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The Worst Mars Signs

I look at the search words people use and this was one. Hence, I hope this article will be of interest to you. I will go from the worst to the best, in my opinion.

1. Mars in Cancer

This is mine, so I can diss it. Right? It is like you can diss your own heritage, but no one else can.*sigh* That is way far afield. Onto the topic. I am not politically correct, as you know by now. I say this to say that Mars in Cancer is much harder in a man than in a woman. The man has to pursue the woman. The man has more expectations to be the bread winner. The man needs to be a warrior more than does a woman. These are all areas in which the Mars in Cancer does not move with ease. I use the word”ease”.

I am a Mars in Cancer and I am very ambitious and, always, have been. However, all natural drives such as ambition, lust, greed, passion etc are difficult for us. We tend to be guilty creatures. We tend to be submissive creatures. Quite frankly, it is a rusty bicycle Mars. I call Mars in Scorpio a Jaguar Mars. If you have a Mars in Cancer, it is in the Fall position. This is, always, the hardest place for a planet. Each person has one or two, in most cases, so don’t worry. It is simply part of your life struggle . Knowledge is power. Hence, you Mars in Cancers peeps have a step up.

2. Mars in Libra

This bad boy is in the Detriment. His problem is not difficulty in expressing passion, as is our Mars in Cancer person. His difficulty is in making a decision. Libra is famous for his inability to decide. If you watch a strongly Libra person, you will see this. One reason is because he is adept at seeing both sides. Another is that he does not like confrontation. He can stand up when he must, but he, often, has to work himself up to the level of righteous anger that it takes. For the man with Mars in Libra, his indecisiveness may be more apparent,especially if he is in a power position such as a CEO or pilot. However, one can see it in both sexes.

3 Mars in Pisces

Pisces is a creative imaginative sign. It is the classic sign for a poet or a pothead. Pisces loves to escape. Hence, Mars in Pisces may not do what it takes to get that great job, education or woman. He, likely, needs a push from others. However, to really say this, one must study the whole chart, but one can get many insights from the single Mars placement.(Now, I sound like a Libra Mars)

4 Mars in Virgo

This Mars may lose the forest for the trees. In other words, he may get bogged down in details. This would be an excellent Mars for an accountant or secretary. However, in daily life, this dude may be a bit OCD. However you can eat off any surface in his house, so it has its advantages.

10 thoughts on “The Worst Mars Signs

  1. amiannPheephee

    Don’t mean to brag buttttt……….I have Mars in Cancer, in seventh house, intercepted!!!!!!!
    I don’t feel I have a Mars at all! I have no energy ( have chronic fatigue syndrome most of my life), no ambition or drive ( I have dead end job, live in my parents basement, am 42, no future)., no zest or vitality. Have been used and abused by men so often that I refuse to be in any kind of relationship at all ever again…. would rather be homeless and in poverty than utilize my seventh house ever again.

    Beat that!

  2. amiannPheephee

    O ya. I agree. Its a combo for sure of plenty of things.
    a sad Mars with nessus and in seventh. Dejanira is on my Juno….guess when my husband (now ex of course) starting emotionally and physically abusing me? After the marriage!!
    It was all good before the marriage and then BAM.
    I know the asteroids work!!
    also my chiron is in a rough spot.

    and theres a few other things I have no doubt. But I haven’t checked out too many asteroids yet in my own chart…

    Didn’t mean to sound like a downer so much as to have a good giggle about my silly Mars!

    1. amiannJulia Y

      “Didn’t mean to sound like a downer so much as to have a good giggle about my silly Mars!”

      Pheephee, excuse me for jumping into your conversation with Ami. I am so, dare I say, surprised by the story of your life that I can’t help pointing out the following thing.

      You used to have a relationship with, at least, one abusive man, as far I understand from what you write. Screw him and all the men of the same kind. You say that you fear to ever utilize your seventh house again. A normal reaction from a woman who chose badly and got burned. Now, this is history. That man was BEFORE you were introduced to the astrology and knew yourself in the way you do today. Now, compared to your earlier years, you have a serious advantage. You’ll know which men are bad for you, by comparing your charts, so they won’t be a problem for you anymore. And you have, at least, 35 years before you, to have a cosy life, with no abuse.

      As for everything else (a dead end job, living in your parents basement, and being in your 40s), you seriosuly want it to stay the same for, at least, 35 years more?

      To me, a woman in her 40s has a lot more opportunities, than this same woman in her 20s and in her 50s. At 20, we hardly know ourselves, and fear a lot. That is why we miss opportunities. I say this, because I did miss many. While I am a Capricorn Mars, a go-getter, I was, nevertheless, seriously scared to take what I would love to take. Does this sound familiar to you?

      And at 40s, we are way younger than in 50s. And this is cool, right?

      As for Dejanira, you have it conjunct Juno, and you seem to think it is a catastrophy. Well, I beat you. My Dejanira sits right on my MC. Ami says, it is YIKES. Am I victimized by the society or in my job? I used to be. Because I let them do so. You say that your Chiron is a rough spot, too. Mine sits right on my ASC and Moon. I am bullied as long, as I let people bully me. The important is, it is up to me. Being a victim or not, is up to you, too.

      A friend of mine has her Mars in Cancer, just as you do. Before we met, she used to be very insecure about her value in this world. Despite being 5.9′ tall, a hell of a cook, a dancer, a heart of gold, she feels useless, dumb, uninteresting, unworthy. She is still sure to be full of flaws, obvious to the people around her. But now she understands that nobody sees them, except herself. Nobody thinks she’s more useless than her neighbour, or dumber than any other gal, or more uninteresting that anyone else. And believe me, Pheephee, it was wodd to see a seemingly normal woman so reluctant to move in any better direction, because she believed herself unworthy and uncapable. We have what we currently deserve to have.

      Meanwhile, it is still time to acquire some new skills and thus another job, even if you work in a supermarket, or as a hotliner, or a waitress, or with kids (I did all that). Even in a village (I used to live in such, without a car), there is an opportinity to move up, even if just a little. Even if you are obese (I used to be) and insecure (have been there). Even if you constantly have a bad hair day (used to be my case), spotty skin (was guilty of that) or bad teeth (many people live with this and don’t care).

      Almost nobody wants you to move up, and many will try to pull you down, so that you have not much, while they have a comfortable life, a house, a good spouse, a fine sex four times a week, and what not. Screw them. And mind your business, because you might have a better future, if you decide to.

  3. amiannPheephee

    Thanks for the response and concern Julia Y!

    I am not sure why your surprised at all by my story. I am surprised your so taken aback. 🙂

    I have to admit, Im just telling the crap parts of my life because thats what these articles (that I am choosing to respond to) are about (for the most part) so this is my way of agreeing with Ami’s view of certain placements.
    I feel a lot of astrologers I read on are wishy washy and way too ‘everything is good’. This was my way of reinforcing Ami’s site.
    And I also never tell this much crap about my life to anyone. like ever!! Im a freakishly private person usually. But this site I feel free to express the ‘issues’, anonymously.

    I know my main problem in life is ‘DOING’. I have zero ambition/drive/oomph to do much of anything but well, easy pleasurable things. I think I have a strong hedonistic streak.

    I have lists/notebooks of to do’s, plans, goals over my life span. I have lists of lists of lists. I can plan and goal-set to the very last detail (on paper). I know exactly what to do, I know exactly step-by step how to make my life better in every area of my life.
    But the ache is the doing. I don’t DO it.

    I have spent thousands all together over the years on LOA principles, Lifebook, Mindvalley, brain entrainment, affirmations, etc etc etc.
    I am excellent at that stuff actually and cherish it. But I don’t DO the things I need to do.

    To Do, thats the issue. I just don’t feel the urge to. I don’t feel the oomph/drive to. at all. 0%. never have.

    I am thankful I am 40’s. Its better than the silly 20’s when I was way too gullible. I am thankful I don’t feel the need to be with a man and can be on my own.
    I feel so sorry for all the women, of all ages, around who are soooo desperate and act not themselves, and feel not complete without a man. I find it sad.
    I thank God I am not one of those people.

    To mention the positives in my life!! :

    Yes, I live at home with my parents and I ‘shouldn’t at my age…..but man do we ever get along. I mean we are besties. We get along sooooo well as roommates and fellow helpers, and friends that theres no incentive to move lol.
    Yes, its embarrassing, according to society, but how many people do I know that are shocked I can even stand my parents? How many people have shit relations with their family or even hate one fo their parents?
    So, I am blessed there. My Dad did some shit (one major) Chiron-y things to me as a child but maybe I moved back home to heal those? Because I don’t lie when I say we get along remarkably well now.

    I am fat yes. But I believe I got fat almost consciously to keep men away from me. I have eros on my ascendant and Lilith on my mc and I basically feel like I had an invisible sign above my head that said ‘I am sex! Have sex with me! I am only sex!’ The hyper-sexual attention got way too much and wouldn’t stop and it bothered me. So fat is my defence system.
    So to make that positive!! It keeps hyper-sexualized pigs away from me now. teehee I had A size breasts all my life and now I have D!!!!!!!!!! I always wished to have bigger better boobs and now I do! LOL

    Yes, I am hedonistic. I love pleasure and easiness. not saying thats good but man it feels good.
    I have strong Jupiter/sag/ninth house and unaspected Venus (by major aspect or planet) and I LOVE exploring foods of all kinds, alcohols of all kinds, pleasure.
    Para-gliding, snow-boarding, hiking/camping in middle of nowhere land, skinny dipping in oceans and off-limit pools, legal and illegal stuff lol, travelling the world by boat and plane.
    I LOVE reading, gaining knowledge on my terms, having my kind of fun. And do it for hours and hours and hours. I do it endlessly and am never a person who is bored. ever.

    I have spent many years of my life travelling by small private sailboat, the Caribbean and eastern USA. Being part of that laid-back, hedonistic lifestyle for my 20’s was the best fun ever. Never had to do ‘real’ work. Seeing the Caribbean that way is very romantic, and exciting, and enchanting.
    And I would never give that time up even though it was done through men and not the most healthy of relationships.

    Work. Yes, I have horrible pay and crap hours and I fully admit I hate having to work for a living but I love working with the dogs. I should say LOVE. Who gets a job being around things they love? I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals and I get to be with them everyday.
    I prefer animals to humans actually.

    I ‘should’ find a career that pays for my independence and to look ‘normal’ in society. my tenth house sun demands it really. BUT again, I don’t have the drive or any oomph to do so, esp when I hate working but love the dogs I work with. again, no true incentive.

    my own dog, is the centre of my life, the love of my life. I don’t need a human.

    so many other ‘good’ things.

    Its a contradiction I live. I understand that I sound negative and horrid on this comment section. I was just being as truthful and open as I could be cause Im not in real life. Im very walled up and with a smile on my face always in real life, so nobody knows….
    I sort of use this site as my expressing tool, healing tool, therapy…..

    OMG This turned out to be an ultra long post. hahaha! whoops.

    summary. I don’t DO. theres no action, no doing in real life terms. Even though, I want to (theoretically) change for the better.

    1. amiannPheephee

      I feel like its not clear enough what I said. It was too much writing I did.

      I fully see I have the shit sides and I fully see the good sides to everything also.

      I just dream of changing my life and making it a wild blessed success, on my own terms, without a man having to do it for me or be my one and all. I am sick and tired of that. I want my own life on my own terms.
      So it stays a dream. Cause I don’t have/or care to have my own willpower/drive to do anything to change my life.

  4. amiannPisces rising

    I have Venus in cancer and I am surrounded by mars in cancer people. I’ve been married twice – both men with Mars in cancer. My own Mars is in Pisces retrograde in the first house within 4° of my ascendant. I consider my words carefully.

  5. amiannLiam

    I have mars in the 4th house cancer in the sign of pisces with a awful lot of other shit going on 8th and gem as a man it ain’t the best placement
    But it is not easy being the director leader I do have drive and so on but suffer with not having a strong masculine mars tbh it sucks I feel creative sometimes but I wish women would notice me a bit more that’s all

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