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Will He Sleep Around?

Someone asked me this question on the Comment section of my website. If you have a question, I try to answer all of them there. If it is too complicated, I can’t. However, if I can do it, I try. Well, I was thinking about this question and I will take a stab at it. My answer to her was that one cannot really tell from the natal chart BUT BUT BUT, there could be indicators: some men are more prone to “sleep around” than others. I have to add a caveat. To the man who follows a moral code of monogamy, he would not “sleep around” even if he had the chart of a male( well you know). So, yes, we can see indicators, but no, we cannot say, for sure. OK–onto indicators.

Venus in Sagittarius

My first thought when she asked me this question was “Venus in Sagittarius”. Venus in Sagittarius is the bachelor of the Zodiac. However, he is rarely a lonely bachelor. If I had to peg one Venus sign to be unfaithful, it would be this one.

Bacchus Conjunct the North Node
Bacchus is “wild living” as in orgies of all kinds—sex, food, you name it. If it can be done to excess, Bacchus will want to do it. Hence, this native could be prone to get tired of one woman in a monogamous relationship. Remember, that which conjuncts the North Node becomes a life theme. If the native does not “satisfy” the life theme, he will struggle with it.

Neptune Conjunct the Sun
Neptune conjunct the Sun could be said to be an “addicts” placement. I am not saying every Neptune conjunct the Sun is an addict. However, Neptune conjunct the Sun blurs the identity of the native. and makes it very hard for the native to face the harshness of life. The manner in which he may escape we do not know? If I could make a simple picture for you of this aspect, I would say he could be an amazing artist who let his wife support him. Yes, he is very talented. Yes, he is very creative, but no, he is not your vision of stability in a husband.

A Full 5th House Without Planets like Saturn and Chiron
The 5th House is the house of the player. It is the house of romance, which is all well and good. However, it seems like these top heavy 5th House dudes do not want to progress from romance to a serious monogamous relationship. If Saturn or Chiron is here, the man may not do well in the romance department. Hence, he may eschew romance in favor of commitment.

Mars in Scorpio
Let me preface this by saying that Mars in Scorpio can be very loyal. However, if, for some reason, he decides not to be loyal, he could be a player. This is due to the fact that he easily attracts women and is highly sexual. So, I would say that a Mars in Scorpio who is unhappy in his marriage could cheat. Just for a contrast, a Mars in Capricorn, if unhappy in his relationship, may, more likely, become a workaholic.

Asteroid Zeus
I have seen this asteroid reflect cheating in a chart that had it in a prominent position. The position I remember was the North Node. The man did admit to being promiscuous, if I remember correctly.The North Node reveals themes of our life. So, that which conjuncts the North Node will feature prominently in the life of the native.

Venus in Gemini
This is my Venus and I don’t feel like I am, likely to cheat, but I have a very loyal Moon, Cancer. However, a Venus in Gemini without strong aspects for loyalty is said to be classic for a cheater. I have never really known a Venus in Gemini man. In other words, if I knew one, I did not see his chart to know. So, I am speaking from Astrology folklore.

Stellium in Sagittarius
I associate Sagittarius with cheating. If he has a stellium of planets that does not include Chiron or Saturn, I would put him in a high cheating category. Again, he may be loyal due to his morality, but Sagittarius is a “What eva ” sign. If it crosses his path, he seems to run after it. Chiron or Saturn would greatly minimize this to the point that cheating would be unlikely.

Mars Conjunct Venus
I am not saying this aspect in a man will make him cheat. However, all his life women have thrown himself at him. Hence, he could be tempted to cheat because the opportunity is always very available, which is not true for many less charismatic men.

I am not trying to impugn anyone. I hope you understand this. However, I was asked an interesting question and took a stab at it!

20 thoughts on “Will He Sleep Around?

  1. amiannAdriana

    I posted a comment about venus in gemini men a while ago. For me this is a big red flag! I found out that a lot of men who tried to hit on me while being in a relationship had their venus sign in gemini. A lot of players have their venus sign in gemini. My brother has his venus sign in gemini as well and used to sleep around a lot and he wasn’t faithfull. He used to be a manwhore for years. I know one guy who has his venus in gemini and he is the opposite. I was actually surpised to find out he has his venus in gemini.
    I would like to add a lot of planets or a stellium in the sign of aries. These people can be very impulsive! What about women? I would like to read an article about that topic. Great article!

    1. amiannAdriana

      Aries influenced people can also be very selfish. One planet in aries doesn’t make a person impulsive and selfish of course, but a lot of planets in aries might be an indication for sleeping around. In the end I think all signs have the potential to make somebody sleep around. For example low self esteem or a lack of moral values could make a person promiscious. People who sleep around are often people who either don’t care about other people’s feelings (most of the time other people will get hurt) or they act on impulse and regret their actions later and feel quilty about it or they need an egoboost and are seeking validation through sex with lots of people.

  2. amiannJulia_Y

    “Bacchus Conjunct the North Node…could be prone to get tired of one woman in a monogamous relationship”.

    Unless he marries a Gemini woman. She contains multitudes.

  3. amiannVivian


    saturn and chiron are good stabilizers

    also his moon sign really plays a huge role

    my brother has sun and venus in gemini but a cancer 5th and a capricorn moon and he is very faithful and wants commitment.

  4. amiannJoe

    By all accounts regarding this post I should have a personal collection of hundreds of woman that I have had experiences with shall we say. I have Venus in Sagittarius in the 5th house. My Sun is also in the 5th house and in Sagittarius. I do sidereal astrology for only a few friends and myself. There are mitigating placements, however. I have mars in virgo. I also have moon in pisces. My guides tell me who to approach and they don’t bother me with below a 90 percent match. I see as many problems as I see pleasure. Genuine people only.

    I would guess your response would be “You have alot going on there”.

  5. amiannJoe

    If I could make 3 more comments. You are correct, Amiann, about Moon in Pisces and Mars in Virgo.
    Having Venus in the Sagittarius in the 5th as well my Sun is still a challenging placement. I love women and would rather deal with them than a man any day. Therefore, I love beauty or my own definition of beauty. It can be quite challenging to have that appreciation of women and then have the constraints of Mars in Virgo and Moon in Pisces. This is especially true if you are not currently in a relationship.
    One more comment. I think you (Amiann) had a guest post regarding Mars in Virgo a couple years ago. I read that and that was so right on that it was scary accurate. I am a helper. It was also accurate about being drawn to tough women.
    Thank you for your time.

  6. amiannMichele

    It took 57 years before I finally met someone I could fall in love with, and what do you think I found out? Yep, Venus in f*cking Sagittarius. And for bonus points, Mars, Uranus and Pluto in the 12th house of his natal, Black Moon Lilith could be considered 4th house (my BML is in 4th house). I had to leave him, which was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Still hard. I hate my life right now, tbh.

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