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Basic Basic Astrology—-What is the Conjunction?

The conjunction is two planets/asteroids on top of each other. In other words, the conjunction is two planets on the same degree of the chart. This is the most powerful aspect, by far. One can feel a conjunction in one’s natal chart.One can feel a conjunction in synastry. Some conjunctions in the natal chart are easy. Some are difficult.It depends on the identity of the planets/asteroids. I will give some examples. If you have Saturn which used to called a malefic conjunct your Sun, this is a VERY hard aspect, in terms of being very difficult for a person.If you have Jupiter which used to be called a benefic conjunct your Sun, this is a glorious aspect.It makes for a bubbly, optimistic person. So, one can see how one must assess each planet in a conjunction before one can determine what the conjunction does to an individual. I will give some more examples so you can get more of a sense of the conjunction. I will use planets and asteroids.

Moon conjunct Dejanira–the moon is one’s deepest emotions. Dejanira is the planet of the victim. This person was victimized at her deepest core, ime

Moone conjunct Eros–this person is very erotic. However, it will only be shown to those whom she knows well, as the moon is a very interior planet

Moon conjunct Venus—this person is very attuned to beauty. This is probably someone who is naturally refined. She will be naturally gracious and harmonious.

Sun conjunct Saturn–this person may feel very very insecure. Saturn is the planet of self doubt. The Sun is our basic identity.

Sun conjunct Venus–the person will be considerate and naturally refined.

Sun conjunct Nessus–the person will be drawn to dark things. The person may feel the need to abuse others.

Mercury conj Lucifer–Mercury is the mind. Lucifer is inordinate pride. The pride is in relation to a man not wanting to bow his knee to God

Mars conjunct Saturn–ones drive will feel restricted .One will doubt if one can really go forward with one’s passions.


Those are just some examples of conjunctions so you get the idea of BLENDING. All Astrology is about blending many parts into an organic whole. The Master Astrologer can take 1000’s of nuances and see the big picture, which is the inside of a person. Quite a feat.

15 thoughts on “Basic Basic Astrology—-What is the Conjunction?

  1. amiannKay

    What about Mars conjunct mercury in Pisces with a very wide 18 degree orb. Aries Sun conjunct Eros with 4 degree orb. Aries Venus conjunct Eros with 13 degree orb, and Nessus conj. Asc in libra with 1 degree orb opposing my sun, Venus, Eros, Sappho, valentine, Juno all in Aries occupying my 6th and 7th house. And how could it be possible that my 6th and 7th house both be in Aries. Also my 1st and 12th houses are both in libra. Skipping Leo and Aquarius having a house at all 🙁 which I’m sad about because my moon is in Leo and my Saturn is in Aquarius. what does all this mean?? Sorry so many questions but Thank you for your information <3

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      How about put each question on a separate comment. I am having wrist issues, right now, and it would help. Thanks! xx 18 degrees is much too wide, my Friend.

      1. amiannKay

        No I don’t ever have desires to abuse. But I can say my last two serious relationships I was in became physically abusive. I guess when I am provoked I can become abusive. But over all I am a very calm, gentle and loving person. My last relationship I had my Nessus conjunct his mars and mercury at 0 degrees. Which explains why we get into heated arguments and I undermine his masculinity. I feel terrible every time 🙁

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am going to be very honest, as I always am. If you have Nessus conj the ASC and do not have a desire to abuse that you struggle with( and it is the correct time) you may be in denial.

      1. amiannKay

        Define your terms of abuse according to Nessus. Because I never have a desire to project pain onto others whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. I certainly don’t take joy in hurting others if I ever have. Not the case here with me. I can recognize abuse when it’s happening so im definitely not in denial. Lol. But I do tend to have a sharp tongue and critical to ppl I care for. But I always thought it was because of my Virgo placement in Jupiter. My Nessus occupies my 1st and 12th house in libra. So maybe I abuse myself in some sort if way? And for example I’ve always had a high tolerance for pain and sometimes enjoy it. Piercings, biting nails, biting my lip til it bleeds, pulling out my own teeth when I was younger. That would make more sense to me as far as Nessus in my chart. But what do I know, you’re the expert here 🙂

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am really not the expert, Kay. I am a humble 6 year student of AStrology. How close is the Nessus to the ASC? Is it Retro? If it is within 1-2 degrees, I think you would struggle with the desire to abuse. However, if you have a prominent Dejanira, perhaps that balances it out.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Retro may make the Nessus more internal than external abuse. However, if it is conj the ASC, I would still think you struggle with urges to abuse UNLESS there are strong mitigating factors in other parts of the chart which may shut this down.

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