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Counseling Using Astrology

onion girlsI have a  Master’s degree in Counseling but never really enjoyed it. I got into the field of holistic health as a kind of fluke. After I got out of Grad School, I went to interview in a psychologist’s office. It turned out he was one of the foremost doctors in the country in natural health. He said he had been waiting for an assistant and I was it. As his assistant, I worked alongside him. He was a homeopath and an acupuncture physcian. He was an amazing out of the box person and was very generous with his teaching.

My next job was counseling but it left me a little cold. It seemed impotent. It seemed canned. It seemed like one went through the motions from a programed  guide. Everyone played his part——the client and the counselor. I played my part but my heart was not in it and I felt like a fraud. I feel like the field is a fraud. I know this is a strong statement. I don’t think it can really help in deep ways. It can be palliative but that is all. I say all this to bring me to the topic of this article.

My practice seems to have to worked into one of my greatest passions—doing counseling using the charts. Also, I try to use radical honesty. I don’t think much honesty exists in these politically correct times. Truth heals. It may hurt but ongoing lies hurt more. In my practice, I can be honest. I can spend as much time as the person needs. I don’t believe in the 50 minute hour. I believe in staying with the person until he has a breakthrough or a release of some sort. I want to make a difference. One cannot buy that. A person has to love what she does and be called to it.

I do handwriting analysis. This can tell me more than the charts.  It tells me more about the present state of the person. The chart shows the life blueprint of the person. There is a difference. Both matter. It is the best of all worlds to have both. If I could have one only, I would take the chart because it shows the person’s purpose. One will never be happy if one is not following one’ s purpose. The chart shows our struggles. It shows our unique pain. It, also, shows our unique gifts. It really shows everything and that is why I love it.


PS The picture has nothing to do with the article but I thought it was so cool and just found it, so I thought I would use it 😀




21 thoughts on “Counseling Using Astrology

  1. amiannpadre31

    I think you hit the nail on the head Mon Cheri, one of the problems with main stream counseling is IT is canned, and dull, and sounds fake or like pablum to the one receiving it.

    You use charts, and that is awesome, I studied Pastoral Counseling, where the Bible, the whole Bible is used. I decided not to go into that field for a number of reasons, did find the approach quite valid is it not only identifies problems, both temporal and spiritual, it offers Godly advice to actually solve the issues relying on the Most High’s sage advice.

    Jest learning Proverbs offers tremendous insights into the human condition, ditto the Wisdom of Solomon. Vanity vanity, it’s all vanity

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lovely post, Padre. Thank you. I always go by Biblical principles if people ask me for advice. I don’t need my clients to be Christians. I don’t push Jesus, EVER. However, in time, many people will ask me. For a person to find Jesus, a relationship with a Christian is the most important thing.

      Once you build up trust and respect, magical things can happen like a person asks you about Jesus. That is the purpose of life for the Born Again Christian imo

      That is so cool that you are a Pastoral Counselor. I think you would be very good, Padre!

      Why didn’t you work in it?

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Why do you suppose that most of the people I have known, or have
    heard about me, would regard your above posting to be a bunch of
    Is it just a matter of the disinformation they have been taught their
    entire lives? Their life experiences?
    We live in a world were people recieve so much contradictory information,
    so many different kinds of “cultural programming.”
    I had no difficulity at all understanding your points. Is it because I have the Sun in
    the ninth house, as you do?
    Incidently, I write left-handed, and I had a minor stroke a few years back, so
    handwriting analysis would NEVER work on me, but I always perfered printing, that
    in itself, tells you something.
    Did you look up Marcel Efferts like like I told you to? He’s the best handwritting
    analysis person I know of.
    BTW, I had one of those Astrological compatibility charts done-a “freebee,”
    very superficial that matched myself and Casey Anthony. They said I had an
    87% compatibility rating with her! That’s probably just a ploy, to make you spring
    for the more through test that they charge for. I only had an 11% compatibility
    with Jodi Arias!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I think the Christian needs to think for himself, not follow any MAN. The Bible does not say Astrology is wrong. It is super powerful. Hence, dark forces do not want the Christian to have it imo

  3. amiannPadre31

    I did not go into it because it usually boiled down to marriage counseling, which is not something I wanted to get involved in.

    The odd thing is, and you indirectly pointed it out, is no matter how wise the counsel of the Bible, if one merely alludes to a teaching w/o crediting the Bible, “wow, that is so wise and helpful” mention the Bible and the reaction vary wildly. As if the source of the Wisdom nullifies the Wisdom being offered.

      1. amiannPadre31

        Not well Mon Cher, she is getting a feeding tube to see if she can recover, the prognosis is not positive at all.

        We’ll know in a couple of weeks

        About the marriage counseling thing, what happens is both sides then try to turn the counselor to their pov, if one is foolish enough to do that then the other one hates you, if one stays neutral, they both wind up hating you, it is a no win situation and better avoided, let someone who is blessed to do that work take that role.

          1. amiannPadre31

            Organizing mode, lots of details to be handled so it all has not really sunk in quite yet AA. Otherwise doing surprisingly well.

            Keep in mind, for the last several yrs, she was not in good health, I could step in the door and find she had departed, or wake up in the morning and discover the same thing had happened over night.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    Some people are beyond human help anyway. But the entire world is in a
    “holding pattern.”
    God unravels His plan in a stage by stage manner. We want results
    “yesterday.” That’s faith is so crutical. But even the “faith” itself comes from

  5. amiannLon Spector

    I just can’t figure out the woman that runs it. I’ve tried to figure her out
    every way I could, based on the information I could gleen.
    I don’t know her percise birthdate. I think she was born in 1983, which would
    be Year of the Boar. Boars love luxary, and she said even at her young age,
    she has enough money to retire on. Boars are NOT harsh people.
    I’ve had her name analized according to the Chaldean numerological method,
    (See the Neverending Newsletter on and it was
    agreed that she probably was NOT a sociopath. Since I can’t get close to people
    I have to relie on “long distance” means of assessing personality. There are ways
    like Chinese Astrology (Where you ONLY need the year of birth) Chaldean
    numerology, (If you have the current name the person is using) and Chinese
    Face reading if you have a photograph. (She usually keeps herself hidden)
    Do you know of of Face Reader named Janet Hagar? She’s written a couple of
    books. She did an apprasial of Casey Anthony’s face back in 2011. She thinks
    that Casey MIGHT have been abused because of the shape of her eyes.
    They are LARGE “dishpan” eyes. Janet thinks that possibly, Casey had to be
    watchful of her father’s advances so, that’s why her eyes are shaped like that.
    BTW, you’ll note that some of the respondents to my posting on SW had thought
    I was female. My placements ARE female for a man. Taurus is classified as “female”, as are Moon in Cancer and Venus in Pisces. Also, Saturn in the 5th,
    Moon square Venus, Venus square Saturn are indicative of an “emasculated”
    male. Remember, I told you I was born a eunic. I’ve never been “defiled.”

  6. amiannLon Spector

    But I am certainly not “gay.” Gay people are not “gay.” And it’s NOT
    because of society’s rejection. It is because they KNOW deep down inside,
    that it is an unhealthy and unfulfiling activity they engage in.
    They wish to be set free, from this depraved urge and ONLY Christ Jesus
    can free them!

  7. amiannLon Spector

    Happiness lies NOT in the fulfilment of desire but in the ABSENCE of
    desire. When God’s Holy Spirit fills you up, what more do you need?

  8. amiannLon Spector

    I know my time here is about over, but for the sake of future reference
    would you tell me what is being said about me by others?
    What vile and obscence slander is being said?
    I DO deserve a “heads up.”

  9. amiannJulia_Y

    ” I don’t believe in the 50 minute hour. I believe in staying with the person until he has a breakthrough or a release of some sort”.

    You are this doctor who helps a patient with broken legs to get up and walk again. <3

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