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Caressing Your Soul—–The Child Asteroid(4580) in Synastry

jerry-marcy-monkman-young-girls-running-in-field-sabins-pasture-montpelier-vermont-usaI think when we strip off our masks of maturity and competence, we are children wanting love and acceptance. Hence, the Child Asteroid assumes an important place in synastry. When my Child Asteroid touches someone’s Moon, I love the person. It doesn’t matter the travails. The love of a child is an enduring love. The world of a child is magical. Hence, the Child Asteroid takes this magic and infuses it into the relationships of those whom it touches.

If there is any aspect that could substitute for Moon connections, it would be the Child Asteroid. Falling in love is child to child. If you have ever fallen in love, you know this to be true. That is what makes falling in love so other worldly. It is a trip to the heavenly regions while one is on earth. It is a trip to the child’s world where innocence  reigns. All love is innocent.

The Child Asteroid transports us out of our world of button down suits to a world of running free, running with abandon and most importantly, running with love. If your Child Asteroid touches a personal part of the chart of another, your inner child can come out to play. I really don’t know what is sweeter!

40 thoughts on “Caressing Your Soul—–The Child Asteroid(4580) in Synastry

  1. amiannAmazing_Love

    I recently met someone and felt instantly attracted to them.We have moon trine moon and child trine chld. I done further research and found my child is exactly conjunct her ascendant and my vertex is conjunct her child with a 1 degree orb. What would this mean?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The Child asteroid is one of my faves. Falling in love is Moon to Moon and/or Child to Child. We can fall in love with our friends in a manner of speaking. True intimacy is child to child. I think this will be a lovely relationship, AL. Keep me posted! I think you will be like childhood best friends which is VERY rare when you get older. I don’t have it now and would love to have it.

  2. amiannAmazing_Love

    Cool…she lives in New York. We only text, we haven’t spoken on the phone yet but just from text we know just about everything about each other lol and the conversation flows pretty smoothly. My sun is conjunct her moon and her sun is oppose my moon. Her Pluto is Also conjunct my sun and mine is square her sun.

  3. amiannDoudou

    Hello, I’ve got my Child conjunct my Venus. I like a man who’s got his Child in exact good aspect (trine) to my Sun and that’s true, he acts sometimes like a child with me, I noticed. Not all the time. In spite of his age. But I like this. But I don’t really understand how my Venus-Child aspect influences me. I really find asteroids interesting, so thanks for this article.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Sun opposite Child is not too good, although it is a rather small aspect in respect to the whole chart. It could make it hard for both of you to express your inner child with each other. Child conj Cupido MAY be some form of sexual abuse as a child, S.

  4. amiannGin

    I have child conj child, trine my Venus and his Mercury/Saturn with the love of my life. My SN conj his mars. Our ascendants are conjunct, which means my Pluto also conj his Ascendant. My moon conjunct his desc. Pluto trine Venus, Mars trine Saturn double whammy. Our Junos are conjunct both of our ascendants. His Ceros conjunct my eros conjunct our conjunct desc. His union is conjunct my Ceres and Venus (trine our Child conjunction). And when I say conjunct on all of these, I mean every single one is conjunct to the degree. It’s crazy. And then most of his personal planets except Mars are in Aquarius 4th house, that one is 3rd house, where mine are Leo 10th house, or Cancer mars/Mercury 9th house. Even though he’s an Aquarius, we can relate on so many things because he carries that 4th house energy that my mars and mercury understand. Our houses line up very closely. It’s a very yin and yang energy, or like a coin, where everything is the opposite but the same. It’s like having everything you could ever want in another human being, really. Passionate but sweet, similar but never boring. We have so much fun together. Sorry about the ramble!

  5. amiannJemma

    Love your work Amiann. Thanks for making your wonderful insights available to everyone! So I have my child conjunct his ascendant 2degrees and his child is conjunct my descendant exact! It was interesting to see as I’m older than him by 11 years yet feel like the young person half the time! So perhaps this is why? Interested to see what your perspective is on this double whammy? I am very new to the joys of asteroids! Many thanks!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You made my day, Jemma, with your kind words. Thank you and Welcome! Well, I think you would bring child like joy to each other.Also, you may be able to really share your hearts with each other. I think of the Child asteroid like the Moon–very much of your intimate heart. Remember love is child to child. I love that saying and it is very true!

  6. amiannPortia

    I am 16 years older than my boyfriend, but he said that I am cute like a child for many times.
    I thought that must be the power of his Vesta exactly conjunct my Venus. Guess what? His Sun also exactly conjunct my Child! He said age doesn’t matter to him and I probably should believe him ( his Sun ).
    Thank you so much for introducing this asteroid.

  7. amiannBrandy

    Hello I wanted to know if these are good aspects
    My Asteroid Child Libra is
    conjunct Mercury
    Conjunct Mars
    Trine Saturn
    Trine Pallas
    Conjunct asteroid Destinn
    Square Fortuna
    Conjunct Lovas

    My guy Child Capricorn
    Trine Mercury
    Conjunct Uranus
    Conjunct Neptune
    Sextile Pluto
    Trine Vertex
    Trine Loveday
    Trine Lovelock

    My Child trine his DNA
    My Child Square His Child
    My Child Square his Uranus/Neptune
    My Child semi-sextile his Pluto/N.Node/Vertex
    My child semi-sextile His Lovelock
    My child quincunx his Mercury
    His Child trine my Juno
    His Child Square my Mercury
    His Child semi-sextile Saturn
    His Child Conjunction my Fortuna
    His Child Conjunction my Eros

  8. amiannMitzye

    What about Child conjunct Jupiter in synergy? Does that just create an abundance of innocence or that the person’s Jupiter brings out your inner child even more?

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