aqua moon.
    We all agreed that we’re not very similar :))) but loyalty and sincerity are the same.
    Sometimes i think magi stuffs in this case are rights, all of my friends have wonderful vesta linkages with me, may be vesta really a symbol for friendship

  4. amiannSara

    My 12 degree Virgo moon is conjuncts his 11 degree Virgo moon. We understand each other in a very practical way, we have a similar flow to our emotions, and we know when to back off. We are actually not overly emotionally (accept that my Jupiter & Mars conjunct my moon!). I tend to fly off the deep end with my moods more so than he (his moon is in 12th house). We are both quite tidy and orderly, and we have very practical approach to just about everything in life. We also have a son with a 20 degree Virgo moon. Although we have a few other very strong points in our synastry, the moon is definitely helping keep the foundation strong.

  5. amiannSunny

    I feel like there has to be consideration of aspects and house placements? Your moons could be squaring each other, but having a moon trine Venus or conjunction, would soften the blow. Or if your moon fell into the house of the sign of your partners moon? Maybe I’m reaching? My moon in aquarius is trine my Pluto in libra. My boyfriend has a moon in Scorpio in my 8th house. I feel like our connection is at the soul level.

  6. amiannSue

    My husband has Scorpio 29 moon and I have Aquarius 11 moon, not a tight square but both fixed. We are so in cync emotionally because we are both empathic. Also I have a strong Pluto and he has 4 planets in Aquarius. So you have to look at the big pictute!

  7. amiannkristl

    I agree. My moon and that of my ex squared. He is now married to another woman whose moon squares his. I have seen their charts and I believe it’s only a matter of time before that falls apart.

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