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The Deepest Longings of the Venus Signs

Aries-—— To Go After What One Desires and to be Bold About What One Feels

Taurus–—-To Find “Home” with Someone

Gemini–-To be Understood When One Communicates( and even when one says nothing)

Cancer–To be Part of a Warm and Loving Family and Community Nest

Leo––To be Seen and Loved for Who One Is

Virgo–—To Find that One, Right Person Who Fits

Libra-——- To Have a Relationship Which is Beautiful

Scorpio-—-To Share His Intensity With Someone Who Will Appreciate it’s Depths

Sagittarius—To Have Freedom in the Context of Love

Capricorn—–To Respect and Be Respected

Aquarius—–To Love and Still Be Free

Pisces–To Have Romantic Dreams Comes True

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