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Cruelty in the Natal Chart

Saturn in hard aspect to Pluto is supposed to show cruelty in the natal chart. Hard aspect would be the conjunction( in this case), the square and the opposition. As with all things in Astrology, degree matters. I wonder why this aspect denotes cruelty. I do know that Saturn makes obsessive what it touches. weird hand with green ringI have seen Saturn conjunct Eros obsessed with sex. I have seen Saturn conjunct Echo obsessed with finding one’s voice. In the same way, Saturn must make Pluto obsessed with expressing POWER. How best to express power than cruelty. I suppose cruelty is absolute power. In any case, please share your experiences and we will discover more about this aspect, together.

29 thoughts on “Cruelty in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannTarek

    Hi Ami…
    What do you think about (out of sign 5 orb separating) conjunction?
    and what do you think about out of signs aspects in general?

    I found that this is a point of depate, plus my brother has this conjunction Saturn in 3 Scorpio + Pluto in 28 Libra.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Tarek 😀

      I would go by orbs more than signs. Orbs can be likened to a roaring fire. One feels the energy and warmth when one is close. One feels it less so when one moves away. That is how I see orbs, Tarek.

    1. amiannT

      I have the pluto/NN opposite moon/sn – I wouldn’t say I was blind as a bat but I do have to ask myself at times – how do I feel about xyz, you know? It’s not unusual for me to go against how I feel. I have the same with sun/mercury oppose Jupiter – I have to ask myself at times – do I want to do this and is it helpful/harmful to me and/or the group, as a whole. It’s not unusual for me to do things for the sake of the whole while putting myself in harm’s way.

  2. amiannferryleaf

    How best to express power than cruelty. I suppose cruelty is absolute power.

    Aww. 🙁 Spoken as if from a very sad heart.

    Heresy, love. *hugs*

    Absolute power is: Forgiveness. <3 Jesus.
    God is absolute power, and God is the antithesis of cruel.
    (But I know you know these things.)

    And I believe that if:

    Saturn must make Pluto obsessed with expressing POWER

    …then that power might turn to cruelty, or result in cruelty as a means to its end, only because of the entry of Satan into the world.

    God made good things; Satan twists them.

    (Then God redeemed them again. <3 )

  3. amiannAna

    I have this conjunction in the 10th house and I’m exactly the opposite. Can’t kill a fly without remorse 🙂 Also Neptune is conjunct AC.

  4. amiannDeja

    I was seeing a guy who had Saturn in Pisces square Pluto Scorpio. He also had Mars in Pisces square his Pluto in Scorpio, and Saturn square mars. (He even had a Pisces sun and moon) You would think with all that Pisces it would tone it down a whole lot but instead he was passive aggressive and abusive in a covert way. Silent treatments, gaslighting, panicked if i didn’t text back in 5 seconds. Whenever he thoght i was about to reject him he would start liking all these disrespect meme and post on Instagram about women that i know where about me. And wouldn’t call me. If i called him he would act like he wasn’t upset and be fake. He used all my insecurities against me to make me look like the bad guy. My point is thats i think that heavy aspects with light or water signs still have the potential to be cruel or abusive just in the way that that particular sign would be that way. In the case of a Pisces passive aggressive and covertly. Just my take.

      1. amiannDeja

        He does have nessus conjunct his jupiter which seems to also conjunct my natal venus conjunct Dejanira… that was one of few “harmonious” aspects until i realized the deja nessus connection. (We had almost all of the red flag aspects in synastry.) Not to mention that venus of his is in Aries. As far as sado it was trine his mercury not sure that’s very strong. He made me cry one time and still finds humor in it to this day. Lol. Smh.

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