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More On Dark Sexuality

blue snakeI talk to people and I do charts. From this, I draw conclusions. I do not do so lightly. I have great respect for the reader of this website. I have great respect for the fact that you took your valuable time to come here. In turn,  I will be honest and I will talk about real subjects.  That brings us to the subject of this article—-Dark Sexuality.

I have come across several people with the Asteroid Sado conjunct the Sun. The Sado asteroid is sadism. These people have been honest with me and I appreciate that. They say that they enjoy sadism. I don’t think one has a choice in something like this when one has the Asteroid Sado conjunct the Sun. One could choose to act on it or not, but one could not choose the desire to do so.

The Asteroids that conjunct the Sun are very personal. One cannot help one’s basic make-up and the Sun is one’s basic make-up. Research the Asteroids that conjunct your Sun because you will have much more insight into yourself. I have Jung conjunct the Sun. I see people the way Jung does. I did this long before I ever read Jung. When I read Jung, it was a kind of home coming.I think you will feel the same way with the Asteroids that conjunct your Sun.

Back to the subject of Dark Asteroids. Nessus conjunct the Sun would make the native  want to abuse. I have been told this is true by people with this placement. One would strongly resonate with  any asteroid  conjunct  one’s Sun. That asteroid   would be an important part of one’s identity. It would show to others, as well, even if one did not want that to be the case.The Sun is a planet which does show to others. I  have Circe conjunct the Sun. Circe is not be dark, per se. It is magical in the manner of witchcraft. I think I can bring a magic to the things I love. I think that is one of my gifts.

Back to the subject,  which is dark sexuality. Certain asteroids are not dark, such as Lilith. Lilith is raw sexuality. There is a big difference between raw sexuality and dark sexuality. One may have raw sexuality without dark sexuality or one may have both.

Eros and Sappho are erotic  sexuality but not dark sexuality. In Sappho’s case, it is the erotic  with a proclivity to the arts such as  music, art and literature.

Apollo is an asteroid that makes people want to worship the native. This would not be dark.

However, any asteroid could MIX with a Dark Asteroid in a synastry and it could become dark. Keep that in mind. One person can bring the Dark Asteroid to another,  making the sexuality dark.

Many people have talked to me about S/M lately. Synastry charts do show this tendency. One person may not have a tendency to dark sexuality but the other person could bring it to him.  Both could have a tendency to it. It could vary like this. One  woman’s natal chart had Dejanira conjunct the North Node. This tells you that she will  learn the lessons of being a victim. This is not a placement anyone would choose. However, some people do have very hard placements such as this.  The man had Sado conjunct the Sun. He wanted an S/M relationship. This seemed to be a perfect fit. This synastry was what inspired me to write this article. I like to deal in real life Astrology even if I have not experience it myself 😀

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55 thoughts on “More On Dark Sexuality

  1. amiannmarion


    Have you seen anything in synastry with either Sado square Venus or sado conjunct venus (by about 3 degrees). There two men in my life who are romantically connected to me in some way or the other. One’s sado squares my fifth house Venus. Other’s Sado conjuncts my Venus. Both by 3 degrees. Funnily both of their Nessus’ conjuncts my first house South Node as well.

    What could be the situation here? Am i going to be ‘comfortably take up their abuse (Their nessus on my SN) and tolerate their sadism in the context of love/romance (Their Sado hard on my Venus)?

    Now i want to run for the hills….

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, Sado square venus would not be good. It would be his trying to be sadistic with you and not in a nice way, if you want to say nice, in terms of some people like this. Their Nessus on your SN would seem to be abuse for sure. With both these things going on, I don’t see how the relationships could not be abusive, in my opinion. Tell me about them

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Dear Amiann,
    Did you see my posting in the Forum section of the website? If not, I will flesh out
    the reasons why I have ceased posting there…
    As I said the other day, I think the forum section is primarily for socialization.
    Most people are “normal,” and have a lifetime of “socialization experience.” They try to
    project comaraditey and “warmth” in communicating with others. They can read
    “social signals” based on prior life experience.
    In my case, once I step out of my house, I am like a “fish out of water.” I simpily by-passed
    many phases of social developement. This is why I’m such a social outcast.
    A serious person like myself IS NOT GOOD to be around social “carefree” people. (Saturn
    in 5th.) They are more then likely-with all my social handicaps-to ADD me to thier list of
    things to ridicule. It NEVER FAILS! When I come out into public from an “unavoidable”
    necessity, people see my LIMITATIONS and are VERY HARSH. Most people are more
    miserible then they let on and need a SCAPEGOAT, someone to blame ALL thier
    troubles on!
    This is why I avoid people as MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Not only for MY benefit, but for their’s
    as well.
    I could tell you very embarassing stories about “distasteful events” when I try to “mix”
    socially. My mere presence has an unsettling effect. (Pluto in the 1st, opposite Mars in the
    7th.) I have “zero” “E.Q.” I’m like Robin Williams in that movie where he plays an “old man/
    kid who attends public school. You can see why it’s a comedy film.
    Sure, it’s true that kids can be taught not to tease. We spoke about the co-joined twins that
    look like they have two heads, but that’s VERY rare.
    That’s one reason why I am so interested in Casey Anthony. There has never been one like
    her in a 100 years. But EVEN SHE has socialization experience. That’s why she has SOME
    hope. She liked to go to “clubs.” My shadow has never crossed the threshold of a “club” in
    55 years!

  3. amianntombone

    Do you consider Quintiles as major. I understand some dont and some do, but if it does count then I should have a dark basement with whips, handcuffs, toy swings and chokers seeing both Nessus and Sado touch the Sun

  4. amiannLon Spector

    You expect “kids” to understand me? They’ve got thier whole lives ahead of them.
    And plenty of rumpled bed sheets to go! My life went bye-bye long ago!
    Why return to the forum? Who understands me there? You do. Because you are a tad bit
    older then the kids that post here.
    But you are spread to thin. What with, YOUR CONTINUED WORK ON THE LINDA
    Now I see why you have no time for T.V. What a burden it must be. Putting in long hr.’s
    at Goodman, and then trying to get your own website off the ground! Isn’t that right
    Amy Ann?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, Lon. I love when my website succeeds because it is my baby. I feel a sense of accomplishment that people like it. However, I TRULY love when people get saved. That gives me a joy that warms my heart. That is the purpose for my life. I do have personal growth goals. I want to learn to deal better with life. Having a website does that. I want to give back to Randall, the head of LL. He was one of the people who helped me get out of the horrible hole after my son died. I am very loyal. If anyone ever helped me, I will be on their side, forever.
      I enjoy LL. I enjoy giving, if I am able. The charts allow me to give and that blesses people and me.
      I really do not have a lot of ego in my website. My material needs are met and so I don’t need anything financially. I really want my life to count for something.People getting saved is the main purpose for my life, Lon dear. That is my legacy to my son.

  5. amiannEva

    I have Sado 28 degree conj my Dejanira 29 degree in Aquarius in 3th house. What it could mean? I don’t have any experiences to think of with this aspect.

      1. amiannEva

        OMG, not at all, not even in my wildest fantasies. Hopefully I won’t become ,,victim” to some S/M dude. If I will have some experiences I will let you now.

  6. amiannLon Spector


  7. amiannLon Spector

    The evangelist sets the dinner table. But only a combination of God, and the person’s
    desperation, compells him to dine at the table.

  8. amiannAmazing_Love

    Natally I have Sado conjunct Uranus by 1 degree.
    In synastry we have sado conjunct sado & both our sado is opposing her Venus.
    Could you give me a description of this?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, if you are born close n time, asteroids would conjunct for every person born close in that time period, so one does not count them much, Tiffany. Venus is a personal planet, so Sado oppose Venus would count a great deal such that he may be sadistic with her. Sado conj Uranus in the natal is prolly generational, too, yet one may still feel it. One may have kind of bizarre fantasies or wishes having to do with sadism. Do you?

      1. amiannCece

        Recently reading this article, I have come to realize that I have my sun exact conjunct aldeberan, midheaven, and circe In 10th house along with Jupiter. Circe is also quincunx Uranus, and bi-quintile neptune, and get an uneasy feeling with these aspects, though I’m not sure if my assumption is correct. Would this make me a bad person?

  9. amiannCece

    Could you explain? I also have hekate conjunct jupiter and chiron in the 10th, sextile my moon(regulus)in 12th and venus in 8th/9th, trine pluto in 3rd, and quintile my ascendant. And my apologies for what seemed like a stupid question, it’s just that I noticed my south node(direct, 11th house, Leo) aspects,and it sextiles my sun, circe, aldeberan, and midheaven-I guess I thought that maybe In a past life I did something bad with magic.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It is not a stupid question at all. There are no stupid questions. You are learning. I don’t believe in past lives so can’t speak to that but it would help if you could put your chart up in my Forum. It is easier than a verbal description and you can ask the questions you have there, so I have it all in one place.

  10. amiannNimi

    You say Circe conjunct your sun allows you to bring magic in witchcraft. What do you mean by that? I also have this placement as well as Circe conjunct my Ascendant too. Thanks

  11. amiannAnastasia

    I am dating someone who has his lilith conjunction my sun and moon and his sado also this conjunction my sun, apart my Dejanira this conjunction to his mars .. Is it VERY BAD?

      1. amiannAnastasia

        how bad?…
        I’ve never been so in love with someone and seems like a good person, but I also believe in astrology. So I’m open to suggestions

  12. amiannbethany clark

    I got sun conjunct and venus conjunct Sado asteroid to someone I love. Lol, I wonder how poorly I treated him. I have no idea.

  13. amiannB

    Hi amiann <3, i ve just met a man who has sado conjunct eros exactly. Both 2 asteroids are in my mars venus midpoint. However, as my mars are only 6 degree far from my venus, so his eros and sado both conjunct these planets of me.
    I m attracted to him alot, may be because his taurus mars conjunct my moon (1°) and my mars square his moon. I, my self, really want to make the first move but this sado asteroid is so scary. Amian, this man has venus conjunct exactly his child asteroid in cancer, will this aspect (child venus) help if conjunct my Mc (orb 1°)?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t really use midpoints so can’t speak to that. You should maybe go forward and see what happens. His mars conj your moon is not really good. He may pick at you . The Venus/child is lovely. Try it, would be my opinion, B.MArs sq Moon is not good either. You may not like each other in time.

      1. amiannB

        Thank you amiann ^^
        Yes, because his venus conjuncts child in cancer and his sun also conjuncts NN in cancer too, just 4 degree far from this. A lovely and gentle man, you know, love kids so much.
        Then, i was shocked when i saw his sado conjunct eros. If you do not use the midpoint, it can be considered that his sado and eros conjunct my mars and venus (orb 3.5 and 2.5 respectively).
        I will tell you about this relationship in the future.
        In addition, amiann, i have 3 friends, one has sado conjunct NN, one conjunct moon, one has on her vertex, all <1°.
        I read your post about your mother with sado, i have to say that sado depends so much on it sign, if there are in water sign such as cancer or the soft pisces, it may not be so harsh. Howerver, they still have a sadism trend in their life. The sado=NN still want to bully in her relationship :(( poor her boyfriends, the moon sado still smells the others hurts in soul like the sharp smells blood

  14. amiannB

    I m attracted to him alot, may be because his taurus mars conjunct my moon (1°) and my mars square his moon. I, my self, really want to make the first move but this sado asteroid is so scary. Amian, this man has venus conjunct exactly his child asteroid in cancer, will this aspect (child venus) help if conjunct my Mc (orb 1°)?

  15. amiannMaja

    This is really interesting. If you have time, how would sado conjunct asc orb 4 work in synastry?
    You have really opened my eyes. I have been looking up sad and nessus on artist and you wouldn’t believe how many have conjunctions to personal planets!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      4 is wide but I would think the Sado person would be sadistic to the ASC person such that IF you were in a relationship, you may always have to watch your back, M

  16. amiannNicole

    Okay, so I read this article and I feel exactly the same way you described- that you read people like Jung and felt a “homecoming” when you first starting reading him. So I looked it up and my sun is conjunct Jung EXACT! It’s just so amazing! Thank you for this site and the wealth of information you share.

  17. amiannDavid


    Love your site! Such a wealth of information is here. You have largely introduced me to asteroids after Viktor on Lada’s YouTube introduced asteroids first… in fascination; google has repeatedly brought me to you.

    A new friend, she is lovely to my eyes… as a Birthday present I offered here a astrology reading. Since I have recently been obsessed with Synastry explorations, I almost immediately looked up our relationship potential.

    Where could I post a Synastry chart for you and others to criticize?

    Her SADO 16° conjuncts my Sun 17° in Capricorn, conjunct anti-vertex.
    My Mars Trines;
    2 interesting aspects
    + Her Dejanira 17° in Aquarius, which also has a Trine aspect…
    + her Mars which is conjunct my Sado 16°

    We share several conjunctions including her Venus 7° conjuncts my Mercury 6° in Aquarius;

    Her Aquarius Mercury 29° conjuncts my Circe EXACT;

    Her DC conjuncts my Vertex 24 minutes
    Her Sun is Trine my North Node
    Her North Node 20° Trine my YES asteroid (clueless about this one)

    Several more Trines, many squares, oppositions + conjunctions;
    including her FRIGG exact conjunct my Dejanira.

    Any insights on any of these details certainly appreciated.

    Thank You <3

    Ps: Jesus Christ is my Lord + Savior! My Jehovah Rapha! After multiple near death experiences including the 2nd time I experienced a broken neck injuries, I finally surrendered to studying astrology because the statement “the charts will play out” have repeatedly been confirmed!

    Your Friend,

    Her Valentine 7° exactly conjunct my Black-moon Lilith (H13)

    My Juno conjuncts her MC.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, David. I don’t do posting of charts. I used to and it got too crazy. I would need to do a one question chart for you. You can choose 2 aspects though and I will try to help, my Friend.

  18. amiannS

    I have a man who is interested in me who has tons of positive venus aspects to me. The one I am concerned about though is He has Sado Conjunct his Jupter and they are conjunct my Venus & Neptune.

    Would Jupiter expand the Sadistic tendancies, in your opinion?

    1. amiannS

      One thing I am looking into as well is the yang to this planet which would put the oness on me actually which…

      Every celestial body has the ying and the yang. Sometimes where someones planet/ asteroid touches ours brings out that tendancy to interact with them that way or visa versa… so with Sado one could either be the sadistic one or the masochistic one. That would require seeing how it played out in the synastry.

      I have Juno oppostite Neptune so I do have a tendancy to attract the Sadistic type and therefore to be the masochist, but I think I can see how I can cause pain in others myself… So much self awareness being stirred in me currently on this topic…

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