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By Request–Cars for the Venus Signs

pin up girl pink carThese are just a start. If you can come up with something better, I will nix mine except for Scorpio

Aries—Baby stroller (for him)

Taurus–Truck with a flat bed for hauling farm supplies.

Gemini—–Red Fiat Convertible

Cancer—-A Tank— it can survive an accident.

Leo—–Maroon Cadillac with red dice hanging from the mirror


Libra— White Volvo with white, leather interior

Scorpio—–Van with curtains, so you can go in the back and make out.

Saggi—– Rocket

Capricorn Venus—-Classic antique car

Aquarius—No car required. He walks to save the environment.


26 thoughts on “By Request–Cars for the Venus Signs

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Living solely in the imaginative relam is like VIEWING a pretty picture, but never
    ENTERING it! Like Adam and Eve dwelling EAST OF EDEN!

  2. amiannLon Spector

    The Christian journey is simular to the journey of the Children of Israel when they
    wondered for 40 years in the desert. They yearned for release. They eventually got
    it. But they had 40 years of “overcoming” to go through. Our “release” will occurr when
    Jesus returns.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    God makes us overcome because we value more what we have to struggle for.
    We don’t go through anything that Christ Himself didn’t have to go through.

  4. amiannRuth E Velasco

    This was a wonderful and very helpful article for me! Any chance you could do the Venus signs interest in architecture? (I mean taste in homes.)

      1. amiannRuth E Velasco

        It was very helpful because I love learning about people’s taste in things. Clothes would be interesting and appreciated. But clothes are a bit over done. How about Venus taste in restaurants, vacations spots, books and or art?

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