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Chiron/Planet Interactions in Synastry


I wish I had a thousand years in which to study charts. I have been studying Astrology for seven years. I have made many personal observations about Chiron, but have not seen all aspects, of course.

I will try to share my theories, to date.

People question who is the “healer”? Who is the one coming to the healer to be healed? We have had many discussions on about this.

I think the Chiron goes to the planet person for healing.

I think that the “expectation”(usually subconscious) of the Chiron person is that the planet person will heal them.

The nature of the planets can show us the TYPE of healing.

If Chiron conjuncts Venus, the Chiron person may be looking for healing through love.

If the Chiron conjuncts the Sun, the person may be looking at healing of his ego.

If the Chiron conjuncts Mars, the person may be looking for healing/help with his drives, ambitions or passions.

I have had some personal experiences with Chiron in synastry and I will share those, now.

Six are my own experiences. One is from a family members.

My Venus Conjunct her Chiron( which was in the 12th House)

In this case, I went to her for healing. She was a friend. Her 12th House Chiron shows us that her pain tended to be HIDDEN from her. When this happens, someone else can “prick” it and it can come flooding out and be too much for the person. However, that is not germane to this article. I say it for interest.

I thought I had found my BBF(Best Friend Forever) Chiron in synasty makes one feel this way. It is classic for a Chiron relationship.

She and I got very close for a long period of time. Then, we had a minor misunderstanding and it blew up to nuclear proportions. This is, also, classic for a Chiron relationship.

After the blow up, it is very hard, close to impossible, to restore the friendship.

My Chiron Conjunct His Saturn

He came to me for healing. He needed someone to nurture him. We were platonic friends, only. I felt like I had found a lifetime friend, once again.WE got very close in a very short time, which is a classic trait of a Chiron relationship. Then, we had a small misunderstanding and he ran away. I cannot remember what it was. I tried to reach out to him, but he had shut the door.

His Venus Conjunct my Chiron

This is a relationship with a close family member. WE have an amazing relationship, but he feels I do not love him in the way that he wants. He feels I do not give him enough attention. He gets his feelings hurt a lot. This is one thread in an otherwise great relationship. However, this relationship started me to look at Chiron in synastry closer and hence, write this article.

My Chiron conjunt her Nessus

This is the “end all” Nessus relationship. I am embarrassed to even tell the story. This is with a girlfriend. We started off as friends. Then, we got into a fight and were enemies(YES, I say things in a direct way). Then, we became friends again. This time, it was even closer. Again, I felt I found a BFF.
In this relationship, I had relationship that reminded her of her abusive boyfriend. It was the same, but I did not know it at the time. She became very angry at me that I would not see that this man was abusive. She pulled away from me, entirely, and I could never restore the relationship. In hindsight, she was right about the man.

The funny part is this. She told me not to contact her again or she would call the police. I texted her. The next phone call that came was the police. I didn’t answer and hung up.

Nessus will kill you wherever you find it 😛

Her Mercury/Sun combust Conjunct my Chiron

This is a family member. Mercury/Sun combust is very powerful. The person may be very self centered, not through any fault of her own. Her inner world is very insular. I hope that is a clear way of saying it. This person finds it hard to get out of her own way. She hurts badly because it is very hard to detach. Hence, if someone insults her or does not like her, it hurts very badly. Hence, she may(and often does lash out. This is my experience with Mercury in close combust to the Sun.

Now, when we add Chiron to the mix, we have nuclear intensity. Think Hurricane Katrina.In this case, the Mercury/Sun person wanted me, the Chiron person, to heal her. She got very angry when I could not.

This relationship is long term, with many gaps of no contact. There will not be contact, ever, I don’t think.

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7 thoughts on “Chiron/Planet Interactions in Synastry

  1. amiannRagna Heffermehl

    In my synastry with my partner, I’ve just discovered that his chiron is exactly conjunct my dejanira. And my chiron is exactly conjunct his dejanira as well!! Any interpretations?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Dejanira is not usually a violent aspect, so that is good. There will, likely, be a lot of pain and a lot of healing. I would not marry but I really cannot say more than that cuz maybe it could be a really healing relationship cuz the aspect goes both ways. You keep me posted please, Ragna.

  2. amiannNgahere wihare

    Hey so My chiron is conjunct my ex/bfs mars nessus and mercury our relationship was very fast we got serious very quickly it was long distance and we spoke every day/night for hours we’re no longer together but if we weren’t long distance I would’ve have stayed we also still talk

    I was wondering if you had any interpretations for this ?

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