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Betrayal By Men– Sedna (90377)

Sedna is an asteroid with a haunting story. In fact, since I studied it, a few weeks ago, I can’t get it out of my mind. Many people have lives similar to Greek tragedies. Sedna was a beautiful young girl living at the home of her father. A man came to court her. He appeared to be the ideal man, with good manners, a stable job, and a good appearance. She married him . Instead of a lovely home, she was put in a cold hut that smelled of fish. He turned in to a monster. She tried to run away, back to her father. Her husband had godlike powers, as is the case with myths. Her husband stirred up the winds. Her father was afraid and tried to escape, by boat. Sedna saw her father escaping and tried to swim up to the boat. Her father cut off her fingers, as she tried to climb in. She fell to the bottom of the sea , where she died. A female child molester had Sedna conjunct Nessus. For those of you who don’t know about Nessus. Nessus is the asteroid of the abuser. The degree to which you desire to abuse will be shown by your Nessus placement.You are not fated to abuse. That is a choice. However, with Nessus conjuncts Sedna, I would interpret it like this. That person may use his own betrayal to abuse someone else . With the female child molester, this was the case, down to the tee. One constant in Astrology, for me, is how accurate it is. Astrology led me to God. How else can we explain the unerring accuracy?



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98 thoughts on “Betrayal By Men– Sedna (90377)

  1. amiannAnomyous

    I have Sedna Conjunct Moon, I would say that my emotions have been betrayed by many people so I hide it. I only let people who are really close to me see them, but even then, it makes me feel weak.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Totally. None of it is your fault. Your life has played out the Sedna myth. Study it with your whole heart, Darling. The study of it will help you face it and grieve it. You will have a LOT of grief. I understand as my life has played out the Echo myth.

      1. amiannAnonymous

        I have sedna conjunct my moon opposing my north node. My dad hasn’t betrayed me but our relationship is cold. I feel constantly let down my people in my life. I know someone whose sedna is conjuncting my sedna and my moon therefore. Will this be a man who will betray me? Am I really doomed forever in love because if that were the case I can’t live this life anymore

      2. amiannWhitney

        I have Echo conjunct my Sun by exact degree.. is yours the same? I just seen it the other day and i was shocked because- its literally how i have felt my whole life. The ‘sidekick” , the ‘shadow’ of that other person that gets the attention ykno. But i also enjoy my attention when im on my own ykno. Lilith conjunct ASC Leo opposing Capricorn Sun .. message me by email if you want to talk further by this subject, would like someone to relate with

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      If you study the myth, you will see what happened to YOUR heart. Sedna had no safe place. When she had hope for a man who loved her, he turned out to be a monster. The myths are so poignant. She thought she was going to a safe,protected home with the man of her dreams. He came as a sophisticated gentleman. Then, he took her to a small hut that smelled of fish. One might think that detail is not necessary, but it makes the myth real, as it evokes the sense of her life, to her.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Sedna had dreams which died after she married the man who turned out to be a monster. Then, she tried to go back to her father’s home. Her father would not accept her. He was escaping the weather in a boat. She swam to the boat and he cut off her fingers. This image evokes all.

  2. amiannAlyssa

    I have Sedna Conjunct Moon too. My Moon is opposite my Asc, Mercury, Apollo, and Eros. I was molested when I was a very young girl by a neighbour who baby sat me. I never told my parents.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Oh My Goodness, Alyssa. I am so sorry! The asteroids show us our lives.How? I don’t know. However, look deeply in to the myth of Sedna and you will start to heal. It was not your fault. It is not your fault. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your journey, Friend. x

  3. amiannjulka

    Hello, may I ask how you would interpret a taurus moon (first house) conjunct sedna opposite scorpio venus/ pluto in the 7th? It feels sometimes like I have never find anyone to rely on. I have a very complicated relationship with my mother, that hurts a lot, she hurts me a lot but she seems to not understand why and makes me feel like I have no right to feel the way I feel about the way she behaves with me. I keep going back to her, thinking positive and that this time it is going to be fine, then she destroys everything I need in my life.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Why don’t you post the question on my Forum? More people can weigh in. We can, also, look at your full chart in the Personal Readings section. I assume your question is for the natal, right? The Moon conj Sedna would be a betrayal by men, for you! Moon oppose Venus/Pluto would show a hard relationship with your mother and a hard time with woman, in general. Also, you may feel split between loving someone and being attracted to them, as if it is hard to put this all together. Does that seem to fit?

      1. amiannjulka

        Sorry, I didn’t know there was a forum on your website, I will post my question there then! Yes, it is for the natal. I haven’t noticed important betrayal by men, and I always get mad (but with love) at my female friends for blindly clinging to men who betray them. The men I have truly loved (two this far) have always seen me as a cold but intense, wise, free and untameable woman, great priestess like… but of course, I am not and it always hurts very much when I understand that I have no rights to need emotional and secure bonds with the one I love. It’s like I have the heavy obligation to be “above” all those needs, but I’m not ready for it. I am sorry, going straight to the forum 🙂 than you very much for your answer.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Ok Good. The Forum is a better place for discussion. What you describe sounds like something different than Sedna, something with Pluto, maybe. We shall see!

  4. amiannDanijela

    I have nessus conjunct my sun, does anyone have that? I have never abused anyone but I can be cold, maybe because my moon is in Capricorn

    1. amiannspring

      my sedna is in my 10th house. conjuct sun , jupiter , mercury and juno. 180 ‘ with moon and pluto😟
      i am a “leo” asc
      what does it mean?🤕

  5. amiannYvonne

    I have moon conjunct sedna and xabt find any man for me. Been betrayed many time. Also my asc I cancer so moon here is very important it makes over 8 aspect so highly prominent. Moon itself opposites Pluto and Saturn. Yes I have bad connections with both parents I moved away from them to foreign country.also my sun moon midpoint conjuncts dejanira. I have been harrased who lfell in love with me and stole private info abt me and spread rumors abt me at work. I work hard in life but relationships don’t work for me at allll..

  6. amiannLou

    I relate to this myth entirely. I´ve got Sedna conjunct Descendant/Chiron/Lilith opposite a conjunction of Uranus/north node/Ascendant. I was betrayed by my father and men in my life. Yes, astrology is totally accurate.

    1. amiannMelissa

      I have Sedna exactly conjunction my ascendent in Taurus at 5 degrees, . Opposite my sun cupido and Venus in my seventh house at 6 degrees Scorpio. How does that play out?

  7. amiannAriadne

    I have Sedna Conjunct Mars in my 10th house. What does this mean? I’m a young woman who has been neglected by both parents and tried to get the missing love from drugs, alcohol and sex with strangers. didn’t work.

  8. amiannYvonne J.

    My learning about Sedna has brought me to this blog many times. One story in it mirrors a family member almost exactly, the same aspects resulting in the same life story. Uncanny.
    I am an amateur Astrologer for 36 yrs. Long enough to know astrology is real – astrology an art at looking at how the energies of the heavens, via the sacred geometry of the angles of the planets and other heavenly bodies to our natal chart, directly affect our lives.
    My interest in Sedna is because in my natal chart Sedna is in exact square only 1 degree off to both my Sun and Moon. When I look back at when it was Exact square as a 2-1/2 yr. old child my dad repeatedly beat me with a belt while my mom watched then both my parents literally abandoned me left me on front door my grandma’s that lasted for 2 yrs. Before and after that constant high grade disregard. I’ve had many similar issues with males and females. Fortunately I’m very independent and have always done best when on my own. The negative myth of Sedna is very real in my life.
    I’ve come to the conclusion those of us with hard aspects to Sedna are meant to understand the dynamic of betrayal by experience. In addition I believe hard aspects to Sedna indicate a lack of relating, in my case most males and females to me.
    Furthermore I’ve concluded the goal in my life is to turn the other cheek when I am betrayed/disregarded. It is so hard to do. Not always possible especially when young and just wounding.
    I think in the myth the remembering to comb her hair to continue to reap the reward of plentiful fishing is synonymous with remembering to respect someone who is very different than yourself. After that it is usually best if not necessary for me to liberate myself from them.
    Those few who I am close to have a very positive and strong astrological chemistry with me. Makes sense. It takes this to help offset moments of disregard that inevitably happens with everyone.

  9. amiannKirsten

    Hi Ami!

    My crush has his Sedna conjunct my name asteroid, in his 12th house. My Sedna conjuncts that. Can I expect him to covertly betray me?

        1. amianniwone

          what abt his sedna conjunct my moom (im cancer ascendant), my sedna, and my juno???? the rest of chart looks very , veeery goood and we are compatible so much

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I think he may betray you OR he may bring his own story of betrayal to you but I think it is the former, although I can’t say for sure. You will have to tell me how it goes. I try to talk from experience and have not seen this, although I do have to conjecture from understanding the building blocks of astrology. However, please, keep me posted about the relationship and we will learn together, Love.

  10. amiannBethany

    Hi Ami,
    I am not that knowledgeable about astrology… yet! But am learning, and your site is wonderful. I have a couple of questions regarding Sedna.

    My first question is, after reading about Sedna conjunct NN in synastry. If the man is the Sedna conjunct my NN, is the result the same? Does that indicate he betrays me, or do I have to be the Sedna person for this to play out?

    Second question is, I actually do have my natal NN conjunct my Sedna. Does this mean every husband will betray? Does the betrayal keep repeating if I stay with the same person, or just once with each different person/husband? Have you seen cases of repeating pattern if it’s in the natal chart?

    (My husband abandoned me last year after 3 decades of marriage without warning. So I am feeling betrayed. Also, no father in my life, no mother either… but that doesn’t relate to Sedna.)

    Thank you,

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow. Bethany. Thanks so much for sharing, Love. I am so sorry you went through all of that!
      About Sedna, he would bring the Sedna story to you and I am not totally sure how it would play out but I guess he would betray you but please let me know what happens, Sweetheart. Will there be a pattern? I hate to say that I think there will because the chart patterns do seem to play out for all of us, in my experience.

  11. amiannAnna

    I have Sedna conjunct Chiron in the 5th house, both opposing Ceres (12th house). Dejanira and Medusa sitting in my 1st house.

    It’s uncanny. Un. Canny. I don’t even know how to speak after reading how Ceres opposing Chiron signifies a mother’s withdrawal of support (aka betrayal).

    I’m shook.

    1. amiannAnna

      … my Medusa conjuncts Neptune. I didn’t know what that meant. Now I just read what he did to her. I mean, I have Pluto conjunct Mars, too…. HOW IS IT SO ACCURATE??? It’s frightening.

      I have lots of lovely aspects, too. Sappho conjuncts my Venus, Mars conjuncts Jupiter. Vests conjuncts my sun/moon, but holy moly, the trauma is just so profound.

      My Mars conjuncts Nessus (also squares Pluto) but I’m choosing to look at that energy as my not abusing myself. I’m a strong survivor, and I’ve broken the cycle… but jeez

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      The chart shakes me up a lot, too. Everything is there when one studies it enough. God gave us our charts and only He know why we have our struggles but God is love, so this helps me to accept them!

      1. amiannCosmic

        This comment honestly makes a lot of my anxieties go away. It really feels good good to know that God always understands us an our pain.

  12. amiannRami

    And other thing in regards to Sedna. I have Sedna conjunct a man’s Descendant and he has Sedna conjunct his Descendant. In my case it means that he would of betray me. I felt something was not right in our interaction and I cut off all the contact with him.

  13. amiannBev

    I just noticed my Sedna is square my moon within about 35 seconds. The Moon is in the 12th house nearly conjunct the Ascendant. Sedna is exactly square (to the second) my Ascendant (and Descendant). I was emotionally abandoned by my father and narcissistic mother. Both of my sisters are sociopathic.

    My progressed MC is forming a conjunction with my natal moon and ASC, putting it square Sedna.

      1. amiannGigiNYC

        I just realized *today* that I have Sedna conjunct Moon at an orb of three degrees (Taurus in the 5th House) — it also forms a sextile with three of the planets in my 7th House stellium (Sun, Venus, and Mars) as well as a trine with my Jupiter. This certainly does appear to provide more insight into the reasons why my love life as well as my relationships with men in general have often proved disappointing. My father was aloof and not very demonstrative when I was growing up (I frequently thought that he was disappointed in me), I was not popular in school, and I have a long history of attracting/being attracted to men who are not good for me — not physically abusive (thank goodness) but more often than not controlling, dishonest, elusive, unappreciative, unavailable, unfaithful, unreliable, etc.. As a result, I have a few trust issues when it comes to men even though I would prefer to be in a long term romantic relationship with someone given a choice. What would your advice be for a woman in my position moving forward? Would you suggest that I reconcile myself to being single (which is certainly preferable to being in an unhappy relationship since then at least it makes SENSE when I feel lonely) and focus all my attention on other things?

  14. amiannBev

    I took another look at my chart and see Sedna is in the 3rd house, indicating betrayal by my family of origin – certainly the case. I am trying to recover from something they did to my brother and I, that was just pure evil.

  15. amiannVivi Vox Nox

    Natally Sedna is conjunct my Eros and Venus (TAU 11 deg) .. I‘m 26 now and excruciatingly slowly Sedna has transited my Sun (TAU 21), then my name asteroid (TAU 25) and is now conjunct my IC (TAU 27)

    Why the hell is it moving so slowly ?

    I‘m not looking forward Sedna in my 4H .. or would you say the worst effect of this transit is at the beginning of the 4H / IC ?

    Thanks for all your insightful and enlightening articles ! You are one of the few who really seem to get to the bottom of all the asteroids

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Vivi. You made my day. Yes, asteroids are so important and so telling. I think you miss so much from just the planets. Please, don’t be a stranger!

  16. amiannVivi Vox Nox

    In addiction to my last comment:

    Sedna is conjunct Eros / Venus and also square Ceres / Lilith ..

    So yeah, my mum (Ceres) has a history of betraying me.

  17. amiannMithai

    Sedna on my 7th Sedna in his 7th
    And it’s Falling on both of our 7th. Because we have the same Asc.

    Would it cross each other out? Since we both have it..? Like the Vedic Mangal Dasha… where if a girl is Mangalic (meaning afflicted mars) has to marry a man who is manglic… to make it work.

  18. amiannCassie

    Trying to make sense of my ex and I, can’t find anything online about if you have sedna conjunct sedna – they exactly line up in our charts. 3rd house taurus. Does it mean we both where betrayed by men? We both had bad fathers and sexually abused by men.

    Does this mean that we betrayed each other? Thanks!!

  19. amiannKar

    Hi! 🙂 I have Sedna sextile Sun and Trine Capricorn. My sedna placement is in 7th house, Taurus my DC. What can i expect to these placements? thank you! 🙂

  20. amiannCold Fire

    Hi … a guy who i am having an affair with , we do not have any natal or synastric Sedna contacts (very minor maybe ) but in the composite chart we have Sedna conjunct Moon and Sedna conjunct Chiron . I felt he was trying to manipulate me in some way so I betrayed him pretty badly, emotionally and also publicly . I do feel bad now and am trying to make amends . It works both ways in a composite chart , as I being a woman , betrayed him so emotionally . I can vouch for this going both ways in a composite chart ( women betraying men and vice versa ) . Please make a note as this is my personal experience .

  21. amiannNighta

    Will someone who has Sedna conjunct sun natally have sedna/sun conjunction with everyone born close in age? Since it takes so many thousands of years to orbit the sun?

  22. amiannNari

    I am confused, I have sedna conjunct my mars in my natal chart? What does this exactly mean, am I going to experience betrayal from someone in a violent way?
    Also in synastry I have sedna conjunct a mans sun and the mans sedna is conjunct my south node who will betray who and in what way?

  23. amiannRoberta

    Sedona conjunct psyche. I feel taken advantage of every time. They are also very close to my chart ruler mercury also ruler of my twelfth house north node. Very sensitive spot. Very hard to hide my feelings even the most vulnerable. I always find myself running away not to be hurt.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      If you have betrayal, it will not be as earth shattering with the sextile as a hard aspect,but your father may have betrayed you but these things have to be close to exact.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Bad betrayal by the father and later men, in genera. These have to be close though–1-3 degrees. With the Neptune, it may be hard to see it and face it!

  24. amianneyl

    Hi Ami,
    His Sedna conjunct my Moon and Jupiter in 10th house, also it touches my Sun, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, ASC and Chiron. 🙁 My sedna conjunct his Mars in 8th house and square his Sun. All of them are exact. These make me a little worried. Should I be afraid of him? :/

  25. amiannL

    My 5th House Sedna conjuncts a friend’s 10th house Mercury in Taurus. Am I going to betray this person somehow, verbally? As in a lie (either intentional or not) or is it outright Judas & Peter stuff? Who does the betraying, the Sedna person or the one they’re aspected to? If you see something in the chart, is it fated or can it be prevented (like if it suggests you’re going to be the offender). That myth is so sorrowful! Every time I start reading about asteroids, I am led back here, so thank you for writing these posts.

      1. amiannL

        So, the way to deal with it (I assume) means to avoid this person? Or once you get pulled into orbit, does it have to play out?

        We have sextile moons and close moon/sun aspects to each other. The other person’s sun conjuncts my NN/descendant & their moon conjuncts my SN/Ascendant. My moon is conjunct their SN.

        It’s really hard to pull away. I keep trying. Then I feel pulled back into the orbit. It’s been like this for almost three years. Pulling away (from both sides) and gravitating back in (from both sides). I’m trying to be smart but I am weak when it comes to the moon. I empathize too much with this person.

        I keep reminding myself not to forget about Sedna and to not get sucked in too much.

        1. amiannL

          Sorry, not that it matters, but my moon is conjunct their NN. Anyway, moon/node conjunctions on both sides… you get the idea. It’s stressing me out!

  26. amiannMarie

    Hi Ami,

    Thank you for all your work on this website. Its very helpful!

    I have Sedna conjunct Moon in Taurus in the 8th house. Moon is the apex on my Yod (the other planets are Pluto conjunct mercury and Neptune )
    As a child I have been abused. How should I interpreted this ~Sedna/Moon as an apex? Also, I have Nessus conjunct Mars in Cancer exactly on the cusp on the MC. I have never been abusive, and stood up for people who can’t do it for themselves. Yes I am a fighter, but for the good reasons. Can Nessus be this way or not?

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