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Bad Girl Asteroids and How to Use Them

We love the bad boys and girls. I have found that the asteroids function the same, regardless of gender. Hence Medusa is a tease, whether in the chart of a man or a woman.

1. Medusa(149)
Medusa is a maleficent tease. Maleficent connotes evil or harmful intent. Medusa draws you in with her seductive ways. Then, once you are hooked. she turns you to stone, literally. YIKES. In practical terms, Medusa seduces and then cuts off your appropriate sexual organ, shall we say. I would stay away from a person with a prominent Mesuda( or else wear protective gear)


6 thoughts on “Bad Girl Asteroids and How to Use Them

  1. amiannAmber Pittman

    Hi ~ what are the other aspects? Number 1 shows Medusa, 2 is blank..

    It’s very interesting and I’d love to read the others on your list.

    Thank you 🙂

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