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Beware of Christian Psychics

I know you will think this is a strange title. However, there are only two sources of spiritual information–God and the Dark Side(Satan). You want to get advice that will lead you into the light. Jesus is the light of the world. Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Hence, Satan appears as a very beautiful entity. People do not understand this about Satan. He SEDUCES. If not, no one would come to him. He was the most beautiful created being.

All the New Age modalities, as well as every single religion out there has Satan as their leader. They don’t know that, of course. However, the Bible tells us that there is one God and one finds him through Jesus. Hence, all other ways are false. I know some people will be angry at me for saying this, but it is true.

If you want to find God, pray a prayer. Ask the real God to come to you and show Himself. He will, if you pray with a sincere heart. If you prayed this prayer, write to me!

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